1. woody says

    News at 10: Paint drying!
    This must be why people in rural america watch the invented stories on fox news.
    When nothing is going on, you tune to a station that makes things up.

  2. Dback says

    They really need to stop flogging this movie–it’s getting out of control. Didn’t even the Smithsonian get into the act as part of their newscasters exhibit?

  3. Bear says

    I’m sorry, guys and gals…I just loved it. Goofy, silly, Ron’s the total doofus.

    If loving campy cross-marketing schemes is wrong…I don’t wanna be right!

  4. Mike Ryan says

    Sorry but the guy really does little to nothing for me. I don’t find his type of humor very funny. The only character I’ve ever liked of his is the Harry Carey guy – now THAT is funny! LOL!

  5. tinkerbelle says

    I wish he had let loose a little more, the non-news in an apparently peaceful Bismarck was perfect fodder for some real tom-foolery. I have to say that the first Anchorman film made me laugh heartily, like Santa. Ho ho ho. I ho-pe the second one does the same. But Will is a little flat (and probably more than a little tired) in this broadcast. I can’t remember when anyone had to flog a film as much as this one. Hope he’s getting residuals.

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