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Texas University Bars Student-Athletes From Same-Sex Dating, Publicly Supporting Gay Marriage


A Texas university has banned gay student-athletes from dating and all athletes from publicly supporting same-sex marriage. 

LeTourneau University is an NCAA Division III school in Longview, Texas, with an enrollment of 3,000. The private interdenominational Christian university was recently named one of "America's Best Colleges" in the West by U.S. News and World Report. 

OutSports first reported on the anti-gay policy in LeTourneau's Student-Athlete Handbook, which is readily available on the school's website and reads as follows: 

The following activities are prohibited

Whether they are observed by a member of the community, verbally described, or personally shared with the public in verbal or written form (for example, through a personal website or social network). These behaviors are subject to administrative intervention and disciplinary action which may include Disciplinary Warning; Disciplinary Probation, Suspension, and/or Dismissals.

Sexually immoral or immodest conduct or the promotion of such, outside of marriage.

These include activities such as (but not limited to): sexually graphic text messaging, chatting, or video conferencing; fornication; sexual promiscuity; and adultery – whether they are heterosexual or homosexual in nature. Cohabitation (sharing a room, apartment, or home) with a member of the opposite gender is included in this prohibition.

Based on biblical standards, we believe that God has created the institution of marriage to be between one man and one woman, and only within this institution does God bless intimate sexual expression; all other intimate sexual expression outside of marriage is considered immoral behavior. Consistent with our desire to celebrate and model a Scriptural approach to sexuality;, the University prohibits same-sex dating behaviors and public advocacy for the position that sex outside of a biblically-defined marriage is morally acceptable.

Any student concerned about their experiences with sexual temptation, participation, or addiction – either heterosexual or homosexual in nature – may proactively seek assistance from the Office of Student Life or our counselors without fear of disciplinary action (see “Personal Growth initiative”).

OutSports notes that LeTourneau has a history of anti-gay efforts, including hosting "ex-gay" speaker Christopher Yuan last year, according to the school's website

What many would consider their worst nightmare has become the reality for Christopher Yuan. While attending dental school, he began living promiscuously as a gay man and experimenting with illicit drugs. Within a few years, he was expelled from dental school, imprisoned for drug dealing and discovered that he was HIV positive.

But God has turned his nightmare into an exciting and inspiring story of redemption, grace and transformation. Christopher has an understanding heart for and desire to minister to those working through issues of sexuality and to those living with HIV/AIDS. He speaks locally and internationally to youth, on college campuses, in churches and in prisons.

The LGBT group Soulforce published a letter from a closeted gay Letourneau student back in 2007: 

I will soon be graduating from LeTourneau University, and I plan to fully come out once I have. I have only chosen to remain mostly closeted because I do not want to risk being kicked out of school or forced into one of those infamous therapy camps. I have yet to reach a conclusion about my faith, however. I came to LETU hoping to be energized and changed, but I have become cynical and jaded about faith and religion.

OutSports' Cyd Zeigler says Letourneau's anti-gay policy for student-athletes is new and part of a national trend:

The movement by trustees and administrations to explicitly marginalize LGBT students on college campuses across the country is growing, even as students and faculty become increasingly accepting. Recent episodes at Erskine CollegeHillsdale College and an unnamed Christian school in the South have been particularly troubling. ... 

How other NCAA members allow schools with these kinds of bigoted policies to be part of the NCAA is difficult to understand.

Openly Gay Basketball Player Derrick Gordon Transferring To Anti-LGBT Catholic University: VIDEO


The first openly gay Division I men's basketball player in history is transferring to a school with an anti-LGBT reputation. 

Derrick Gordon, who came out last April while playing at UMass, announced Sunday he is transferring to Seton Hall University, a Roman Catholic school in New Jersey:

Seton Hall is an interesting choice for Gordon given that, as we reported Sunday, the local archbishop just fired the school's campus priest Warren Hall (pictured below) for a pro-LGBT tweet. OutSports notes that Seton Hall has also faced lawsuits from a gay student who claimed discrimination and for refusing to allow an LGBT group. 

