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Transgender 'Men's Health' Cover Model Hopeful Aydian Dowling 'So Happy and Proud' for the Support: VIDEO


Yesterday we reported on trans bodybuilder Aydian Dowling's ascent to the top of a competition to be the next Men's Health 'Ultimate Guy'cover model

DowlingDowling told the Daily Beast in an interview and profile that he's grateful for all the support:

“It’s been crazy and amazing. I definitely was not expecting all the support, but I’m so happy and proud of the community for using its loud voice and realizing that we really could do it. We’re banding together and this is us. We exist and we should be represented in some way in mainstream...It would be so affirming to just know that the man that I set out to be is somebody that people think is a good man...I’m feeling proud of our community coming together. This was just another competition, but our community said, ‘Hey, we’re taking this thing and we’re making it ours. We’re running with it. We’re gonna take it and turn it into something, because we want it to be something.’ I’m completely in awe and humbled by how much love and support I’ve gotten.""

Dowling has received 24,144 votes as of this posting, outrunning the nearest competitor by more than 16,000 votes. He made a video on Tuesday remarking on his progress (he was still #12 at that point) and rallying people to his cause.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Channing Tatum Covers Vanity Fair's 'Hollywood Issue': VIDEO


Also on the extended cover of the magazine's annual salute to Hollywood (shot by Annie Leibovitz) are hunks Eddie Redmayne, David Oyelowo, Benedict Cumberbatch, Miles Teller, Oscar Isaac and leading ladies Amy Adams, Reese Witherspoon, Felicity Jones, and Sienna Miller. 

Watch interviews of the stars discussing their childhood nicknames, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Activists in Uganda Defy County's Anti-gay Laws, Publish New LGBT Magazine

UgandaUgandan gay rights activists are defying the country’s anti-gay laws by publishing a magazine covering “the realities of being gay” in the country.

The Independent reports that LGBT advocates behind Bombastic risk detention by police and death threats by publishing the magazine, which features health advice, twenty personal stories and articles on the clergy and homosexuality.

According to magazine organizer and activist Jacqueline Kasha, the magazine was started to address “the falsehoods spread by the Ugandan media, which regularly publicly humiliates and degrades homosexuals."

"Instead, we are sharing our stories in the hope that we can change social attitudes. The people we are trying to reach out to are the people who are threatening to burn our houses and beat us.

"We are not journalists and I don't respect the media here in Uganda. The media is furious with us because we are reclaiming our stories. We expect them to retaliate. We are always frightened, but nobody else is going to stand up for us; our community needs a face."

In a statement, the activists involved said:

“This magazine will also shade a light to readers on the extent of the marginalization and discrimination the LGBTI community in Uganda continues to face on a daily basis.

We have been forced to live undignified lives; the authors of the stories are Ugandans who, through their voices, should be heard by policy makers and the general public, and hopefully, help to create a path for attitude change in a community that is continuously growing in homophobia and violence against this harmless group of Ugandan citizens.”

They have also called on the government to “promote humanity, peace, unity and liberation as they report on LGBTI issues” and to suspend all moves to introduce further anti-gay legislation; for the public to establish a dialogue with the LGBTI community; and for religious leaders “to refrain from preaching and instigating hate within their congregations.”

Frank Mugisha, a friend and colleague of murdered activist David Kato, added that the magazine is a “vital step for the LGBTI community in Uganda, which has had its stories told negatively by the media. This offers us the chance to give our community its own voice, and hopefully that will help show society there is a more positive picture of the LGBTI community."

Despite last ditch efforts, the Ugandan government failed to push through a revised version of the country’s draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill last month.

'Family Circle' Magazine Target Of Backlash After Featuring Gay Couple in 'Modern Life' Column

Chris and Bob Osner-Hackett

Family Circle, the women's magazine dedicated to home and family life, began a new Q&A column entitled "Modern Life" as a part of their aim to "be reflective of all families." In the most recent issue Chris and Bob Osner-Hackett appear alongside their two daughters, and almost as if on cue the magazine began receiving hate mail and mean-spirited messages on their Facebook page. The magazine stood fast in the face of this bout of Christian Love™, with vice president and editor-in-chief of the magazine Linda Fears saying:

We are certainly not the first magazine or media brand to share the story of gay parents. But we will also publish stories on single parents, multi-racial couples, and unmarried couples with kids. People may not like those either, but they are all representative of American family life today.

Nick Jonas Strips Down, Does His Best Marky Mark for 'Flaunt': VIDEO


Tuesday we offered a preview of the new Nick Jonas cover story in Flaunt magazine's 'The Grind Issue' and we knew there were more images where that came from.

Today they were unleashed upon the web.


And just for reference, Herb Ritts' series from 1992.



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Nick Jonas Flaunts His Six-Pack on 'Flaunt': PHOTO


Nick Jonas, who has been training to play a boxer in the upcoming DirecTV series Kingdom, displays the results of his training on the cover of the upcoming issue of Flaunt.

Jonas, who is pushing a new album, recently appeared at a gay NYC nightclub, and soon after told HuffPost Live that he is thrilled at the attention he receives from his gay fans:

"I love it; I'm thrilled by that. I always had a pretty strong gay fan base, having been a theater kid...That's a community that I love and have embraced, and [they've] embraced me. I love them. They're so supportive."

Allow Nick (and his abs) to give back, AFTER THE JUMP...

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