1. Jack M says

    He has a point, but it doesn’t negate the connotation of the words. Few people are going to hear the f- and n-words and just brush it off.

  2. Douglas says

    “It’s just another word that has no meaning.” Yeah, right. Because words aren’t supposed to have meanings.

  3. Eric says

    Words always have meaning, that’s what makes them words. If the word really doesn’t have any meaning, then don’t use the word, use gibberish. He’s using that word specifically to put an idea or image into listeners’ heads, and he’s either being a lying bastard or just repeating some psuedo-intellectual BS that he’s heard other people saying because it let’s them get away with it.

    It’s easy when you’ve got almost every advantage, lot’s of money, fame, etc., to say “it doesn’t mean anything”. But it means something to the poor teenagers we read about every day that get bullied at school by their peers that listen to this homophobic garbage and then act on it. It means something to the teenagers that are thinking about killing themselves.

  4. Alex says

    One major problem is that usually there is an implied threat of imminent or potential violent assault with the use of any of these “powerless” words that is more difficult or even imprudent to “brush off.”

  5. NotSafeForWork says

    It’s the same logic behind the “N” word. However, I suspect if I used the “N” word when greeting TTC and a group of his friends it wouldn’t go over so well coming from a GWM.

  6. John in Houston says

    Andy left an important part of the video out of the transcription. This exchange starts at 4:38. Tyler says that he wants to say the “n-word” but the producer won’t let him. It actually speaks to his character that he would have said it if he were allowed to say it, but he’s following the rules of where he’s at. I don’t think the Arsenio Hall show would allow someone to use the “f-word” either, so at least they’re cognizant of the fact that it can be a hurtful/demeaning word.

    One thing I do have to say, though. Why does Towleroad censor someone from saying the “n-word” but not the “f-word”? If they’re both bad, they should both be censored. The message that Towleroad is putting forth is that the “f-word” isn’t as bad as the “n-word”.

  7. Turner says

    He’s basically saying that if you’re gay then be prepared to be called the F word, but don’t be offended by it…

    I won’t be, but I’m still going to break your teeth,

  8. Hey Darlin' says

    We should probably ask the people targeted and degraded by the use of a word whether it has meaning or not. Let’s not ask the person unaffected by it’s use who chooses to use it.

  9. Chitown Kev says

    He has a 1/4 of a point but…

    Maybe you are friends/buddies with Frank Ocean to the extent where Ocean doesn’t care if you use the word or how you use it.

    That doesn’t mean that the usage of the word every gay person (and as far as I know,Ocean has never admitted that he is “gay”) just as not every woman would be OK with it if you called women “bitches.”

  10. Lucca says

    @Douglas & @Eric. Exactly. If it has no meaning, why waste the oxygen to utter them? Why use them at all? Words are inherently full of meaning. Those particular words are used to infuriate and demoralize others to the point that you get a viral news blurb about you.

    Keep spinning the bs. No matter how much you spin it, it still stinks.

  11. UFFDA says

    Yes, there is something to what he’s saying. But in the real world not much. Piss off and take your rap crap with you.

    Rap…what a laugh!

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    Actually, he is not stupid or ignorant. He’s clever and devious and (like a lot of folks) pretentious.

  13. atomic says

    Let’s see how offended he gets if a group of gay white men surround him and start shouting the n-word at him.

    Those who use this excuse “it’s only offensive if you choose to be offended” as justification for using such slurs, are frequently not members of the class to whom those slurs are applied.

  14. says

    But it’s not about *me* as a proud, openly-gay adult, Tyler. It’s about that kid growing up in a gay-hating family, going to a school populated by anti-gay bullies, who hears the word and hears the hate behind it. Check yourself.

  15. Endoritos says

    What garbage. But what do you expect from someone from a culture who thinks that a criminal shooting a cop has to be judged by what he was thinking and not what he did.

  16. Voet says

    Does this mean that the people who got fired for using the “n word” or “f word” get their jobs back?

    Using his logic there is no such thing as an offensive epithet. This really makes life easier. Of course, it may increase your medial bills if you run into people who take offense.

  17. Mike Ryan says

    All words have meaning. Using words known as derogatory, demeaning and discriminatory hurt everyone as well as individuals. You can’t claim such a word doesn’t count because it has no meaning. All words have meaning. Arsenio Hall should not be putting on guests who claim such words have no meaning just so they can use and repeat them in a rap song.

  18. Paul Brownsey says

    Can you choose to be offended? (You can choose to make a fuss about being offended, but that’s different.)

    Choosing to be offended sounds a bit like choosing to experience same-sex attraction…

  19. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “But what do you expect from someone from a culture who thinks that a criminal shooting a cop has to be judged by what he was thinking and not what he did.”

