‘Glee’ Producers Might Move Kurt Hummel to Anti-Gay Russia


E! News reports on possible changes for Glee:

The Fox hit is considering moving a major storyline—and its most notable gay character— to Russia for the sixth and (presumably) final season, according to multiple insiders who work on the show. "We are mulling around the idea of moving Kurt (Chris Colfer) to Russia," says one source, adding that creator Ryan Murphy and his production team are entertaining three possible ideas for the final year. One is to move the series' storyline solely to New York City. Another is to move Kurt to Russia. And another remains to be seen, but could possibly include McKinley High (the series' original home).

They add:

Kurt recently got engaged to his on-off boyfriend Blaine (Darren Criss) in one of TV's most elaborate engagement scenes, a storyline that was prompted in part by the Defense of Marriage Act ruling…Clearly, both the New York and Russia plans have a lot of moving parts to consider. For example: Would Blaine or any of the main characters join Kurt in Russia?


  1. Clayton says

    I’ve lost track of the number of times the series has jumped the shark. They’re constantly introducing and dropping plot lines for no logical reason, except somebody on the production staff thinks it would be interesting, or timely, or trendy. Even at its best (say, seasons one and two), the writing was extremely uneven, with some episodes being interesting, edgy and funny, and other episodes being just a chain of one song after another with most of the cast doing nothing more than sitting in the choral room, looking at the performer, and reacting appropriately.

  2. Taylor says

    Can we expect a guest star appearance by Johnny Weir as expatriate now living in Russia who becomes Kurt’s BFF and teaches him how to skate and sing at the same time?

  3. gregorybrown says

    I watched one and a half eps of this show early on and concluded that I have better ways to spend my time. Drinking gin is high on that list. Whenever I read about plot and character changes, my decision looks better. Just let the thing die.

  4. Jon says

    I’m sure all the folks making negative comments are volunteering a great deal of their free time to spotlight the horrendous human rights violations in Russia, right?

    Otherwise, they wouldn’t be criticizing Ryan Murphy, who is using his considerable influence to highlight Russia’s repression of its gay citizens.

  5. Mitch says

    Kurt moving to Russia? That seems totally out of character for that character. Quite simply, it doesn’t seem like a choice that Kurt would make. Seems like the writers are grasping at straws to make storylines seem relevant. Let’s face it, shows that feature high school age students have a limited life span.

  6. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I stopped watching after Sue Sylvester pushed a gay kid down a flight of stairs. In a world with gay kids being bullied to death, Glee thought that was funny.

  7. Zlick says

    I, too, stopped watching long ago. Too bad. The show was once entertaining, and I overlooked a lot for a bunch of surprisingly fun and well-performed musical numbers. But I’d had it after Season 3. I really don’t care if Kurt moves to Russia – though if it happens, I hope it does some gay kids and others good to see the plot line that would obviously ditz Russia’s anti-gay modern pogrom.

  8. Hot Dumb Italian Mike says

    This damn show not only jumped the shark ,but boarded a school bus and backed up 2 times over Bruce! That Graduation episode they copied from “Ugly Betty”???? The main star of the show died this year, ratings have been diving down since. Am I the only one who thinks C.C. looks like a 12 year old girl?

  9. Cari says

    Russia?? Really really bad idea. Ryan needs
    To get out of his own way trying to make ‘Statements’
    and remember what the show is actually all
    about. A GLEE club and some good singing and dancing.
    With a little Drama on the side. NOT 7000 miles away.

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