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5 Things To Do In London's Soho Neighborhood #GayTravel



Soho is the traditionally touristic spot of central London. There are more than a few hotels in the area, the nightlife is pretty legendary and it’s also convenient to many of London’s most popular tourist attractions. A bonus: it’s also the historic “gayborhood” of London where many gay bars are located (mostly along Old Compton Street). But, to be honest, I think a lot of London’s modern gay life has moved further out (to the east and to the south), but Soho is still Soho and will likely always be a safe, gay place in London. But it's also not just all gay nightlife. Soho is a rapidly changing part of London with a lot of exciting and interesting things worth doing.

1. The Photographer's Gallery


I’ve been to London countless times and done a fair bit of shopping on Oxford Street (looking at you Topman), but I’d never made it inside The Photographer’s Gallery before (16-18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW). The gallery space was impressive and though the exhibition I saw (see below) wasn’t my favorite, I still managed to spend over an hour at the free museum.

2. Flat Planet Restaurant & Café

I first found this café, Flat Planet (39 Great Marlborough Street Soho, London W1F 7JG) recommended on a list of London cafés with wifi, but when we first visited, I was happily surprised that they offered a pretty amazing menu of flatbread pizzas. Even more amazing was to find that many were in the Middle Eastern style, with my favorite spice/flavor: za’atar. Downstairs was a more laid-back environment with many people on their laptops typing away, but there was also a piano against a large mirror—an attractive workspace.

3. Eating London - Twilight Soho Food Tour

Soho Food Tour

Think of Soho, and you’ll likely think of the most buzzing, fast-paced, vibrant night spot in London. Soho has reincarnated itself dozens of times… and today it’s where you’ll meet with some of the most exciting international foodie finds in London. This evening food tour from Eating London Tours ( ) takes you away from the tourist traps to the cafes, restaurants and shops that are truly shaping the city’s culinary reputation. Explore Soho’s best-kept secrets and you'll discover British cuisine is much more than you might expect. The area’s international influences are so diverse that you’ll try everything from Basque pintxos to Italian polenta on this tour.

4. Gosh! Comics

A comics fan? Gosh! (1 Berwick Street, W1F 0DR) has been the place to go to for over 25 years. From graphic novels to vintage children’s books, manga and contemporary graphic fiction, it’s all there! They also hold regular events including everything from comic workshops to signings & launch parties.

5. Prince Charles Cinema

As one of the cheapest cinemas in town, the Prince Charles (7 Leicester Place, WC2H 7BY) is great for budget-minded visitors. But the secret highlights are the Sing-A-Long events, where you get to pretend for a couple of hours you’re in the Sound of Music or Grease. Bring your costumes!


Adam Groffman is a travel blogger and writer based in Berlin, Germany. In 2010 Adam quit his job as a graphic designer in Boston and traveled around the world for a year. Since 2012, Adam has been living in Berlin and blogging about his travel adventures at Travels of Adam. Follow him on Twitter @travelsofadam for more gay travel stories & live updates from the road.

Gay Man Launches London Mayoral Campaign with Animated Video: WATCH


Ivan Massow, a 47-year-old gay, Tory-supporting, entrepreneur, activist and media personality, has launched a campaign to be the next mayor of London. Massow made the announcement in a colorful video explaining who he is:

“I’m gay, I’m an ex-alcoholic, I’m dyslexic, I’m adopted, I’m an activist, I’m a businessman, I’m a disruptor, I’m a doer. I’m not your typical ‘politician’ politician. I believe London needs someone who understands the issues normal people face. Someone who takes the Tube. Someone who hates sitting in traffic. Someone who hates red tape. Someone who hates politics as normal."

The Guardian reports:

"Massow, 47, said the 70-second pop art-style animated video gave an 'honest warts-and-all' portrayal of him....Massow said he would be spending 'significant' sums of money on advertising on Facebook and Twitter in his campaign. He urged Londoners to use the Twitter hashtag #tellivan to let him know what they want him to do as mayor. Brighton-born Massow has lived in the capital for 25 years and in the 1990s briefly shared a Mayfair home with the now senior Tories Michael Gove and Nicholas Boles...He has previously said he stopped drinking after an intervention by Joan Collins when he stayed at the actor’s St-Tropez villa."

