Since It Can’t Seem to Win a Marriage Battle, NOM Makes ‘Duck Dynasty’ Its New Crusade


The National Organization for Marriage, which can't seem to win its battle against marriage equality, has a new crusade: Duck Dynasty.

P_robertsonThe group is breathlessly launching a nationwide petition today to force A&E to lift its suspension on Phil Robertson of duck Dynasty over his remarks comparing homosexuality to sex with animals. Robertson also said gays would go to Hell like drunks and terrorists.

From the NOM blog:

"What Phil Robertson has done is express the traditional Christian view of homosexuality — decry the sin but love the sinner. It's what every major Christian leader including Jesus Christ himself has taught us," said Brian Brown. "But the teaching of Christianity be damned in the eyes of the grossly misnamed Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD and their allies. They will brook no objection, tolerate no dissent and accept no disagreement when it comes to their orthodoxy. It's truly outrageous and shocking that the A&E Networks succumbed to bullying by homosexual groups, and legitimized it, by suspending Phil Robertson from his own show. This simply cannot be allowed to stand," said Brian Brown president of NOM.

NOM's petition allows people to contact A&E Networks to demand that Robertson be immediately reinstated. The petition was emailed to 500,000 supporters. It says, "A&E's executives may not believe in the bible, and that is your right. But you have no right to silence the millions of Christians like Phil Robertson who uphold the word of God. You have succumbed to the demands of bullies like the HRC and GLAAD, which is disgraceful for an entity whose very existence depends on the free exchange of ideas."

"This episode sparked by the bigotry of the HRC and GLAAD is a powerful teachable moment for the American people, as they witness on a grand scale the utter intolerance of groups demanding same-sex marriage," said Brian Brown. "They have gone after people of faith all across this country who desire nothing more than to live their faith in the public square. Now they are going after Phil Robertson. If they get away with silencing Phil, nobody is safe from their abject bullying. I hope that the justices of the US Supreme Court are paying attention to what is occurring."

Brown will no doubt try to take credit if A&E lifts its suspension.


  1. mike/ says

    A&E is not silencing millions of Christians just ONE – Phil Robertson – in order to save its brand name.

    and Jesus never said anything about lgbtq & only one thing about marriage – NO divorce! I would say with the divorce rate among christianists being higher than the national level, Mr. Brown just shut up!

  2. dft426 says

    am i wrong in my understanding of “freedom of speech” that it means the government can’t punish you for the things you say?

    there’s no freedom of speech built into an employer/employee contract. a&e has every right suspend this dude… and he has every right to say whatever he wants… without fear of imprisonment… but no guarantee of zero push-back.

  3. Clayton says

    Seems to me that Robertson, Brown, Sarah Palin, HRC, GLAAD, A&E, Andy Towle, and dozens of other people are all busily exercising their free-speech rights. The system works.

  4. Vint says

    So Brian Brown lives in a world where “It seems like, to me, a vagina would be more desirable than a man’s anus” is the the traditional Christian view of homosexuality?

  5. says

    NOM has lost badly on marriage equality so they’re enlarging their focus to ‘religious liberty’ in order to increase fundraising. This is Brian Brown’s job. He’s a hired hack that relies on selling bigotry & hatred for a living. Tony Perkins, Maggie Gallagher, Bryan Fischer, smarmy Ralph Reed … marketers of bigotry. They make a living selling hate.

  6. Tristram says

    This is farsical. If you are a public figure and go out spouting intolerant ignorant hate speak there will be fallout. End of freakin story. What the guy said was not the attitude of any Christian I know, but the misinformed extremist ramblings of a fool. If he’d come out saying they should bring back slavery (also okay according to the Old Testament) – same reaction.

  7. Joe says

    NOM LOSING GAY MARRIAGE BATTLES? Um, no. It’s unelected gay-marriage dictators who win your victories, consider:

    Here in California, Prop 8 passed with overwhelming voter support (including over 80% of Black voters, over 65% of Latinos). It took a gay White judge to throw the people’s votes in the trash, one-man one-vote doesn’t apply when gay totalitarians and their wealthy Hollywood and Silicon Valley elitist hag-pals disapprove (not to mention this was a clear example of gays suppressing the votes of Black voters who disagree with gay marriage advocates).

