Laverne Cox Featured In John Legend’s Moving ‘You And I': VIDEO


Though she has an Emmy nomination and a Time cover under her belt, there is no sign that Laverne Cox is slowing down. These days the actress/activist is everywhere, including the music video for John Legend's eye-watering and treacly single "You and I (Nobody in the World)."

The music video features women of many shapes, ages, sizes, and backgrounds staring into the camera while going about their daily routines. In the accompanying song, John Legend sings words of unconditional love. Taken together it's a bit of a tear-jerker, so if you're not in the mood to get a little misty, don't say we didn't warn you!

Keep your eyes peeled not just for Cox, but also for other recognizable faces in cameos — comedian Tig Notaro and Tatyana Ali of Fresh Prince fame make appearances.

Check the video out AFTER THE JUMP…

[YouTube Screencap via Idolator]



  1. Tommy says

    When I was a little boy I used to stick tampons up my bum, and now that I’m an adult I merely sit at home on the internet every day and use different names to type hateful things about tradespeople.

    Why? Simple. Because my own family absolutely hated me and having to call me their son, so distracting myself here is all I have to live for.

  2. Mike says

    That was an amazing video. I was cryin’.

    Laverne Cox is not low-talent, but even if that were true, she would still deserve lots of attention for her honest, professional, heart-felt activism for trans issues.

  3. Cadence says

    This is a very powerful video. It also seems to feature several same sex couples.

  4. Derek says

    Wow a horrible transphobic comment was actually removed….who would have thunk it?