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Thomas Roberts Talks To Gay Former MLB Player Billy Bean About His Return to Baseball: VIDEO


Former professional baseball player Billy Bean, who retired in 1995 before he could come out, recently spoke with Morning Joe's Thomas Roberts about his return to the sport - now as the MLB's first Ambassador of Inclusion.  

In his new role, Bean will develop educational training initiatives to combat homophobia and will help the league prepare for the reality of having a future gay player. To date, there are no openly gay MLB athletes. 

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Billy Bean Submits Question to GOP Presidential YouTube Debate

Former pro baseball player Billy Bean has submitted a question for candidates in the upcoming Republican YouTube debate on November 28th.

Said Bean in an email to friends: "I hope you'll take a look...and if you think you'd like to see one of those far right conservatives answer my question...pass the word, and tell as many people as you can to take a look. Apparently the amount of hits/views has a lot to do with the selection process. Please forgive the quality of the video....Spielberg was busy...., but I did it all by myself...(I shows)."

Billy's question: "Over the years, factions of the Republican party seem to have fully embraced religion-based bigotry and discrimination against the GLBT community as a way to win elections. Will you discourage people from using their religious beliefs as a way to justify discrimination against citizens like me?"

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Queer Eye Guys Growing The Beard

Scout Productions, the team of David Collins and Michael Williams who produced Bravo's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, has set up a project with Showtime entitled The Beard.

BeanbillyThe Beard is a romantic comedy about a gay pro baseball player who enters into a relationship with a woman in order to survive in the sports world.

Jack Lechner (Mad Men) will produce the project, and they've hired a consultant who knows a thing or two about the topic — former Dodgers and Padres player Billy Bean, who came out of the closet in 1999.

Maria Maggenti (Puccini for Beginners, The Incredibly True Story of Two Girls in Love) is writing the script.


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