Watch Massow's opening video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Take Your LGBT Advocacy on the Road in London's Stylish New Rainbow Taxi: VIDEO


To mark the upcoming International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, taxi driver Ian Beetlestone has teamed up with ad company Ubiquitous and Transport for London to add a splash of color to the city's iconic black cab design.

Gay Times reports:

"As we mark International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia this Sunday, I want everyone to know they are welcome to hail a ride in our iconic, beautiful vehicle,” says Ian. 

The idea, came around when Ian approached TFL to join the Pride in London Parade this year. It has received loads of support and will join the company’s rainbow bus service. 

Watch the pride car's creation, AFTER THE JUMP...

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London 'Gay Conversion Therapy' Convention Cancelled Following Public Outcry: VIDEO

Mike Carducci

A “gay conversion” conference in London, England has been cancelled following public outcry, reports London 24.

The Seventh Day Adventist Church “Holy Sexuality Conference" was set to include speakers Mike Carducci, Wayne Blakely and Danielle Harrison, who all claim to have been “cured” of their homosexuality.

A petition against the conference on was signed by more than 40,000 people.

Church in Britain cancels 'gay conversion' conference following online petition on @UKChange via @mashable

— Brie Rogers Lowery (@brie_rl) April 14, 2015

PxBSLTYHntNiesg-800x450-noPadIn a statement, the church said:

“The Adventist Church recognises that the individuals invited to speak at the Holy Sexuality Conference have compelling life stories to share but equally appreciate that there are those who take a different point of view.

“We are disappointed that in a society that values freedom of speech and divergence of opinion that there are those whose wish it is to silence individuals who hold a different point of view to their own.

“We do not believe that the potential disruptions that were being planned for this event would have been beneficial either to the participants or to our friends in the LGBT community.

“As such, a decision has been made to cancel the event which had been locally organised by a group of members in the South London area.”

U.K. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said “if anything needs curing, it is the outdated belief that being gay is wrong or something to be ashamed of.”

Watch Carducci on his "addiction" to homosexuality, AFTER THE JUMP...

Last week, President Obama announced his support for  a "We the People" petition urging the government to "Enact Leelah's Law to Ban All LGBTQ+ Conversion Therapy" after it reached more than 120,000 signatures.

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#BoycottDolceGabbana Grows As Gay Rights Supporters Picket Outside Flagship Store in London: VIDEO


Gay rights supporters lined the walls outside Dolce & Gabbana's flagship store in London on Thursday to protest the fashion designers' comments about same-sex parenting and IVF babies, the London Evening Standard reports:

Campaigners from The Out and Proud Diamond Group held placards which said "D&G Homophobia is not fashionable!" in the protest next to the shop in Bond Street.

They were joined by leading gay rights activist Peter Tatchell as they called for shoppers to boycott D &G after the duo claimed children conceived through IVF were "synthetic".

Other protest banners read "Dolce & Gabbana - put labels on clothes, not families" and "Boycott D&G over their disrespect for gay families".

Watch footage of the demonstration, AFTER THE JUMP...

In related news earlier this week, the Huffington Post reported that international advertising agency DigitasLBi, which "counts Puma and eBay among its clients," announced it would drop the "D" and "G" from its name for a week and call itslef "iitasLBi".


Bill Maher and his panelists Christine Quinn, Mercedes Schlapp, and former Rep. Jack Kingston also addressed the D&G controversy on Real Time last night, which you can check out AFTER THE JUMP.

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Are You Ready to Watch a Sexy Three-Way 'Bromance' Go Down on the Streets of London? — VIDEO


Beren D'Amico, Charlie Wheeler, and Louis Gift (from the experimental acrobatic company, Barely Methodical Troupe) star in Bromance, a video dance piece which is equal parts hot, touching, acrobatic, and magical.

Director Bert Nilson explains the idea behind it:

“It’s based on them being friends, exploring the intimacy of physical interaction between guys; of their 'bromance.' The concept of the film was to set something unusual in the real world, almost a documentary in the most abstract of senses.”

Watch the gorgeous piece, AFTER THE JUMP...

Barely Methodical Troupe won the Total Theatre Award at Edinburgh 2014 arts festival for its live performance of this piece.


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