1. jjose712 says

    You can say something like that about your president without consecuences?
    I’m talking about the cocaine not about the gay thing.
    In fact something like that (the gay part) was said about our president, but in that case everybody knows it’s true, he only married a woman because he was ambitious and that was his only way to reach the top in a conservative country.

    Anyway nobody said it directly.
    And frankly accusing your president of being a drogadicte and a hustler is going a little too far (specially from someone who recognize from the beginning that barely knew him)

  2. Vou says

    As a foreigner who is into American politics and world politics, I don’t think I have seen a US president who has been disrespected and vilified as President Obama. It’s just a mix of every kind of hate and mixed up conspiracy theory isn’t it?

  3. Matt27 says

    Miss Pope (!), nobody outside far right religious groups and tea baggers will believe your story, it is so delusional. You got the worst possible fifteen seconds of fame.

  4. Lars says


    Seriously. Who cares? Let’s assume for the sake of argument (why not?) that this lady is sane and truthful. I would say again, who cares? I am infinitely more concerned with what President Obama has, has not, or has not yet done in office.

    That is what fascinates me endlessly about the birther crazies. They somehow believe that they will find something disqualifying about the president. When the vast majority of us feel that his history and personal life are far less interesting than his policies and legislative agenda.

  5. Mike says

    We rightly love freedom of speech, however in a way it is TOO BAD that they have SO limited current defamation laws in the United States to the point where total idiots can get away with saying almost anything. Such is the price of our freedoms . . .




    You can say whatever you want. Always been that way. Freedom to use your vocal cords is what it should be called BUTTT

    THERE is a real idea against being anti social, in a public world…being biased..being an asshat..FREEDOM OF SPEECH APPLIES TO THE CONSTITUTION LOOK IT UP…

    and then, what one says, can be countered,,,denied FOR BEING 20TH CENTURY ILLOGICAL


    BOYCOTT ANYONE OLD ENOUGH TO EVEN THINK OF THE PAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Cadence says

    Vou, I think that other Presidents have been vilified, the difference here is that so many people in the media act like these idiots should be taken seriously. No one put the people who called Bill Clinton in front of a camera, and the media ignored those who blamed the September 11th attacks and tragedy in New Orleans on Bush.

    I do find it odd that so many in the media have a problem writing the words President Obama in their articles.

  8. Jack Ford says

    It’s because he’s black and liberal and not defined by his religion. Every other democratic president has put an emphasis on God and prayer and church just to appease these racist loons. He doesn’t really do that (although he does say he’s Christian – boo) – The right are tearing their hair out in indignation as I imagine the left would if you had his polar opposite, Michelle Bachmann, in the Oval.

  9. Bernie says

    wow! such a crazy story; even for the right wingers……..a good story for a fiction book or movie…who in the world would believe this nonsense!?!?!?

  10. woody says

    yeah, this really sounds like the reserved, thoughtful Obama we know; the guy who actually stops and thinks while he’s talking, unlike so many other politicians.
    people’s character doesn’t change that much. she’s full of baloney.

  11. Dent says

    Is there anything she forgot in her story? Gay, check. The “foreigner” card, check. Interracial insinuations, check. Purported drug use, check. Possible prostitution, check. All she’s missing is ‘involvement in an unsolved murder’……

  12. Dent says

    Is there anything she forgot in her story? Gay, check. The “foreigner” card, check. Interracial insinuations, check. Purported drug use, check. Possible prostitution, check. All she’s missing is ‘involvement in an unsolved murder’……

  13. stpetegreg says

    Buying a house and moving is very stressful…thank you for posting and the full-on belly laugh. These people are so sad and pathetic, all I can do anymore is have a good laugh.

  14. Lymis says

    Well, as I recall, the drug use accusation came up briefly during his first campaign as some sort of horrible scandal, until people pointed out that in his own previously published autobiography, Obama discussed it. That sort of took the wind out of the “scandal.”

    The birther thing at least had the fact going for it that if he had been born in Kenya, he actually would be ineligible for the Presidency, since his mom didn’t meet the residency requirements for having an out-of-country-born child automatically be a citizen.

    The rest of it? None of it disqualifies you for the Presidency, even if it’s all true. And since he’s not going to run again, what’s the point of bringing it up?

    At this point, six years in, it’s getting pretty hard to believe that anyone new is going to just pop up with valid scandals about the man’s past. It’s not like there wasn’t a market for them before.

  15. says

    She’s not at all convincing as anything but a crackpot, but even if this information were credible, then what? The Obama-haters seem incapable of understanding the basic fact that he’s a President in his 2nd term and no zany things they insinuate, however fervently, are going to alter reality. He’s President, get used to it–you’ve had 5 years already.

  16. Fox says

    Slander slander slander. Yet, I actually know at least one guy who has most of that in his past, and he would make a better president than anyone the wingnuts have to offer.

  17. BigBlackMariah says

    While I have the utmost respect for President Obama, voted for him twice, and support most of his policy goals, I am not sure I agree with those who say Andy should not have posted this on Towleroad. I think it’s important that we be aware of what the lunatic fringe of the country is saying, and I, for one, am sure not going to be visiting their websites and listening to their tv or radio broadcasts.

    I understand why some think that giving these defamatory statements any exposure is something to be avoided but, all in all, I am thankful that Andy is at least making us aware these lies are being spread.

  18. Rob F says

    Why do some people here seem so offended by the suggestion that Barack Obama might be gay? Why is that considered blasphemous slander by some people even here? So what if Barack Obama might be gay? He certainly wouldn’t be the first gay man who ever married a woman and had kids.

