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Groundbreaking Study Explores The Lives of Pregnant Transmen


Obstetrics and Gynecology has published the findings of a study looking into the lives of transgender men who make the decision to have children post-transition. The self reporting participants of the study shed light on the experience of being pregnant as a publically male-presenting man, the data for which is exceedingly rare.

"Pregnancy and childbirth were very male experiences for me," one 29-year old participant reported. "When I birthed my children, I was born into fatherhood."

The study was first conceptualized by Alexis Light, a first year OB/GYN resident at Washington, D.C.’s Washington Hospital Center. Light found herself repeatedly unable to field questions from transgender men interested in becoming pregnant who had questions about the safety of continued hormone use.

"My friends were asking me be if they should delay starting testosterone if they had an interest in maintaining future fertility," Light said explained to NPR.

Light approached  Dr. Jennifer Kearns, an assistant professor of reproductive sciences at the  University of California, San Francisco with the idea to design a survey that would aggregate the experience of transmen who had successfully conceived and carried babies to term.

The lack of insight into the population of pregnant transmen, Kearns explained, was due mostly to the fact that many transmen felt unconnected to their healthcare providers.

"They just feel a lot of isolation from the healthcare community," she explained. "And we have some indication from our qualitative results that depression might be exacerbated for folks who are transgender, both during pregnancy and after."

Concerned Christian Woman Rails Against Satanic Monster Energy Drinks - WATCH

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 4.42.46 PM

Did you know the Monster Beverage Corporation, manufacturer of the popular line of Monster-themed energy drinks, is also a front for the anti-Christ? Emblazoned across every single can of the taurine-rich brand of super soda, according to this concerned Christian woman (who bets you don’t know what a “MILF” is,) is proof positive that Monster portends the imminent apocalypse.

MonsterNot only does Monster invite you to “unleash the beast” in its tagline, but the iconic (debatable) M logo associated with the brand also appears to be made of three vavs, a Hebrew numerological value associated with the number six. Three vavs, three sixes. It’s all so clear.

To the woman's credit Monster has dealt with its fair share of health-related criticism in the past. In 2011 a 14-year old girl died after drinking two cans of Monster that, in total, contained about 475mg of caffeine.

While "cardiac arrhythmia due to caffeine toxicity" was determined to have been the cause of her death, it seems worth mentioning that the girl had a pre-existing heart condition as well as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a chronic disease that weakens the connective tissues crucial to healthy muscle function.

The following year another teenager died after consuming two cans of Monster per day for three years straight. Earlier this year a third family filed a lawsuit against the company for the untimely death of Shane Felts, an adult man who died after drinking Monster regularly for a week. Since 2004 there have been 34 documented deaths that have been linked to energy drink use.

The FDA, in response, has made moves to require manufacturers to prominently display warning labels on the beverages, and a number of local legislators have attempted at prohibiting their sale to minors. Generally speaking, however, the push to crack down on Monster and similar energy drinks has more to do with their concentrated amounts of sugar and chemicals as opposed to, you know, the Devil.

Watch a video clip of a concerned consumer dabbling in a little bit of light-hearted anti-semitism in the name of scourging Satanic soft drinks AFTER THE JUMP...

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Research on Injectable, Longer-Lasting PrEP Moving Forward

Studies focusing on injectible pre-exposure prophylaxis as a means of preventing the contraction of HIV is moving forward as researchers have seen higher rates of efficacy using certain drug combinations. Currently Truvada, produced by Gilead Sciences, is one of the only currently commercially available forms PrEP. The pill must be taken daily in order to be effective, and is actually a combination of the two antiretroviral drugs tenofovir and emtricitabine.

Screenshot 2014-11-07 12.24.50The results of testing trials presented earlier this year showed that the drug cabotegravir proved to be effective as remaining within the bloodstream and preventing HIV infection. Two doses of the drug, then known as GSK744LA, prevented all eight of the test subjects provided with doses from contracting HIV, while the control group not given the drug all became infected. Following the success of initial simian test groups, researchers are proceeding with human efficacy test trials.

The potential benefits to using integrase inhibitors like cabotegravir could be significant in the advancement of PrEP use. Unlike Truvada, cabotegavir proved to be effective being taken much less frequently.Opponents of Truvada often cite the need for a constant, regular dosage as a reason not to advertise he drug as the end all be all protection from HIV infection.  An 800mg dosage of the drug injected into the soft tissue remained in the bloodstream for up to 12 weeks, meaning that future iterations of PrEP would only need to be taken quarterly.

While cabotegavir has shown promise rilpivirine, another HIV drug being tested that has been shown to have much lower side effects in those taking it, was shown to have lost its efficacy after about 18-21 days.

Gay Surrogacy Bill Passes First Reading In Israel's Knesset


Israel’s surrogacy bill, which aims to grant same-sex couples the right to have children via surrogates, passed its first reading through the Knesset yesterday, reports Pink News.

Although first submitted by Health Minister Yael German, the bill stalled in March following an appeal by housing minister Uri Ariel who argued that the proposed legislation creates “moral and ethical” questions.