From The New York Daily News

HallGordon, speaking on the school’s radio station Sunday night, said he was aware of the firing, but felt comfortable on the South Orange campus.

“When I visited the campus today everybody made me feel comfortable,” Gordon told WSOU. “I was there with my family. They made me feel comfortable to the point where it was a safe environment, even with the situation that happened with the priest two days ago. It felt like a family environment, and that was very big for me in my book. The visit went better than what I expected.” ... 

Gordon told USA Today on Sunday that he was not being recruited by some schools because of his sexuality, but that was not the case at Seton Hall.

“As long as I’m accepted, that’s all that really matters to me,” Gordon told the radio station. “We’re all in a society now where there are people who accept it and people who don’t accept it. Regardless of where I go, it’s always going to be like that.”

OutSports' Cyd Ziegler writes that Seton Hall's decision to pick up Gordon is a sign of progress:  

Ultimately, this had nothing to do with Gordon as a "gay athlete." The school chose to make a "basketball decision." Seton Hall could use the help. A strong program in the late Eighties and early Nineties, the men's basketball team has struggled in the Big East over the last decade. The team hasn't made it to the NCAA basketball tournament since 2006 and has won more than 20 games only once since 2004. The last time the Pirates were in the Sweet Sixteen, Gordon was in third grade. ... 

It's another strong sign of a changing tide in sports. While Michael Sam is still not on an NFL team, he was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys after being released by the Rams last summer. Jason Collins was signed by the Brooklyn Nets after he came out publicly. Former professional rugby player Gareth Thomas was picked up by the Crusaders Rugby League in 2010 after he came out.

Yet the move by Seton Hall might be the most telling. Gordon is at the height of his basketball career, and the school needs him. Seton Hall is a Catholic school with an anti-LGBT history, and Gordon needs the school.

Watch a video in which Gordon talks about his coming out last year, AFTER THE JUMP ...  

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Hillsdale College Calls For Prayer Against ‘Evil’ Gay Marriage In Campus Wide Email

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 9.50.46 AM

The chaplain of Hillsdale College sent an email to alumni, students, faculty, coaches and athletes warning them about the "evils" of same-sex marriage and inviting prayer to "destroy” same-sex marriage reports Hillsdale alumni Derek Schell (below), who came out to his basketball team in 2013, received the chaplain’s email:

Schell"Hey friends!

Just to give you a heads up, ugly things are happening in the Supreme Court right now. Justice Anthony Kennedy is seen as the "swing vote" and, if that is the case, he will have the power to legalize same-sex marriage NATIONWIDE! Yeah... I do not even think we can imagine the effects this could have on our nation, the church, and families.

So we are praying for God to give the Justices and the courts wisdom, courage, and discernment, for evil to be revealed and destroyed, and for a heart of love and sound mind."

However, a statement from college officials claim a student initially wrote the email, but Chaplain Peter Beckwith still distributed the email; it remains unclear if Beckwith had read the contents of the email before distributing it. Hillsdale College Provost David M. Whalen also issued a statement regarding the email yesterday and announced that revisions of pertinent communications policies are underway:

"The tone and language of the email did not properly represent our commitment to thoughtful inquiry and civil discussion as necessary to the pursuit of truth. We have a long history of treating all students with love and respect, and our Honor Code requires our students to do likewise."

'Vulgar' Straight Pride Posters Removed at Ohio's Youngstown State University: VIDEO

Straight Pride ohio

Posters promoting “straight pride” week at an Ohio university have been removed after it was determined that the message went beyond free speech, reports ABC News.

Straight pride posterThe posters in Youngstown State University encouraged students to "go about your day without telling everyone about how 'different' you are."

However, student leaders in consultation with university officials said that while they believe the posters were meant as satire, the message was inappropriate.

