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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1599

MIKEY KITTRELL: 'Gingers have souls' kid makes anti-bullying music video.

THIS WEEK: In unnecessary censorship.

THUNDER GROUND: Roller derby at L.A. Pride!

OWL STABILIZER FOR TABLETS: Doesn't give a hoot.

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News: Jake Gyllenhaal, ENDA, Tel Aviv, Harrison Ford

RoadMormon Church threatens activists with excommunication.

RoadJewish kids misled into participating in music video for Israeli transsexual star Dana International shot in synagogue, parents say.

2_gyllenhaalRoadJake Gyllenhaal to make Broadway debut..."in British playwright Nick Payne's acclaimed experimental drama Constellations, which explores the potential of love, friendship and free will against a background of quantum physics."

RoadLana Del Rey: "I wish I was dead already".

RoadAdam Lambert teams up with AT&T for 'Live Proud' campaign.

RoadU.S. Senator Thad Cochran causes stir with remarks about doing indecent things with animals: "Cochran in his speech opening was telling of his family connections to the Pine Belt area, where as a child he would often visit his grandmother in the country. He joked about 'doing all sorts of indecent things with animals' as a kid. The audience appeared to take it as intended -- a joke, apparently about harassing wildlife or livestock."

RoadVIDEO: J Lo and Pitbull open the World Cup.

RochereRoadPope holds private Mass with head of French anti-gay group Manif Pour Tous.

RoadState LGBT groups split on ENDA's religious exemption: "A number of statewide LGBT groups this week expressed concerns about the religious exemption in the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Four groups — FreedomOhio, Equality New Mexico, the Transgender Education Network of Texas and Wyoming Equality — now say they won’t support the bill with the current exemption."

RoadSmart cup knows what you're drinking.

RoadTrans Latina teenager being held in solitary confinement in women's prison in Connecticut: "I have been sitting in this prison for a month now and there is no plan to get me out. I am suffering in here. I'm having trouble sleeping and I'm not eating much. I cry in bed every night. I can't be myself in this place. I feel forgotten and thrown away… DCF is supposed to be helping me, right? If this is helping me then I'm all set with being helped. I would be a lot better off being on my own. It seems like you're my last chance to get out of here. Don't forget about me. I can't take another month of this."

RoadMagic Mike XXL is still waiting on Alex Pettyfer.

RoadHarrison Ford injured on set of Star Wars: Episode VII.

TelavivRoadConservative Facebook trolls incensed by the US Embassy in Tel Aviv raising the Pride flag next to the American flag: “This flag being hoisted next to the American flag is inappropriate. How is this "gay pride flag" representative of all Americans? The answer is, it is not! This flag needs to come down.”

Road80,000 hit the streets for Israeli Pride in Tel Aviv. "Tel Aviv's openness to gays stands in contrast to conservative Jerusalem, just a short drive away, home to some of the holiest sites to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Still, Jerusalem has a small gay scene and an annual pride parade, albeit on a much smaller scale."

RoadGay former BP CEO John Browne says 'glass closet' still holds many gay workers back: "If you look at the S&P 500, there isn't one out gay CEO. So, it is a clubby experience. I mean, I think many people have an unconscious bias, they do tend to select people like themselves, and so therefore they [exclude] people who are a bit different. ... Hiding sexuality is something which takes away from the overall productivity, the way in which people work, and it's bound to do something which is not good for business."

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Wrestling Legend Pat Patterson Comes Out as Gay: VIDEO


Wrestling fans making their opinions known on social media and those in the business say they've known WWE legend Pat Patterson is gay for years, but he came out officially on an episode of the WWE reality show Legends' House that aired last night.

Said Patterson: "For once in my life I'm going to be me now. I survived all this being gay. I lived with that for 50 some years. I had a friend with me for 40 years and I lost was tough guys. It was tough."

As Bleacher Report notes, the show was filmed in 2012 but the announcement didn't become public until last night.

Watch the emotional moment, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Airplane Pounded with Damaging Hail on Texas Runway, Obviously Won't Be Taking Off: VIDEO


An American Eagle jet in Abilene, Texas was taxiing to take off yesterday when it was slammed by a storm with hail pellets the size of golf balls. A passenger recorded the deafening seven-minute onslaught. Needless to say, the flight was delayed.


(via the vane)

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Tony Perkins On LGBT Pride Flag at U.S. Embassy: Obama is Turning America Into Sodom - VIDEO

PerkinsOn yesterday’s radio program, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins blasted the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv’s decision to fly the LGBT pride flag this month, saying:

"The rainbow flag over Israel — the last time they were flying that over Sodom and Gomorrah it didn’t work out so well. The reality is this administration is not just ignoring or indifferent to traditional values, it is hostile to them, it is hostile to the very things that made America great.” 

Later, in a chat with a listener who called President Obama “Satan personified,” Perkins speculated on whether Obama may have threatened House Speaker John Boehner and his family to keep him in check while his administration “dismantled the country morally and culturally”


[via Right Wing Watch]

U.S. Embassy discussion can be found at this link at the 40:00 mark. 

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Michael Sam Signed to Four-Year, $2.65 Million Contract with St. Louis Rams


The St. Louis Rams have officially signed gay NFL rookie Michael Sam and the rest of the Rams' Rookie class, reports:

NFL Media's Albert Breer reported Thursday that the Rams have signed all 11 players selected by the team last month at Radio City Music Hall, according to a team source.

The complete list of signed Rams rookies includes: OT Greg Robinson, DT Aaron Donald, CB Lamarcus Joyner, RB Tre Mason, SS Mo Alexander, CB E.J. Gaines, QB Garrett Gilbert, OT Mitchell Van Dyk, FS C.B. Bryant, DE Michael Sam and C Demetrius Rhaney.

FOX Sports reports that Sam was offered a four-year, $2.65 million contract, with $46,000 of it guaranteed.

Sam tweeted on Thursday: "Grateful, humbled, and motivated after officially signing with all my Rams rookie brothers. Let's do this!! #RamUp "

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