News: Michael Sam, Stoli, Figure Skating, Cambridge Kiss-In

RoadFamily Equality Council: To Sochi with Love.

RoadUganda: Suspected gay couple jailed in Luzira prison.

Cambridge_kissRoadCambridge students hold gay kiss-in flash mob to show solidarity for LGBT Russians.

RoadShirtless Ricky Martin has no selfie control.

RoadBBC: Nigerian gay people being hunted down. "The imams and pastors were alerted, so that they should preach in churches and mosques about this illegal thing."

RoadUK Home Office under fire for humiliating interrogations of gay and lesbian asylum seekers.

RoadFamily Research Council files amicus brief in support of Utah gay marriage ban: "'The principal defining characteristic of marriage, as it has been understood in our 'history, legal traditions and practices,' is the union of a man and a woman,' according to the filing."

RoadBromantic: Derek Hough and Mark Ballas bought a house together.

RoadThe San Francisco Chronicle supported gay marriage in 1970.

TatumRoadChanning Tatum looks to Matthew McConnaughey for inspiration on Magic Mike sequel.

RoadPenn launching LGBT health initiative: "In one of the broadest efforts in the nation to bring sexual minorities into the medical mainstream, the University of Pennsylvania is unrolling an LGBT health initiative that spans the medical, dental, and nursing schools as well as the region's largest health system."

RoadCorrupt figure skating deal alleged at Sochi: "According to L’Équipe, which quoted an unnamed Russian coach, the United States intended to help Russia win the overall team event and the pairs competition. In return, Russia would make sure the Americans Charlie White and Meryl Davis won the ice dancing competition."

RoadTom Welling shows off his shirtless bod for Andrea Marino's new photo book.

RoadZachary Quinto and Miles McMillan step out for a walk in the NYC winter.

DorfmanRoadMale model fix: Saville Dorfman.

RoadChicago's Sidetrack bar lifts ban on Stoli vodka: "Sidetrack, 3349 N. Halsted, announced on its Facebook page Thursday it will once again serve Stoli after the company that makes it donated $300,000 to a gay-rights group."

RoadMichael Sam wore rainbow bracelets during 8 college football games.

RoadActivists protest Mississippi Rep. Steven Palazzo for anti-gay remarks.

RoadDallas County DA Craig Watkins announces LGBT task force. “Several months back, I took the opportunity to meet with leaders in the LGBT community and discovered there was a communication gap between many law enforcement agencies and the LGBT community,” Dallas County DA Craig Watkins said. “I was disappointed to hear that many victims of domestic violence or hate crimes were afraid to speak out because they feared lack of a law enforcement response.”

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  1. So Stoli's given $150k to the so-called Russian Freedom Fund and $300k to LA’s Gay & Lesbian Center—450,000 pieces of silver versus the $75 MILLION Stoli's owner Yuri Schefler spent on his Miami estate; versus the $330 MILLION he spent on his seven-deck yacht with a crew of 52, its own helicopter, two helipads, its own submarine, gymnasium, wine cellar, a indoor saltwater swimming pool, and a room in which it SNOWS; versus his net worth even a decade ago of $850 MILLION. Imagine what it is today—and imagine him laughing all the way to the bank as members of our own
    community can be bought off for so little and others attack other gays for protesting them at all. Even if the Russian law were repealed tomorrow and those Russians who support it woke up, Stolie still DESERVES to be boycotted simply for their shameless lies and distortions about their products—claiming Stoli is entirely made in Latvia when it's actually not or that it's not "Russian vodka" when they've fought in court to call it that—and alleged powerlessness to do more than throw pretty words at us and some lint from Schefler's navel.

    Posted by: Michael Bedwell | Feb 10, 2014 6:15:12 PM

  2. The whole Stoli boycott was an uninformed and misguided attempt to punish Russia. The Stoli we know is Latvian and headquartered in Luxembourg. Read the interview here to properly understand. Yury Shefler bought the brand and was later driven out of Russia to Latvia. The Russian government under Putin are making their own version of a "Stoli" but it is not the one marketed worldwide, Yury Shefler' SPI Stoli is. Like I said, an uninformed, misguided, knee-jerk reaction which, when the actual cacts are known, only make those who participated in the boycott look foolish.

    Posted by: Spevman | Feb 11, 2014 3:42:23 PM

  3. oops...cacts should read "facts". Sorry for the typo. :)

    Posted by: Spevman | Feb 11, 2014 3:43:41 PM

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