    How do you know what culture he comes from , ENDORITOS? He seems kinda’ middle class to me. He’s just happens to be a Rapper. I’ll google his biography.

  20. Mitch says

    Thanks, Towleroad, for censuring the N word but not faggot. Ownership of title does not go far nowadays. Classless.

  21. Fenrox says

    Ugh, but you are always allowed to react with offense to offensive words. Also, how is the word being used? If it is being used to offend then you aren’t being neutral and shouldn’t expect neutrality.

    He’s 22, he is a rapper, he picked the name ____ the creator. He is an egotistical child that still think he is the solitary genius that gets it all. I wouldn’t be too hard on him, most of us were like him at some point. Hopefully something real impacts his life at some point so he can stop being a vapid little male Miley Cyrus.

  22. Fenrox says

    Also, this is true of the Azelia Banks brouhaha a couple months back, YES, you can redefine a word but it is not your place to redefine the word for everyone. One day we might all get there buy YOU do not get to be the arbiter who demands we follow your schedule. The word is not meaningless.

    Also, FURTHER, The zen attitude you want to have here is wrong You can’t just mentally decide that swears and putdowns won’t matter to you anymore, what you actually are talking about is the strength and discipline of character to not be affected. Just choosing is like just choosing to quit smoking, it won’t stick without change from within.

  23. ElCid says

    I have a question, to help me understand the matter here.
    In Spanish, we have a word “maricón” which was used in the past to refer to gay men in a dismissive and bigoted way.
    However, the word is still used today (even myself, a gay man, use the word) because the word has also an extended meaning, which is “a man not being able to act as a corageous, honorable, rightful man” which is a cool meaning and very powerful.
    From where I come from (South America) you will still hear the word “maricón” nowadays, but with a whole different meaning than it was before…
    I think this change in use of words is acceptable.
    Now, the question, is the case with the word “faggot” kind of similar? Does the word have another meaning than just a dismissive way to say gay?

  24. Francis #1 says

    He doesn’t get it nor care, but that’s no different than most rappers. Hate to stereotype but these guys grow up in a world where gay slurs are slung around like any average letter/word so of course these guys don’t see the reason we would get offended by fa**ot. It doesn’t register with them.

    Simply a completely different world and different mindset than most gay/bi men have/live.

  25. Francis #1 says

    When people use the f-bomb here in the States, Elcid, it’s usually to put down someone’s masculinity. Somewhat similar to how you described maricon being used, but even more so in the sense that, the connect to homosexuality is so obviously clear. There is no distinction, it’s not about someone’s character, it’s calling that person less of a man.

  26. Rowan says

    He has white kids calling him n*gga all the time. And gets called out by Black leaders CONSTANTLY about his usage of the word and how he makes fun of black people in the hood.

    Like all of OF, he is middle to upper middle class. Each one of them inc Frank were all at university at one point blah blah google is your friend.

    Hey Chi you know more then Tyler if Frank is gay or not. What does Tyler know? Yawn.

  27. oncemorewithfeeling says

    I hope I’m not supposed to be surprised that someone who calls himself “Tyler the Creator” is an idiot.

  28. JackFknTwist says

    Yeah, the words aren’t insulting unless you allow yourself to be insulted. Jesus wept.
    Are we living in swamp of stupidity ?

    Like the Mad Hatter:

    “I’m considering things beginning with the letter P.”

  29. Ted says

    “Tyler the Creator: The Word ‘Faggot’ is Only Offensive if You Choose to Be Offended” I could not agree with this more.

  30. Kelly says

    Tyler calls Whites, Blacks, Latinos ni##as and fa##ots and his White, Black, Latino friends call him those words daily on twitter.BTW he grew up in mostly White suburbs.To them those words have little to do with race or sexuality

  31. George M says

    His ignorance of the history of the term fagot is showing. There is no way to not take offense to it. The term dates back to the days when witches were burned at the stake. Homosexuals were considered even lower than the witches so we were used as kindling (fagots) to start the fire. He may be intelligent but when you lack education on a subject you should get yourself educated before speaking about it.

  32. Leroy Laflamme says

    Disingenuous some? If a word has no meaning, what could possibly be the point of using it? And laying the blame on the victim of an insult? That would be like blaming an African-American slave for being offended every time he or she was called the n-word, like they they had a choice. It’s the insult that’s offensive here, not the victim’s choice. Hatred & intolerance remain what they are, whichever way you slice them. The so-called ‘progression’ of the word maricón hasn’t changed its meaning – the insult applied to a homosexual & the insult applied to a cowardly, dishonourable male are one & the same thing.