  8. SFshawn says

    “Grossly misnamed Human Rights Campaign” says Brian Brown. Just like the Grossly misnamed National Organization for Marriage(NOM) which is just a hate group against LGBT humans. Brian is such a closet case…it’s kinda scary! The more he yells and cries the more unstable he becomes. :)

  9. anon says

    The problem is that if only 12 people in the country supported what Phil said they would not get any traction w/ a boycott. It’s only because there are millions of offended Christians out there that they feel they have any say in the matter, or that their say would be of interest to anyone. It’s a bit like crackpot letters to the editor about water fluoridation or govt. sponsored ray beams to the brain. One man with a typewriter doesn’t cut it. So, what besides numbers does BB have on his side? That’s not clear.

  10. rik says

    In addition to being a homophobe, Phil Robertson also said that growing up in those Louisiana backwoods in the pre-civil rights era was not bad for black people. I guess Jim Crow and those lynchings were good for you.
    It seems that $hit is always under the outhouse no matter what if you’re a “good ole boy”.

  11. Purple says

    NOM’s exercise in exemplifying the defense mechanism of:


    On some level they know that they are; orthodox, outrageous, shocking, disgraceful, bigoted, intolerant, demanding, menacing, silencing, bullies.

    They have to project ALL THAT onto us just so they can look at themselves in the mirror. Hopefully when they die and go to hell they won’t have that luxury.

  12. Chuck Mielke says

    Funny how everyone seems to want their moment in the sun over this tempest in a teapot. Phil Robertson, Brian Brown, Sarah Palin, et al. really need to learn that attempts to advance a single divisive and exclusive immorality (i.e., straight, white, male, christian exceptionalism) will offend all of the minorities who have every right to equal opportunities and legal protection.

  13. JeffreyRO5 says

    A & E isn’t silencing anyone: Robertson made his pathetic remarks in an interview, not on the show. No one is stopping Robertson from giving interviews about his hates and prejudices.

  14. says

    @Joe: All your numbers on Prop 8 are wrong, and it hardly passed with “overwhelming voter support.” It wouldn’t have passed in 2012. In 2012, NOM lost the popular vote in Washington, Maryland, Maine, and Minnesota. You must have slept through those people’s votes? In 2013 they lost again in Minnesota, and in Rhode Island, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois. They lost the repeal effort in New Hampshire. Their last bright spot was NC. Their arguments are laughed out of courts (by conservative judges, by the way) because the constitution is not on the side of irrationality, and NOM only has irrational arguments (which is why they play well in Russia).

    So, um, yes, they’re losing. Nice try, though.

  15. says

    NOM has seen how much money the Robertsons have made by catering to rednecks and right-wing idiots, so they’re hooking their star onto this, hoping to convince those rubes that waste their Social Security checks on Duck Dynasty junk to share some of their money so Bryan and Maggie can afford new Cadillacs.

  16. jjose712 says

    This guy is simply worried because his wealthy way of life is coming to and end if he is not smart enough to watch for another cause and fool people to give him money to do it

  17. Bill says

    @Ernie: while Joe’s numbers are wrong, the one of the Black vote needs some explanation. Initial reports showed a high Black vote in favor of Prop 8 based on exit polls. The actual vote was much lower, but for interesting reasons. To estimate the Black vote, they were lazy so they just looked at the vote in precincts that consisted nearly completely of Black voters. It turned out that the factors that correlated with a vote in favor of Prop 8 included being a frequent church goer and living in a homogeneous area (i.e., you’d have more support for Prop 8 in areas where the population had a single racial or ethnic group living there, no matter what that group was.)

    Part of the high Black vote for Prop 8 was due to a higher percentage of Blacks going to church regularly, but it was also due to the way the exit polls estimated the Black vote. Random statistical errors probably helped give an inaccurate result as well.

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