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Jon Stewart Slams FOX for Ignoring the National Equality March


On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart discussed FOX News' devotion of 3:42 to the National Equality March and 8:16 to an empty sidewalk in New Jersey following the "Obama song" protest.

Says Stewart: "Gay people aren't vampires. They show up on camera."


And was that Towleroad's Corey Johnson there for a second? Kudos, Corey.

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Joe Solmonese: HRC Dinner Attendees 'More Politically Aware' and Have 'Better Sense of What's at Stake'


This interview took place on Sunday but there seems to be quite a bit of discussion of it around the blogosphere regarding some statements HRC President Joe Solmonese made to Don Lemon about diversity within the organization in response to a panel discussion the night before.

Here's the panel:

Solmonese interview:

Pam Spaulding writes:

A couple of things are quite notable. Lemon asks about the diversity issue within HRC. Solmonese can't answer that question without either fibbing or going down a really uncomfortable path, so Joe chooses to answer the question in terms of paid membership, so he can reference the multitude of small dollar donors. Those donors weren't at the dinner, nor are they in leadership positions or on the board of the advocacy org.

The real boo-boo, however, is the claim that the crowd attending the annual dinner is more politically engaged, more boned-up on the issues, and even more incredibly, know more than you folks out there -- living in places where you have no rights whatsoever -- about what is at stake. Well, those who opened their wallets to see the fabulous Lady Gaga and the cast of Glee (after all, the dinner sold out before the President's appearance was billed), surely are in touch with the issues more than you are. Joe said so.

But seriously, there obviously were committed activists in that room, people who deeply care about those without the access and power to effect change in the same way they can. It's too bad that they get scooped up in the criticism of HRC's poor handling of the diversity issue. By raising the value of the attendees as "the players" who know better, he's essentially confirming all of the worst stereotypes.

Adds Michelangelo Signorile: "The idea that Solmonese is now trying to claim the people who go to the HRC black-tie dinners are actually more politically aware than grass roots activists is both hilarious and immensely elitist. But they are pretty desperate these days, threatened by the the grass roots/net roots."

I think that the major point to be taken away from events last weekend is this divide between the major lobbying organizations like HRC, and the grass roots, which proved this weekend that they are a younger force, able to mobilize, and not willing to wait until 2017 to get the rights we so desperately need. Certainly the young people who came from all around the country to participate in the National Equality March have a sense of what's at stake and a political awareness that's not spoon-fed to them by a lobbying group hungry for their donations in return.

NOTE: Solmonese will be a guest on Michelangelo Signorile's Sirius radio show at 4:30 ET today.

News: Will Young, National Equality March, Shot Put, Bernie Madoff


Muslim footballers agree to play Paris gay team: "Bebel director Zahir Belgharbi insisted there had been 'a misunderstanding' and sent out a statement through club lawyer Benedicte Puybasset indicating they were indeed ready "'to play the match'." Background.



Obama swastika carved into Massachusetts golf course. GOP Tweets clip of Hitler praising Pelosi.


Rad: Guess who's returning to Broadway?


Rex Wockner's report on the National Equality March: "The praise for Obama inside HRC's fancy dinner and the denunciations of Obama in the streets of D.C. seemed to unequivocally confirm the split that's emerged in the gay community in the aftermath of the passage of Proposition 8 in California."


Listen: Michael Jackson's new track "This Is It".


Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis attended National Equality March: "The 'Girls Gone Wild' creator told us, 'With the gay movement, it's personal. The same religious-right [bleep]holes who took away my civil rights and put me in jail for a year because they don't like what I do for a living have taken away gay rights. I know firsthand how it feels to have your civil rights stripped from you.' Francis added, 'P.S., lots of lesbians marched, too.'"


Taylor Lautner strips for GQ.



Singer Will Young pregnant in new video.


Gay Navy veteran Joseph Rocha in the Washington Post: "I even saw "don't ask, don't tell" used against heterosexual female service members who had reported being the victims of sexual assault. If my chief acted on their statements, he would be forced to punish a friend of his, so the easiest way to make the problem go away was to scare the women into silence by saying something like: 'You weren't sexually assaulted by a male in my unit. I hear you're a lesbian.' After all, homosexuals have no rights in our military. You can't sexually assault someone who doesn't exist."


Male model fix: Joel West.


100-year-old breaks shot put record in Sydney: "All eyes were on Ruth Frith, from Brisbane, as she arrived for day two of the World Masters Games, hoping to win gold in the shot put and feeling pretty confident as she was the only competitor in the over-100s category. But her 4.07 metre (13 ft 4.2 in) throw on Sunday didn't just win her gold, but also broke a world record."


Justin Timberlake used to get called "sissy" by the football players.



Jesus Luz gets $18K for half hour of DJing in Brazil.


The Obamas and art: demand innovation, not admiration.


Russian singers and writers call for end to discrimination against gays: "They met after a local official tried to close Moscow's longest-running gay club, Dusha i Telo, where many of the artists have performed. Activist Nikolai Alekseyev, who called the meeting, said it was the first time celebrities had come together publicly to denounce homophobia."


AIDS cases trending upward in Montana...


Bernie Madoff in prison brawl.


Toys"R"Us reprimanded by sixth grade class for gender discrimination: "According to the youngsters, the Toys"R"Us Christmas catalogue featured 'outdated gender roles because boys and girls were shown playing with different types of toys, whereby the boys were portrayed as active and the girls as passive', according to a statement from Ro."

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #552: National Equality March Speeches

I didn't get a chance to post these over the weekend. Eight speakers from the National Equality March: Cleve Jones, Cynthia Nixon, Judy Shepard, Lieutenant Dan Choi:

Lance Black, Lady Gaga, and Julian Bond, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Watch: Scenes from the National Equality March


Here's some video I spliced together from the March yesterday which will give you an idea of the youth element and energy of the event. 

Also, at about 3:25 in there's a shot from the West Lawn of the Capitol looking back which gives a good idea of the size of the crowd. In many of the news photos I've seen the crowd in front of the Capitol doesn't look that large, but what they don't show is the huge mass of people stretching down Pennsylvania Avenue that couldn't even get on to the lawn. 

Also, this video includes a brief interview with Cleve Jones.


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Interview: Lady Gaga at the National Equality March


Here's a brief chat we just had with Lady Gaga following her remarks at the National Equality March this afternoon. Wow. The March was an incredible success. I've got tons of photos to go through, and plenty of video, but it takes a while to process so I'll be putting it out as soon as I can edit it.

In addition to yesterday's interviews with March co-director Robin McGehee and David Mixner, we've got an interview with Lt. Dan Choi, Hair's Gavin Creel, a brief chat with Cleve Jones, and a bunch of March footage which I'll try to whip into some sort of shape.

As far as the attendance of the March goes, the police gave us a number of between 200,000 and 250,000. The turn-out of young people was spectacular and inspiring.

I've posted our chat with Gaga, plus her remarks as carried by C-Span, AFTER THE JUMP...

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