  33. Rowan says

    George M, I will say something, He is very immature and insecure. And Frank actually said on twitter to Tyler that he doesn’t like the word f*g. Frank’s mother also went on twitter to condemn Tyler and the word.

    But he isn’t malicious and hasn’t got a mean bone on his body. He is just a brat.

    Interestingly enough he was one of few rap/hip hop artists who sent congrats on DOMA.

  34. dan cobb says

    This person has no brain… you can’t make up this amount of “dumb”!

    Words are offensive when they are intended BY THE SPEAKER to be offensive! The listener has nothing to do with it. A person who hears another calling them “FAG” or “FAGGOT” and “chooses” to not be offended is nothing but a coward. That’s like saying, yes, those bent-on-killing homophobes are drooling and yelling homo-hating slurs at me, but I choose to not be offended because that’s what I choose and therefore their words have no meaning. Well, guess what!? Their words do have meaning and you better defend yourself when they attack you… better if you take their taunts and slurs as threats against your safety that you can defend against, rather than going on your merry way and pretending like their rants are not in any way meant as aggressive, hateful assertions.

  35. Buckwheat says

    Well then, I guess we can call him
    the n-word all day long then! He’ll just have to choose not to be offended by the use of the word.

  36. Kelly says

    Odd Future has a lesbian and A Gay member, Tyler to my knowledge has never used the F word to insult a Gay person.It’s about intent.I don’t like the word B# tch.Is it more offensive if that word is used to descibe females v males? Should people stop using it because it insults women in many instances?

  37. NYCer says

    Without fail, Derrick is here to defend the actions of black guys behaving badly. Black trumps gay to him, without exception. It’s sad and predictable, as always. Just like the action of rappers.

  38. Drety says

    “Tyler the Creator?”

    LMAO. What a JOKE. This loser isn’t worth the toilet paper n my bathroom.

  39. Derrrick from Philly says

    @ “Is there not even one African with a full bran in his head?”

    Yeah, the president of your country, b.tch.

  40. Lamontay says

    Gentlemen. Please. We’re talking about a young rap ‘artist’ here. Did you really think he was going to say something reasonable? Something of value? Now if that happened, THAT would be news. Just continue to ignore this savage.

  41. terry says

    I hope this n—–r remembers that it’s only offensive if he allows it to be. What an dumb ass. Again it’s only offensive if this dumb ass allows it to be.

  42. Lamontay says

    “Yeah, the president of your country, b.tch.”

    Halfsies, Derrick. Half white, raised by his white mother and white grandparents. Abandoned by his father.

  43. ASam says

    What’s even more concerning than Tyler the Retard’s comments is the total lack of criticism from Andy Towle. Andy seems to give a pass to a lot of the homophobia in the music business.

  44. Rowan says

    The issue here is why so many posters here have ignored the fact that Tyler is just as hated in the black community beause of what he says about all ‘n*ggers being in jail and fighting’.

    Dan Cobb, you’re a funny guy. Why don’t you research instead of spending your time getting upset over some middle class black kid who’s most of his friends are attending university, who doesn’t drink or smoke-said that in the interview-etc..

    Wow, only Towleroad can make me stick up for Tyler mr immature! LMFAO.

    And Buckwheat you moron, go on his twitter, he gets it called ALL the time by white people!! And he says nothing.

    Seriously people? With what is happening in Russia, Africa and the US with gay people we get this many comments on someone like Tyler?

    Oh and he retweets all the bad comments about him.

    I think the guy is x,y,z but unfortunately not for the immature projecting reasons the losers on this site who loathe easy internet research do.

  45. Rowan says

    ASAM, get a grip. What about the Thomas Roberts posts? The whole point of Towleroad has always being a somewhat ‘objective’ stance on EVERYTHING. Now I use somewhat because of course one can read between the line.

    This article did the job it was supposed to. He could’ve mentioned how Tyler doesn’t drink or smoke or how he uses the word n*gga but he chose this slant, which in context gets these kind of reactions…

  46. Rowan says

    And Dan Cobb, I haven’t gotten one ounce of white in me but I’m sure it was white people ghosts that got me all those higher level degrees etc

    LMAO!! smdh. The haaaate. Easy now. You won’t be infected with the blacks, just ignore them! Or maybe shoot them as soon as you see one carrying some sweets and with a hoody on? Yikes!

  47. Derrrick from Philly says

    @ “Without fail, Derrick is here to defend the actions of black guys behaving badly. Black trumps gay to him, without exception. It’s sad and predictable, as always…”

    I’m not here to DEFEND Tyler. I’m here to OFFEND you. Sad and predictatle, but it’s my Towleroad burden. Oh, woe is me (deep sigh)

  48. ToThePoint says

    when I was being called a faggot in school, it was NOT because the bullies were being endearing! They were being mean. So f*ck off N*gger or is that offensive to you.

