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Seattle Mayoral Candidate Ed Murray Appears with Husband-to-Be in New Ad: VIDEO


Ed Murray, the 18-year veteran of Seattle's legislature who was a prime mover of Washington's marriage equality law, is now running for mayor of Seattle, putting his sexuality, his progressive record, and his fiancé Michael Shiosaki (an August wedding is in the works), front and center.


(via the victory fund)

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Out Gay State Senator Ed Murray Chosen by Dems as Majority Leader of Washington Senate

Senator Ed Murray will become the second openly LGBT person to lead a state senate chamber after being chosen as majority leader of the Washington state senate late yesterday, the Victory Fund reports:

MurrayMurray, 57, was first elected to the Senate in 2006 after serving 11 years in the Wash. House of Representatives.  He was a leading voice in favor of passage of the state’s marriage equality bill, which voters affirmed last week.

“We have work to do in Olympia – prioritizing education, creating jobs for the middle class, and ensuring Washingtonians have the health care they need. And one of our challenges in a closely divided chamber is to ensure that the Senate is able to fulfill its obligation to govern the state, in tandem with Gov.-elect Jay Inslee and the House. These are not simple challenges, but they are solvable. We can find solutions that work for all of Washington,” Murray said in a release tonight.

The first state senate leader was the late Allan Spear of Minnesota, the VF notes, who served 28 years in that state's legislature, retiring in 2000.

Other out gay lawmakers currently leading their chambers are Assembly Speaker John Perez in California, House Speaker Gordon D. Fox in Rhode Island, and incoming House Speaker Mark Ferrandino in Colorado.

Gay Senator Ed Murray Speaks and Washington Senate Votes to Pass Marriage Equality Bill: VIDEO


Last night, just before the state Senate vote passing marriage equality, Senator Ed Murray took the floor and acknowledged that he would soon be marrying his partner Michael. AP:

Democratic Sen. Ed Murray, the bill's sponsor, said he knew same-sex marriage "is as contentious as any issue that this body has considered in its history."

Lawmakers who vote against gay marriage "are not, nor should they be accused of bigotry," he said.

"Those of us who support this legislation are not, and we should not be accused of, undermining family life or religious freedom," said Murray, a gay lawmaker from Seattle who has spearheaded past gay rights and domestic partnership laws in the state. "Marriage is how society says you are a family."

Murray mentioned his partner of more than 20 years — Michael Shiosaki — as he told his Senate colleagues before the vote "regardless of how you vote on this bill, an invitation will be in the mail" to their future wedding.

The Senate then voted 28 - 21 to pass the bill, setting the stage for the House vote (which is expected to be favorable) and the passage of marriage equality in Washington State.

Watch Murray speak and the roll call be taken, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Marriage Equality Bill Introduced in Washington State

SB 5793, a marriage equality bill, was introduced in the Washington state senate today. A matching bill is set to be introduced in the House tomorrow.

From Senator Ed Murray's office:

Murray In early February of 1998, in what has proven to be the darkest of Valentine's for gay and lesbian families in our state, the Legislature enshrined discrimination as the law of the land in Washington by overriding the veto of then-Gov. Gary Locke to approve the so-called "Defense of Marriage Act."

This Valentine’s Day, Rep. Jim Moeller, D-Vancouver, and Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, said the night is darkest just before the dawn.

"Over the past several years, the Legislature and the public together have been steadily building a bridge to equality for gay and lesbian families," said Moeller. He noted the passage of civil rights legislation in 2006 protecting gays and lesbians from discrimination in employment, housing, and financial transactions, and then three successive years of securing broader and broader domestic partnership rights -- which included successfully withstanding a hostile referendum challenge at the ballot in 2009.

"We've made tremendous progress since 1998," Murray said. "Gay and lesbian families in Washington now enjoy the same state spousal rights that their married straight friends enjoy – except for the name ‘marriage’. The recognition that their loving, lifelong commitment is no different from the loving, lifelong commitment of straight couples is the final step to achieving full equality. I believe the Legislature and the public are both ready to take that final step."

Under the proposed legislation, religious freedom is protected as is the clergy's right to choose for whom to perform marriage ceremonies. Also, domestic partnerships are maintained.

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