1. MIke says

    Uhm, I believe MSNBC’s Mellitha Harrith-Perry has explained “ObamaCare” is code word for the n-word, so you might want to do something about that.

  2. Terry says

    What the hell are you talking about, Mike? In what insane world would Melissa Harris-Perry say something like that?

  3. atomic says

    Is this the only way gay men can be sold on something? To parade gym bunnies with bulging packages in front of our eyes? It’s so tiresome and shallow.

    If the government wants people to enroll under the ACA, then show that it works, is cost effective and affordable, and gives us the coverage that we need. Only snake oil peddlers need to resort to such hokey marketing tactics. The first rule of business is that if a product has exceptional value, it will sell itself.

  4. says

    Would a group of gogo boys/strippers/escorts get me to sign up for Obamacare? Um, no. They could get me to do other things.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Is this the only way gay men can be sold on something? To parade gym bunnies with bulging packages in front of our eyes?”

    Wait until you see the PSA their filming for Straight guys: topless female pole dancers twerking to an upbeat “Deck The Halls” .

  6. says

    What – No soapy sponge Boi’s writhing on the hood of a car-wash scenes spraying each other with super-soakers? Instead I guess we get just a Cuties In Panties kind of cliche that Out2Enroll thinks is going to make a real difference with LGBT millennials getting health care coverage?!? Whoever’s bankrolling Out2Enroll ought to say grow up! Produce content that _meaningfully_ addresses how critical getting covered is to our under-served and under-insured community.

  7. evan_la says

    Uh, duh, Mike & Terry. “Obamacare” was intended as a derogatory appellation for the Affordable Care Act. Melissa is absolutely correct, as usual.

  8. David says

    Jon: Only a brain dead, brainwashed Republican tool would refer to the current administration as failed. Happy Holidays!

  9. WOLF says

    So here’s a question…how will this attract lesbians? They are the L in LGBT, haha.

    Also, this is an incredibly cheap sell. You shouldn’t need sex to sell a good idea, but unfortunately it works.

  10. Seattle Mike says

    What a bunch of cuties. The two on the left are a couple in real life. And more power to them for reaching out to as many people as possible to get enroled in insurance. If you don’t like this video, then you’re not the target demographic. It’s not as if this is the only outreach for insurance coverage.

  11. Matt27 says

    I don’t live in US, so no, but they could get my buy almost anything, especially from the guy in blue shorts/speedo with red and white hat with horns.

  12. Zlick says

    Oh please, it’s adorable. It’s one way out of 10,000 to bring some attention to enrolling in the AFA coverage. Relax. (And for the record, if “Rudolph” will land on my roof and pitch me some Obamacare directly, I’ll dump my current insurance and buy whatever he recommends.)

  13. Vint says

    Wow, two of those boys ***almost*** kissed! It’s as if they were ***almost*** willing to give lip service to the gay community!

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “(And for the record, if “Rudolph” will land on my roof and pitch me some Obamacare directly…”

    Oh, my, I am getting old. I couldn’t figure out why you called him Rudolf. LOL I thought maybe you knew him from somewhere.

  15. Andy says

    I’m by no means a prude, but this seems silly, insipid, and trivial to associate with health care. It makes gays look like silly and dumb and one-track minded.

  16. Bill says

    Since none of them appear to be actually wearing Joe Boxers, does this mean will won’t hear from One Million Moms?

  17. Mike says

    I think a few of us are taking this a little too seriously. Attractive guys, decent singing, cute premise, a tiny bit of attention given to enrolling in health coverage. No big deal.

  18. UFFDA says

    As some have noted I am a total grinch/troll when it comes to fruity stereotypes, but this was not that at all. These guys looked like nice people just being a little silly and if their gender specifics jiggled prominently well that’s nice to and something this stupid penis panic culture needs to get used to. God bless ’em.

  19. BrianM says

    @atomic and others: THIS IS NOT AN AD PRODUCED BY THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. It was produced and paid for by the Sellers Dorsey Foundation, the Center for American Progress and others. All private groups.

    Think what you will about the ad, or the ACA, but stop clutching your pearls that this is how the government is promoting the law.

    Plus, THIS IS TONGUE IN CHEEK. No one would care if bikini-clad babes or hunks were selling the law to straight men and women if it was done in humor, as this one was.


  20. Kyle M. Sullivan says

    It’s an adorable ad, but I signed up more than a month ago and have already paid my first premium. It just makes sense. Any queen who thinks this is a problem IS the problem.

  21. Brian says

    OMG. Some of you need to lighten up. Seriously. LMFAO. There are plenty of gays that enjoy watching this video and there is nothing wrong with them doing their civic duty in any way they want to try to persuade other like-minded folks to sign up for something they think is good for America. I’ve seen the boring ACA commercials. Yea, they’re great but this is refreshing and fun to watch. I applaud their efforts. Check out Full Frontal on YouTube. They do political stuff every now and then and it is really genius because they are targeting a certain audience. And if you aren’t that audience then move along but really….TOO GAY? LMAO!