News: Soda Ban, Queen Selfie, Albino Whale, Diamond Star

RoadAlbino humpback whale spotted off coast of Australia.

RoadSally Kern's husband Steve edges closer to the Oklahoma legislature.

BalloonRoadSpace tourism company wants to take tourists 20 miles above Earth in a balloon.

RoadDonny is the only reason so far to watch Big Brother 16.

RoadMexico's Supreme Court backs gay marriage in Baja California. "According to a news release from the court, the ruling stated that a provision in the Baja California Constitution limiting marriage to heterosexual couples is unconstitutional."

RoadCurrent marriage map.

RoadDOMA lawyer Roberta Kaplan reflects on victory a year later.

RoadNew Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu for marriage equality: “The mayor has long supported ending marriage discrimination at all levels of government,” Landrieu spokesman Tyler Gamble said in an email. “As an employer, the city of New Orleans recognizes domestic partnerships and allows our employees’ partners to be eligible for benefits.”

RoadDozens hospitalized after Avicii concert.

RoadOil wrestling fest in Turkey.

Queen_selfieRoadRoyal no-no: Kid snaps selfie with Queen Elizabeth II.

RoadDavid Beckham and Tom Cruise spotted at pub: "The stars were spotted at The Cow, an Irish pub in the trendy Notting Hill district in London on Monday. The A-list pals seemed to be enjoying each other’s company as they shared a bottle of wine, while Beckham also nursed a pint of Guinness."

RoadMiss Gay Nicaragua crowned: "Carlos Castro, known as Amerika Ithzell Korkobas Berdrinadxy, will now visit several provinces in the Central American nation in the role of Miss Gay Nicaragua seeking to raise awareness about sexual diversity and gender identity and to help fight discrimination."

RoadShirtless male models strut their stuff at Milan men's fashion week.

RoadVideo: Beyoncé and Jay-Z show off wedding footage on tour opening night.

DiamondRoadThe star that is Carol Channing's best friend: "A team of astronomers has identified possibly the coldest, faintest white dwarf star ever detected. This ancient stellar remnant is so cool that its carbon has crystallized, forming — in effect — an Earth-size diamond in space."

RoadFrank Ocean splits with longtime managaement team: "The singer had been managed by Christian and Kelly Clancy — who also manage Odd Future — since 2010, but split from the two earlier this year, the report says. The New Orleans-bred talent has yet to select new management, though."

RoadLGBT advocates in Wyoming applaud 10th Circuit ruling on Utah.

RoadNYC big soda ban dead: "The state’s highest court on Thursday refused to reinstate New York City’s controversial limits on sales of jumbo sugary drinks, exhausting the city’s final appeal and handing a major victory to the American soft-drink industry, which bitterly opposed the plan."


  1. Randy says

    “Donny is the only reason so far to watch Big Brother 16.”

    Donny is interesting, that’s true.

    But we have a real live Xander! I am watching this until he’s evicted. Now I know it’s hard to get other species onto the show but the next step must be a real Ling-Ling.

  2. John says

    I’m sure Donny is a nice person or whatever, but there is no reason at all to watch Big Brother 16. None.

  3. How you durrin? says

    …like a diamond in the sky. Twinkle twinkle little star…How I wonder what you are. :-)

  4. Hansel Currywurst says

    I just read “Sally Kern” and “edging” in the same sentence and now I don’t feel well. Should I call Poison Control or what?

  5. Anos Horribulus says

    I liked Harry’s crown jewels better than Liz’s anyway.

    Loosen up, Queenie. And Smile!

  6. says

    I don’t get why people freaked out about the large soda ban. “what ever happened to our choices!?” some idiots screamed. well, your obesity rates – that’s what happened.

    you don’t need a soda that big. you just don’t. they didn’t USED to be that size, anyway. it’s not as if it’s something that’s really being “taken away from you”

    conservatives freaking out over large sodas and ignoring that the GOP’s fiscal plans screw over the working and middle classes, their wars on women’s reproductive rights and access to affordable medical attention, and continue to be staunchly, vehemently anti-LGBT.

    but good thing more people can slurp a giant freakin’ soda.