However, the bill has now passed its first reading with a majority vote.

German said that the bill “is about the principle of equality, regardless of one’s sexual orientation or the composition of the family unit.”

However, Moshe Gafni of United Torah Judaism said that the bill is “meant to destroy the nature of family as we know it.”

Nissim Ze'ev of ultra-orthodox party Shas added:

“This is a corrupt bill and only corrupt [politicians] can support it. We are treating the import and export of babies as if we were dealing with frozen meat. This bill is morally depraved.”

In 2008, Ze'ev suggested that gay people belong in rehab along with alcoholics and drug addicts.

CDC Advises Quarantine For Two Male Strippers Potentially Exposed To Ebola - VIDEO


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After realizing that they sat near Ebola-infected nurse Amber Vinson on an airplane, male strippers Axl Goode and Taylor Cole have elected to put themselves into a self-imposed quarantine at the suggestion of the CDC. The pair of adult performers came into close contact with Vinson on a flight from to Dallas from Cleveland where they had attended Romanticon, an erotic novel convention.

“I had just come back from a book conference and while there I read on how ebola affects the body and what it does when you contract the disease and how terrible it is,” Good told the AP via a Skype interview. “So certainly--a lot of fear, a lot of panic. It took a while for it to hit me. That was pretty scary.”

Banfield_ebolaFor the next 21 days the CDC is asking Goode and Cole to remain within their houses and at least three feet away from anyone. The men are not allowed to board planes or cruise ships, and while the quarantine is currently voluntary, it is likely to be made mandatory.

The reasoning behind Goode and Cole’s quarantine stems from the CDC’s desire to assuage public fears about the threat of an Ebola outbreak within the U.S. Neither of the men reported having come in direct contact with Vinson or being exposed to any of her bodily fluids in the course of their flight. Though the media’s ebola-panic narrative has spooked 40% of American adults into worries about potential infection, the actual mechanics of ebola transmission make it exceedingly difficult to transmit in most circumstances.

Amber Vinson became infected with the virus after treating Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian man who began presenting symptoms and eventually died in Dallas, Texas. Duncan, who was visiting his wife and son who live in the U.S., was likely exposed the virus in Liberia while caring for other stricken by the disease. Upon coming to the U.S. and seeking medical attention, Duncan was met with a fair amount of gross negligence due to not having insurance.

By the time the Liberian man had been admitted to a local hospital and administered the experimental drug brincidofovir, far too much time had passed and he died. Vinson’s infection is due to the fact that she had much more consistent and direct contact with Duncan and his soiled clothing.

Watch Goode and Cole's interview with CNN's Ashleigh Banfield about being asked to put themselves into quarantine AFTER THE JUMP...

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Televangelist Rocked By Accusations He Abused Male Church Members, Forced Vasectomies - VIDEO


A series of reports in The Akron Beacon Journal has detailed decades of abuse and cover-ups by Ohio televangelist Ernest Angley.

Angley, pastor at Grace Cathedral Church in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, has been accused by former church members of performing genital "examinations," encouraging abortions and vasectomies, and arranging a marriage between a congregant and a convicted child molester.

Reporter Bob Dyer said that he had heard rumors about Angley for a long time but it wasn't until July when he received a recording of a church service in which Angley admits to examining the private parts of males that he began looking into the reports.

GraceDuring the July 13th service, addressing accusations that he is gay and has abused both his associates and members of the congregation, Angley said “I’m not a homosexual. God wouldn’t use a homosexual like he uses me. He calls me his prophet, and indeed I am. ...

On the issue of urging men in his congregation to submit to vasectomies, Angley said:

“I’ve helped so many of the boys down through the years. They had their misgivings. Sure, I’d have them uncover themselves, but I did not handle them at all. And I would tell them how that would work. And they’d have to watch it. I’d have some of them come back to me that I felt needed to. And I would tell them, I would look at them, their privates — I, so I could tell how they were swelling.”

Kenny Montgomery, a former usher at the church, who like many others interviewed by Dyer who compared Angley with cult leader Jim Jones, said “that place is a textbook cult. I’m really scared for my friends and family that still go there.”

Becky Roadman, who quit the church in 2013, said that members are not allowed to have children, an accusation backed up by another former church member Angelia Oborne:

“My husband and I can’t have children because my husband had a vasectomy. We were looking at getting it reversed, but I’m 35 years old and ... may not be able to have children anymore. And that breaks my heart, because that choice was made for me, because of the brainwashing, the mind control. We weren’t allowed to have children. If you turned up pregnant, it’s almost as if you had sinned.”

Oborne added that many church members have been forced into having abortions.

Former member Greg Mulkey said that Angley doesn’t want his congregation to have children “because it would take their time and money away from [the church]. He really forced people into abortions through scare tactics, as if he were a medical doctor. It turns my stomach.”

Mulkey added that male members were often forced to have vasectomies.

Watch Bob Dyer discuss the allegations against Angley, AFTER THE JUMP...(warning: autoplay)

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