Student Government President Michael Slavens said:

"If you actually read through it, it seemed like it went way further than a free speech issue. There were swear words and took it a little further than the average free speech should go."

University spokesman Ron Cole added that the posters go against the college’s mission to create a diverse campus.

A statement from the student government reads in part:

“It has been brought to the attention of several SGA Executive Board members that ‘Straight Pride’ posters have been hung across campus, seemingly in response to LGBTQIA efforts to promote diversity and foster a culture of acceptance on campus. Though SGA respects the free speech of all YSU students, these postings were not authorized, contained vulgar language, and, unfortunately, miss the point of minority activism.

“When individuals belong to dominant societal cohorts (Caucasian, male, heterosexual, etc.) it is very easy to state ‘We have nothing against your sexual orientation’ and to claim that efforts to raise awareness are ‘annoying.’ For minorities who every day face discrimination and marginalization, such efforts are necessary – without zeal and persistence, sociology teaches that minority concerns very easily go by the wayside. Thus, dismissing the efforts of LGBTQIA students to push for equitable treatment as unnecessary is dangerous because it catalyzes discrimination, whether meant to do so or not.”

Watch a WKBN report, AFTER THE JUMP...

Last year, posters advertising "Straight White Guy Pride" appeared in a gay-friendly area of Columbus, Ohio.

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Texas Fraternity Under Fire for Allegedly Banning 'Fagetry', Mexicans And Interracial Dating: VIDEO


A fraternity at the University of Texas (UT) has been accused of banning “interracial dating”, Mexicans and “fagetry”, reports NCRM.

Posted in 2007 on Flickr and earlier this week on Twitter, the Phi Gamma Delta document sets out a number of rules for pledges. It is assumed that “fagetry” refers to homosexuality.

Phi Gamma Delta last month held a racist party where the theme was reportedly "Border Patrol."

Despite originally indicating the racist party did not violate its rules, UT President Bill Powers released a statement on Tuesday that read, in part:

"Our dean of students has worked extensively with the [the fraternity] group to educate its members on the harm it has caused and to reconcile it to the greater community. The [members] have apologized, have been fully engaged with the dean of students’ efforts, and have reached out to Latino groups."

Powers also suggested that the rules photo may be a hoax:

"Additionally, a photo of alleged [fraternity] pledge rules has surfaced online. This ugly document appeared in 2007 and was largely believed to be a hoax even then."

Last year, the UT Austin chapter of Lambda Phi Epsilon was suspended following reports that a student had been denied a bid due to his sexual orientation.

Watch a report, AFTER THE JUMP...

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South Carolina Christian College Bans Homosexuality After Two Athletes Courageously Come Out

Juan Varona Erskine College

Erskine College, South Carolina has banned homosexuality after volleyball players Drew Davis and Juan Varona (above) came out last year.

OutSports reports that although Davis and Varona found support from their teammates, a statement from the college is likely to drive “a no-gays policy at the school and create an atmosphere where LGBT people do not feel safe.”

The February 20th “Statement on Human Sexuality” reads in part:

Erskine“We believe the Bible teaches that all sexual activity outside the covenant of marriage is sinful and therefore ultimately destructive to the parties involved. As a Christian academic community, and in light of our institutional mission, members of the Erskine community are expected to follow the teachings of scripture concerning matters of human sexuality and institutional decisions will be made in light of this position.”

Varona told OutSports that the statement “makes me disappointed because I have never received anything but kind treatment from everyone at this school, and my sexual orientation is no secret.”

He added:

"I feel that in the time that we are living right now, where even in the conservative state of South Carolina same-sex marriage is legal, the school took several steps back instead of progressing towards a future where everyone can be treated as an equal, which is a future most of the country is moving towards.

"I understand the religious stand on adultery, which is part of the Ten Commandments in the Bible, and that would apply to heterosexual and homosexual people. But when I saw the mention of sexual orientation being an issue, it just made me sad and worried for other gay people who might be struggling with confidence to come out."


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