  49. Shawn says

    It’s offensive. If the peson using the word has good intentions and is CERTAIN that his ENTIRE audience receives it the way it’s intended then no problem. But that’s seldom the case. His argument completely ignores the homophobic audience members who take the use of the word as validation of their bigotry.

  50. Scott Mcg says

    Shallow sad homophobic bigot no different than the KKK. Words do indeed have meaning or he wouldn’t use them.

  51. Kev C says

    Tyler is ignorant because he chooses to be. He is rationalizing his ignorance and stupidity. I remember when being stupid was not something to strive for or be proud of.

  52. Derrick from Philly says


    why did you censor my comments all this afternoon? They were no more offensive than the posters who used the word “n.gger” over and over and over again.

    Well, just like that young foolish Tyler, the word “n.gger” doesn’t bother me. Hell, I have insults for the racists on this blog that they have never dreamed of hearing/reading. I’ll make them turn a John Boehner orange.

  53. Jaysonn says

    so if some says I am going to kill you, you should not worry about it. Its only words.

    another word “dumbass”

  54. Mike says

    Guess that the stupid punk is right in a way. Maybe I would have been offended by the shouts of “FAGGOT” that night, however it was the combination that soon followed of fists, shoes and being left on the sidewalk in a pool of my own blood that REALLY hurt! That and the fact that even though I could not see clearly anymore I could still hear them until the owner of the gay bar and another customer finally scared them off . . .

  55. Eric says


    You don’t get it. We use words to communicate. If I use the word “rape” to mean “kiss”, should I be surprised when people get upset? You don’t get a get-out-of-jail-free card for using provocative language by saying that “it doesn’t mean the same thing to you”. He uses those words for a reason. Money. Bad press is better than no press.

  56. Mike says

    What an idiot! Words have power and meaning. And this clown should only be offended at being called an idiot and clown if he chooses to be – otherwise, they’re just words. Riight. As somone else said, feed this line of crap to a younger boy or girl who is struggling with their sexual identity and hears that word spoken with hate and vitriol and thinks that is what he deserves for being what he is. Ask THEM if the words have meaning.

  57. Tristram says

    Love how he says ‘n-word’ instead of saying it. I thought it wasn’t offensive?

    Also shame on you towleroad for censoring said word and not faggot.

  58. Andy says

    He’s an interesting kid, but way too outspoken. Write it down so you can edit yourself later 😉

  59. northalabma says

    so egocentric, ignorant, and immature, he doesn’t realize these words are only acceptable – to him. time to think about others. he’s so sure that everyone else is thin-skinned, except him?

    let him keep using them in public, and he’ll find out real fast these words have strong meaning with deeply rooted emotion for many others. and if he keeps it up, he might just learn the hard way.

  60. Dan says

    I just tried to post “what a dumb Ni**er” but the site blocked me because it is offensive language. I live in Atlanta and I can promise you if I said that word to one of my black friends each of them would be offended. My point was he is full of it. Faggot is an offensive word just as Ni**er is. Crazy how these idiots think just because they “THINK” they can say it means it is acceptable.

  61. NE1 says

    And rapping is only good if you have vocal talent.. If not, you have to use the F word a few dozen times to sell a single.

  62. Randy says

    He can try to redefine whatever he wants, but I think he’ll find that as just one person, all that does it make him a moron, not a visionary.

  63. Lamontay says

    Andy Towle has such liberal guilt when it comes to race issues. White people are the devil, and blacks can do no wrong. He and Little Kiwi should get married. (Well, have an open marriage so they can invite DL thugs over to ravage them in bed).

  64. Chuck Mielke says

    I agree with “Tyler the Creator.” Words have the status of symbols and symbols, though often laden with historic meanings, can mean whatever an individual wants them to mean. It may happen that the n-word comes to mean “slave, meritless servant,” or other status-relevant term; one may identify with that meaning, resist doing so, or give the term another meaning altogether. The same thing goes for the f-word. One can refuse to feel injured by such words, and this decision takes a level of commitment and, also, a degree of distance from the value system within which it works. I mean, depriving these words of their power, refusing to feel their sting, denying the status they would impute, takes a good deal of personal strength and resolve.

    On another level, those who fail to see their own power in using or receiving those words continue to suffer their negative force and, as a result, continue to lie to themselves, fail to come out of their respective closets, and fail to live complete lives. Many closets of this kind exist: mental illness and fiscal need (aka poverty) come immediately to mind.

  65. Travis Rashawn Ford says

    thank you cause now a days there’s a lot of non gay males that are called fa88ot it’s like it killed its original meaning, same with n word and a b word.