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James Randi To Get A Documentary: VIDEO

James "The Amazing" Randi, the legendary conjurer, performer, writer, debunker of frauds, and lifelong crusader for skepticism and reason is at long last getting his own documentary. It will be directed by Justin Weinstein, of Being Elmo fame, and there's no telling when it's coming out. (According to the doc's website, Weinstein and co. are still seeking backers.) But the trailer suggests it'll be cool. It's got interviews from Penn & Teller, Richard Dawkins, Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Adam Savage -- a whole galaxy of dudes of unsurpassable coolness and smarts. From the press release:

As a teenager, James Randi did what most kids only dreamt of: he ran away to join a traveling circus and never looked back. Dubbed “The Amazing Randi,” his feats of magic and escape, and acts of mentalism made him an international celebrity. At the same time, however, he saw those same powers being used by con men, faith healers, and psychics for thievery. Knowing that it takes a thief to catch a thief, Randi dedicated his life to expose these charlatans.

... An Honest Liar will chronicle how a curious child rose to the ranks of showman and then advanced to renowned demystifier of paranormal claims. We will hear firsthand about his celebrated debunking of the spoon-bending Uri Geller and his many visits to the Tonight Show where he exposed the faith-healing Peter Popoff.  The film will bring to life such schemes as “Project Alpha,” where two magicians posing as psychics fooled a scientific study on paranormal powers, and the famous “Carlos Hoax” in which Randi unleashed a fake mystic upon the people of Australia. 

Interspersed with episodes from his past, the film will go behind-the-scenes while Randi prepares for another grand scale debunking. With the precision of a seasoned magician, Randi will research, plan, and assemble an Ocean’s Eleven-type team for a carefully orchestrated exposure of a fraudulent religious organization.

Personal note: I met James Randi when I was a devoutly religious, very superstitious young teenager, and he took the time to befriend me and show me the beauty and power of science and critical thought. I hope this flick finds a wide audience, so his celluloid self can maybe do the same for some other confused kids. (Incidentally, Randi's gay. He's been with his partner since the late 80's, and he came out to the broader public in 2010.)

Watch the trailer for An Honest Liar AFTER THE JUMP ...

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NEWS: Police Vs. The Occupiers, Darth Vader Vs. The Bureaucrats, Herman Cain Vs. Women, Sadie Crabtree Vs. Irrationality (VIDEO)


Road "A Children's Teasury of American Cops Brutally Attacking Citizens"

Road Lieberman and Coons introduce bill to provide benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees:

The bill would make the same-sex partners of federal employees eligible for federal health benefits, long-term care, Family and Medical Leave and federal retirement benefits. Gay federal employees and their partners would be subject to the same standards that apply to married federal workers, including anti-nepotism rules and financial disclosure requirements, according to Lieberman and Collins’s offices.

Road Hermain Cain says all those women are liars.

Road Aaron Hicklin, Andrew Holleran, Larry Kramer and more reminisce about the Pavilion:

Dating from before Stonewall, the site was a place where stigma and inhibitions were left at the coat check. Even with gay marriage legal in New York, its dance floor is still held with mythic regard, a “gay utopia,” in the words of Andrew Kirtzman, the former television newsman who recently bought the club with two business partners, and has vowed to rebuild it.

Road Apparently, Michele Bachmann's campaign is gaffe-free.

Road Every time God closes a door, He ... oh, you know.

Road He was abused, and then he was silent. Now, Penn State has inspired him to speak out:

... Because this is not about a problem at some other institution; it’s a reflection of a universal human tendency to look out for oneself, and to preserve hierarchical institutions about which one cares and upon which one is dependent. It’s also a reflection of the nearly boundless capacity to ignore inconvenient facts and to make excuses for those within our own circle. Think about the Catholic Church. Predators flourished in parishes for years, not simply (and probably not even primarily) because higher-ups worried about financial exposure. They flourished because many otherwise good people could not bring themselves to believe or to act upon information that their priest was a rapist.

DarkSideOdessa Road Darth Vader vs. the Ukrainian bureaucrats.

Road Rent Gaga's apartment on the Lower East Side. (It's less than $2,000!)

Road Rent Oprah's apartment in Chicago. (It's not less than $2,000!)

Road ACORN scourge James O'Keefe's career isn't going well:

O’Keefe has had a series of falling outs with close associates involved in his stings — and some of them have grumbled that he lacks the undercover journalism chops and leadership ability to turn Project Veritas into a force.

“What people around him learn about O’Keefe is that he doesn’t plan or research anything he does,” said a former associate who devised and implemented the NPR sting, which led to the resignation of the taxpayer-supported radio network’s president.

SadieCrabtree Road Egyptian student strips for freedom!

Road AFTER THE JUMP: At The Amaz!ng Meeting in Las Vegas, Sadie Crabtree explains how to make crazy people rational.

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Magician James 'The Amazing' Randi: I'm Gay

Magician James Randi, known as 'The Amazing Randi' to magic lovers and a frequent guest on the old Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, came out of the closet yesterday in a statement on his website:

Randi  "Well, here goes. I really resent the term, but I use it because it’s recognized and accepted. I’m gay. From some seventy years of personal experience, I can tell you that there’s not much “gay” about being homosexual. For the first twenty years of my life, I had to live in the shadows, in a culture that was — at least outwardly — totally hostile to any hint of that variation of life-style. At no time did I choose to adopt any protective coloration, though; my cultivation of an abundant beard was not at all a deception, but part of my costume as a conjuror. Gradually, the general attitude that I’d perceived around me began to change, and presently I find that there has emerged a distinctly healthy acceptance of different social styles of living — except, of course, in cultures that live in constant and abject fear of divine retribution for infractions found in the various Holy Books… In another two decades, I’m confident that young people will find themselves in a vastly improved atmosphere of acceptance."

Randi was prompted to come out after seeing the film Milk:

"This declaration of mine was prompted just last week by seeing an excellent film — starring Sean Penn — that told the story of politician Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California. I’m in excellent company: Barney Frank, Oscar Wilde, Stephen Fry, Ellen DeGeneres, Rachel Maddow, are just a few of those who were in my thoughts as I pressed the key that placed this on Swift and before the whole world…"


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