Troye Sivan Kisses His Childhood Boyfriend in ‘Wild’ Video Trilogy Opener: WATCH

Troye Sivan Wild

Last month we reported on the upcoming fourth EP and video project by out YouTube superstar (3.5 million subscribers) Troye Sivan. Sivan had already amassed a huge number of subscribers before coming out of the closet in a video in August 2013, but his following has grown by leaps and bounds.

Sivan is also an actor – most famous playing the young Wolverine in X-Men: Origins: Wolverine and as the title character in the Spud film trilogy.

He appears to be laying all his talent on the table with his new Wild EP project, launching it with a video trilogy called “Blue Neighbourhood.” He released the first video in that trilogy, “Wild”, yesterday.

It features two childhood friends who develop more than a friendship despite the apparent attempts by their fathers to keep them apart.


Sivan also released a bunch of teaser clips for the EP: