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Demon-Obsessed Anti-gay Colorado Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt Announces State Senate Bid: VIDEO


Demon-obsessed homophobe, religious zealot and Colorado House of Representatives embarrassment Gordon Klingenschmitt has announced his plans to run for a state Senate seat, The Gazeltte reports:

Klingenschmitt, R-Colorado Springs, went through a list of his accomplishments in the state Legislature Wednesday at the Airplane Restaurant. He also discussed his attempts to "fight for Republican principles" that didn't make it through the Democrat-controlled House. He took a small handful of questions limited to constituents in House District 15, teasing his "plans for 2016" along the way, before announcing he plans to run for Senate District 12.

The seat is held by Senate President Bill Cadman, who will reach his term limit in 2016.

Kligenschmitt added that he fasted for 72 hours before the Wednesday night meeting to ask God about his political future. Klingenschmitt's state Senate aspirations are thus little more than hunger-induced delusions. 

Earlier this month, Klingenschmitt made the prediction that gays will 'recruit' 20% of all children by the next century. 

Watch a report on Klingenschmitt's announcement, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gordon Klingenschmitt Predicts Gays Will 'Recruit' 20% of All Children By Next Century: VIDEO


Despite displaying a modicum of decency earlier this week by apologizing for saying that a brutal attack on a pregnant woman in Colorado was god’s retribution for legal abortion, demon-obsessed Colorado Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt is back on form, claiming that 20 percent of the U.S. population will be gay next century because of gay “recruitment.”

To be clear - Klingenschmitt thinks 20 percent of the population being gay would be a bad thing.

To back up his argument, with great insight Klingenschmitt referred to recent poll which found that places like San Francisco have a larger openly gay population than cities like Birmingham, Alabama, reports Right Wing Watch.

Arguing that the number of gay people in the U.S. has increased from one to three percent since the 2010 census, he warned that the gay population is growing through the recruitment of children, especially in areas "where they don't believe the Bible.”

"This proves to me that the Bible works. That when people believe the Bible, they promote holiness and they invite the Holy Spirit to rule their hearts, they don't have all these homosexual addiction problems that they have in places where they don't believe the Bible and they reject the Bible and they teach the children in California schools that homosexuality is a good thing and they celebrate Harvey Milk Day and they have all kinds of policies to promote that in the classroom. Well, no wonder their population is growing! They're recruiting people into the movement on the left coast.”

Klingenschmitt also offered as proof of the recruitment of children the argument that children raised in same-sex households are more likely to be gay. This, he said, shows that "in a hundred years, if we continue to allow this recruiting effort across America, all of the children in all of the public schools, if we don't stop this, will be re-educated that this is a good thing. And I predict in a hundred years twenty percent of Americans could become homosexual.”


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Gordon Klingenschmitt: Homophobic Bakers are 'Blessing' Gay Couples for Refusing to 'Participate in Sodomy' - VIDEO


Demon-obsessed homophobe, religious zealot and Colorado House of Representatives embarrassment Gordon Klingenschmitt has said the bakery owners in Oregon who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple are “a blessing” to gay people because they refuse “to participate in their acts of sodomy."

Speaking on his unhinged “Pray In Jesus Name” show, Klingenschmitt started with the conspiracy theories, arguing that the government is out to bankrupt Christian business owners.

He continued that bakery owners Aaron and Melissa Klein "are being persecuted for righteousness sake" because they “are not going to endorse” a sin that is “harmful to you in the homosexual community.”

Watch via Right Wing Watch as Klingenschmitt prays for your damned soul, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gordon Klingenschmitt Applauds Fayetteville, Arkansas For Voting 'Against the Devil' By Repealing LGBT Protections: VIDEO

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 8.36.13 AM

Noted religious zealot, homophobic demagogue, and member-elect to the Colorado House of Representatives  Gordon Klingenschmitt took to his YouTube program “Pray In Jesus Name” to applaud residents living in Fayetteville, Arkansas for repealing a local non-discrimination ordinance last month. The ordinance would have ensured equal access to housing and employment for LGBT individuals and criminalized discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

19 Kids and Counting's Michelle Duggar and other noted conservatives actively campaigned against the ordinance with a series of robocalls characterizing the law as a protection for sexual predators and molesters. The people of Fayetteville, Klingenschmitt described, had struck a blow for Jesus, stood up, and “voted 52-48 against the Devil.”


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Stephen Colbert Takes a Hilarious Look at Demon Obsessed, Anti-gay Buffoon Gordon Klingenschmitt: VIDEO


While we tend to only feature former Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt when he spouts some anti-LGBT nonsense, in actuality the newly elected Colorado House representative has a whole laundry list of other crazy comments that have nothing to do with the gays. 

In a new segment called "Mr. Smith Goes to the State Legislature Then Later Possibly Washington" Stephen Colbert proudly profiled Klingenschmitt and highlighted some of his more insane beliefs, such as his assertion that Barack Obama is possessed by a "demon of tyranny."

"Yes Obama is possessed by a demon," Colbert agreed. "And he won't even show us the demon's birth certificate."


And if you missed Klingenschmitt's #5 spot on our list of the "25 Most Insane Homophobic Haters of the Month," check that out here

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Anti-gay Former Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt Wins Race for Colorado House Seat


Former Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt will be taking his special brand of anti-gay nuttery to the Colorado State Capitol starting next year - having been elected to the state house in Tuesday's election. 

Klingenschmitt trounced his Democratic opponent, Louis Fornander, by nearly 40 percent in the race for district 15's seat. 

In response to Klingenschmitt's victory, Right Wing Watch has compiled a list of some of his more radical views. 

You can also check out the headlines for the past four Klingenschmitt-related stories we've posted here on Towleroad to highlight how scary nuts this guy is:

Gordon Klingenschmitt: Gay People 'Want You To Disobey God So You Go to Hell With Them"

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Gordon Klingenschmitt Warns Christians Are Being Forced to "Worship Sodomy"

Gordon Klingenschmitt Says Rep. Jared Polis Wants to Behead Christians, Nominates Him in Ice Bucket Challenge

And while it's possible voters were unaware of Klingenschmitt's more incendiary anti-gay rhetoric, the scarier alternative is that perhaps voters were aware of all this insanity and honestly believe he's the best candidate to represent the district's 'values' in Denver...


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