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2016 GOP Hopefuls Line Up to Defend Indiana's Discriminatory 'Religious Freedom' Law


The leading GOP contenders for the 2016 White House race have spoken out about Indiana's new "religious freedom" law and the #BoycottIndiana backlash - with all candidates supporting the law to varying degrees.

Find out exactly what each right-winger said to get a glimpse into how the debate over these "license to discriminate" proposals will likely play out over the coming election, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Jeb Bush Defends Indiana's Anti-Gay 'Religious Liberty' Law: 'Pence Has Done the Right Thing' - AUDIO


Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush defended Indiana's anti-gay "religious liberty" law when asked about it by conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt on Monday

"I think if they actually got briefed on the law, they wouldn’t be blasting this law. I think Governor Pence has done the right thing. Florida has a law like this. Bill Clinton signed a law like this at the federal level. This is simply allowing people of faith space to be able to express their beliefs. To be able to be people of conscience. I think once the facts are established, people aren’t going to see this as discriminatory at all.

He added:

"There are many cases where people acting on their conscience have been castigated by the government. And this law simply says the government has to have a level of burden to be able to establish that there’s been some kind of discrimination. We’re going to need this. This is really an important value for our country to — in a diverse country, where you can respect and be tolerant of people’s lifestyles but allow for people of faith to be able to exercise theirs."

Listen to the clip, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Jeb Bush Throws Support Behind Anti-LGBT 'License to Discriminate' Bills

Speaking on the steps of the Georgia Statehouse on Thursday, former Florida governor and likely 2016 GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush indicated his approval of anti-LGBT bills like the state's proposed Religious Freedom Restoration Act - legislation that would allow people to use their religion to discriminate against LGBT individuals.

The Washington Blade reports:

Bush“I don’t know about the law, but religious freedom is a serious issue, and it’s increasingly so, and I think people that act on their conscience shouldn’t be discriminated against, for sure,” Bush said. “There should be protections, and so, as it relates to marriage equality — and that may change, the Supreme Court may change that. That automatically then shifts the focus to people of conscience, and, I don’t know, have their faith make — they want to act on their faith, and may not be able to be employed for example.” [...]

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Bush added, “People have a right to do that, just as we need to be respectful for people who are in long-term committed relationships. Sorting that out is important.” 

Elton John and former LGBT foe Mike Bowers have already come out strongly against Georgia's bill and the HRC detailed potential scenarios that could emerge if the bill were to become law: 

In practical terms, S.B. 129 could allow businesses to refuse service to same-sex couples, a paramedic to refuse to provide life-saving services to an LGBT person, or a school counselor to refuse services to an LGBT teenager. The bill puts minority groups at risk of being denied service everywhere from the convenience store to the doctor's office.

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Jeb Bush's Newest Hire Jordan Sekulow Is An Ardent Opponent Of LGBT Rights


Jeb Bush wants you to think that he’d make a good republican ally for the LGBT community, but a recent addition to his would-be Presidential campaign suggests that the youngest Bush brother isn’t as moderate as he purports to be. In a statement given to the Christian Broadcast Network, Jordan Sekulow announced that he had been brought on to act as a senior advisor for Bush’s political action committee.

“Governor Bush knows how to take bold conservative ideas and put them into action,” said Sekulow. “I am excited to begin a conversation with conservatives about Governor Bush’s pro-life, pro-family, tax-cutting record in Florida and the ideas we need to put into action to give every American a chance to rise up.”

Sekulow’s addition to Bush’s team marks a sharp shift in the former governor’s messaging that up until now had been marked by constant dithering.

Over the past few months Jeb Bush has been carefully recrafting his public image in a likely bid for the GOP’s nomination. Rather than coast on his family name, the younger of the Bush brothers has made an effort to differentiate himself from his brother and father through a series of calculated messages about just who Jeb Bush is.

In a botched attempt to make himself out to be the transparent “tech” Bush, Bush’s office published thousands of constituent e-mail correspondences. That identity was further damaged when it came to light that the Bush team had failed to secure a rather obvious domain they should have bought ages ago in preparation for his Presidential campaign.

To his credit, Bush also made a concerted effort to remain somewhat neutral (though still mostly negative) about marriage equality, prompting many to wonder what his politics regarding LGBT issues might actually be. Sekulow, unlike his new boss, leaves little to the imagination in terms of his thoughts on LGBT people and other progressive issues.

As The Daily Beast points out, Sekulow and his father have been active participants in the American Center for Law & Justice’s grassroots efforts to support homophobic legislation abroad in Zimbabwe, where homosexually is currently illegal. Similarly Sekulow has met with Russian politicians doing much of the same type of anti-LGBT lobbying on behalf of the American right.

Rachel Maddow Gets Real On The Controversy Surrounding Hillary Clinton's Emails: VIDEO


Yesterday, we reported on the controversy that has erupted over the revelation that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton exclusively used her personal email address during her tenure at the State Department. The news raised questions about whether such an action was a violation of any rules or laws but was also seized upon by Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush who demanded that Clinton follow his lead and release her emails because "transparency maters."



On her show last night, Rachel Maddow was quick to skewer Bush and other Clinton critics, pointing out that Clinton is far from the only government official, elected or otherwise, who has used their personal email account for official business while in office. "Everybody does it!" said Maddow. Even Jeb Bush.

But what made Bush's call for "transparency" even more hypocritical, is the fact that while Bush claims he has been transparent and released his emails from his time in office, he cherry-picked only 250,000 of the nearly 3,000,000 emails he received while Governor of Florida. How transparent is that? 

Still, Maddow stressed that while singling Clinton out for using her personal email is stupid, "what isn't stupid is what the rules and the law were when Clinton was Secretary of State." 

Watch Rachel dig into the issue, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Jeb Bush Touts His Anti-gay Views at CPAC: 'I Believe in Traditional Marriage' - VIDEO


Whatever questions there may be surrounding Jeb Bush's private views on LGBT issues, it doesn't look like he'll be changing them publicly anytime soon, the Washington Blade reports:

Onstage at the second day of the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference, Bush was asked if his views had changed on same-sex marriage by conservative commentator Sean Hannity. The former Florida governor was succinct in his reply: “No. I believe in traditional marriage.”

The potential candidate — who once backed the efforts of his brother, former President George W. Bush, to pass a U.S. constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage throughout the country — made the comments before a conservative audience as he tried to play down his support for immigration reform and federal education standards under Common Core. 

Watch Bush's full speech and Q&A, AFTER THE JUMP...

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