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Anti-Gay Protesters Disrupt French Open: Video

A group of anti-gay marriage protesters (one of them a shirtless, flare-carrying masked man) stormed the French Open today, startling players Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer.

MSNBC reports.

Security guards quickly grabbed the protester and dragged him to the locker rooms as a surprised Nadal looked on. The unidentified man was one of several shirtless men who donned masks to protest France’s same-sex marriage law, which went into effect several weeks ago.

Two other protesters were escorted off the grounds after they unfurled a banner reading, “Help! France tramples on the rights of children!”

Nadal won the match, securing his eigth French Open win.

Watch video of the protest, AFTER THE JUMP.

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Rafael Nadal Gets Cheeky with Juan Monaco at the Davis Cup


Rafel Nadal was happy to see his his friends from Argentina over the weekend:

"The two teams checked out the new stadium and Rafael Nadal, Spain’s number one, was clearly happy to see the Argentines, particularly Juan Monaco. Nadal gave good friend Pico a cheeky butt pinch before also embracing David Nalbandian."

Rafael Nadal's Got Back for Armani Underwear: VIDEO


Armani has released more shots of tennis superstar Rafael Nadal in the label's new underwear campaign. One more shot and some videos, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Rafael Nadal Cramps Up, Slides Under Table at US Open Presser: VIDEO


Here's some rather dramatic video of yesterday's U.S. Open press conference at which Rafael Nadal, after experiencing a painful leg cramp, slid completely under the table.

The 25-year-old Spaniard would tell the Spanish reporters he has had cramping before, just never in public. He blamed the cramping on the heat Sunday and insisted he will practice today as normal. Before the incident, Nadal had seemed relaxed in discussing his match, which he had said was his best showing so far in the tournament.

Nadal had just defeated Argentine David Nalbandian in the third round.


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First Look: Rafael Nadal for Armani Jeans and Underwear


Emporio Armani released new Steven Klein images of Rafael Nadal today for its Fall/Winter '11 jeans and underwear campaign, just in time for the U.S. Open.

Underwear shot, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #944

BARNEY FRANK: Lets one rip on MSNBC.

RAFAEL NADAL: A behind-the-scenes clip from his forthcoming Armani Jeans campaign in which he is chased, and strips in a parking lot.

JUNO: "Last week included one of the few times in history that humanity launched something completely off the Earth, moving away so fast that it will never return. Well, almost -- Juno's planned trajectory actually brings it homeward bound in about two years, zipping by, this time using the Earth's gravity to pull it to an even higher speed, high enough to reach Jupiter."

PINBALL NUMBER COUNT: Iconic Sesame Street short remade in stop-motion animation.

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