  19. Daniel in MO says

    “I predict he is not going to run for another term after these allegations.” Now that’s funny Neil. It is impossible to not see her as a racist wack-a-doodle. So they want us to believe that the only way he could hang with the cool kids is to trade his ass for drugs so he could buy friends? Classy.

  20. Kev C says

    Clinton did drugs, grass and coke
    – Ok
    Bush did drugs, grass and coke
    – Yeah sure
    Obama did drugs, grass and coke
    – *clutches pearls*, how dare you say such a thing!

  21. Graphicjack says

    It only took her six-seven years for her to discuss (make-up) this? Give me a break… If this were true this hag would have blabbed it a long time ago, and Faux News would have broadcast it 24-7… I smell major bull

  22. MIke says

    You have to love that the media is highlighting this nothing story (LOOK, A SQUIREL!!) the same moment in time his poll numbers are sinking to the 30s (If you like your insurance you can KEEP your insurance. PERIOD) and people basically know what he says is crap and will change the next day.
    You don’t recover from lying.
    Now, how about a story about how the Republicans say he eats dog!

  23. anon says

    Okay, a few things come to mind. The first is that you can dredge up any story you like on any public figure because someone somewhere would have said it like they believed it. The fact the Internet makes this easier should not in any way add emphasis or importance to the claims.

    The second is that if “everyone knew” then it should be very easy to find and interview other classmates to see if they will back-up these claims.

    Third, in the US and some other countries, libel (print) and slander (speech) are limited to making claims against well known figures of illegal acts that are knowingly false w/ malicious intent. So, it might seem that anyone can say anything, but that’s not technically true. The lesser charge of defamation covers more ground, but again you need to intend to spread the falsehood, all of which must be proven by the plaintiff. The inability to defend against slander or defamation in the courts is balanced by the ability of public persons to speak through the press to defend their reputations. Keep in mind that being formally charged with a crime is not slander or defamation even if you are found innocent or the charges are dropped. There’s no defense against that. Also, political rhetoric during an election is generally immune from slander or defamation charges, though some cases have made it through the courts.

  24. ny2.0 says

    Wow, he did all this and STILL is a two term president?!?! That would make him the greatest politician ever.

    Where was she back in 2008 when it probably would’ve mattered anyway?

  25. Michael says

    I got news for all of you. It’s 100% true and very old news. Everything she says is 100% credible. This information surfaced before Obama a/k/a/ Barry Sotoro was first elected. Attorney Phil Berg of Philadelphia, a very close friend of Hillary Clinton, followed the trail and he even went to Kenya to talk to family members, returning with a copy of his birth certificate in the name of Barry Sotoro. Phil filed the first suit to impeach Obama on the facts he discovered that Obama is not a natural born American. The use of multiple Social Security numbers, long history of smoking crack (Obama admits this in his book “Dreams Of My Father”, his 20 year+ association with terrorist Bill Ayers and his wife’s disbarment as an attorney in Illinois, all came to light. Like all of those suits, the judges were threatened and/or paid off. The mainstream media covered for Obama as he hurled the “racist” label at anyone who dare to expose the truth. There is an impostor posing as POTUS, that much is for sure. You can see all of Phil’s work at

  26. anon says

    Nixon was his own worst enemy. Bush Jr. admitted he had drug and alcohol problems (and his driving record tends to prove it), but claimed his middle-life conversion to conservative Methodist teachings allowed him to quit drugs and booze (this is a VERY common claim among the those that come to religion in mid-life). Bush Jr’s kids were notorious party animals during the White House years and his wife was an anxiety ridden chain smoker.

  27. says

    Right, @Michael, Phil’s suits were thrown out as frivolous cause all the judges, just like all the media, have been paid off by the Kenyan in office. Obama’s not the only one who’s been firing up the crack pipe!

  28. says

    Goodness, these Teabaggers are so obsessed with trying to make Obama out to be this “Gay Atheist Socialist Muslim”, that they’ll find any attention whore looking for their 15 minutes and put them in front of a camera as long as they prop up their delusions.

    I bet if you go on Google, you can find out in less than 10 minutes that she never went to same school as Obama, much less ever been to Hawaii.

  29. arch says

    Everytime I see President Obama on the T.V. I always think “crackwhore”.

    In the same way that when I see people like this woman I think “deluded bigot”.

  30. RJ says

    Anybody who went to Punahou at any time and who knows anything about Punahou’s history can testify to the utter impossibility of these “claims.” Someone like Barry Obama would never have been allowed to continue at Punahou if any of this was true.

  31. says

    Y’know, I re-watched the documentary “Shut Up & Sing” again a few nights ago – the doc about the Dixie Chicks dealing with a sea of violent hateful stupidity after Natalie Maines’ comment on the eve of the Iraq war…..And now here we are, 10 years later, and the very people who threatened the lives of the Chicks for being “unpatriotic anti-american blah blah blahs” are now saying far far FAR worse things about the current President of the United States.

    And it’s not just because he’s a Democrat, or perceived as a “liberal” – it’s because he’s black. Whether it’s one of Mitt Romney’s aryan-sociopath sons talking about “wanting to take a swing” at the President (!?) to the vitriolic way that so-called “american patriots” slam and slander him to a degree never seen before….. it all comes down to the lingering stain of racism in this country and culture.

    When they see a black man they don’t see him as an equal – the galling racism that has come out of the woodwork since 2008 will be written about, dissected and documented in the near future as the dying gasps of America’s most shameful citizens.

    Sure, some folks will say it’s not racially motivated. They’ll be wrong. And probably also racist.

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