1. Ryan says

    Robbie Rogers could very easily have a professional modelling career. He’s not only great looking, but great looking in a really interesting way and exceptionally photogenic.

    I’m a little jealous :p

  2. JoeBlow says

    I’m really glad to see Robbie flourishing personally. I wish he would play like he used to play. He was one of the top US players at one point. Hoping he recovers from his latest injury and plays well this year in the MLS. He’s been such an inspiration.

  3. woodroad34d says

    classically/movie star handsome. Like to see more of his personality. Not sure what to make of Berlanti/Rogers…I guess it doesn’t really matter, but I tend to be amazed for about 5 seconds with a pretty face yet linger more on the person behind it (too often with a pretty face, that will last 5 seconds as well).

  4. crispy says

    “He was one of the top US players at one point.”

    Uh, not true at all. He’s played several games for the U.S. at the international level, but he’s never been to the World Cup.

  5. freak says

    Hope the fashion career takes off for Mr. Rogers, something he seems to have plenty of time to devote to. In fact, after his totally non-existent stint for the Galaxy, it is very likely that they will part company with him as soon as possible.

  6. Andy says

    This is the kind of gay man that disturbs straight people no end. A gay man that epitomizes the All-American guy you hoped your daughter would marry.

    More Robbie Rogers please.

  7. Joseph Singer says

    I don’t understand why some people think that they just must hate on someone because of their choice to do modeling or sports or whatever it is that they want to do. Maybe it’s some sort of jealousy.

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