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Colbert Was Not Impressed by Gay Poet Richard Blanco: VIDEO


Stephen Colbert took apart Obama's inauguration last night, "yawning to life" for poet Richard Blanco.

Said an exasperated Colbert:

Would it kill you to throw a rhyme in there? It's a poem. It's not that hard. Here--

There once was a man named Barack
Whose reelection came as a shock
He raised taxes I pay, and then turned marriage gay..
And now he's coming after your glock.


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Poet Richard Blanco Talks About His Experience on the Podium, Reacts to Obama's Call for Gay Rights: VIDEO


Gay poet Richard Blanco, who read his work "One Today" at the Obama inauguration, talked to Soledad O'Brien on CNN's Starting Point about how it felt to be part of the event, how he prepared for it, and how he felt about Obama's call for gay rights.

Blanco also appeared on AC360 last night to speak with Anderson Cooper about it.



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Gay Poet Richard Blanco Reads His Inaugural Poem 'One Today': VIDEO



Gay poet Richard Blanco took the podium at Obama's inauguration earlier today to read a poem composed specifically for the occasion, entitled "One Today

Watch and read the text of the poem, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gay Inaugural Poet: I Am Here Because This Is America

BlanoRRichard Blanco, the gay Latino poet chosen to read his work at President Obama's second inauguration tomorrow, penned a piece at CNN today in which eloquently illustrates the quintessential American elements of his origin story, a story that includes a particularly homophobic grandmother.

From his piece:

Being named poet laureate for the inauguration personally validates and stitches together several ideals against which I have long measured America, since the days of watching "My Three Sons" and "The Dick Van Dyke Show" reruns.

For one, the essence of the American dream: how a little Cuban-American kid on the margins of mainstream America could grow up with confidence, have the opportunity to become an engineer thanks to the hard work of his parents who could barely speak English, and then go on, choosing to become a poet who is now asked to speak to, for and about the entire nation.

The most powerful quality of our country is that each day is full of a million possibilities: We are a country of fierce individualism, which invites me to shape my life as I see fit. As I reflect on this, I see how the American story is in many ways my story -- a country still trying to negotiate its own identity, caught between the paradise of its founding ideals and the realities of its history, trying to figure it out, trying to "become" even today -- the word hope as fresh on our tongues as it ever was.

Blanco will take the stage tomorrow after Kelly Clarkson sings, which will be directly after President Obama's speech. Obama's first inaugural speech was about 21 minutes, so Blanco should appear tomorrow at about 12:30 or 1ish. But you'll already be watching, so you won't miss him, right?

An Interview With The Inauguration's Gay Poet, Richard Blanco: VIDEO


As Washington and the world prepares for President Obama's second inauguration, PBS' Jeffrey Brown invited Richard Blanco, the gay poet reading his work at the event Monday, on to discuss and perform his work.

If you want to get a taste of what we'll hear Monday, while also setting a relaxing yet playful tone for your Saturday, watch Blanco lay down his steady beat AFTER THE JUMP.

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Obama Selects Gay Latino Poet Richard Blanco to Read at Inauguration Ceremony: VIDEO


President Obama has chosen Richard Blanco to write and recite an original poem at his inauguration later this month, the NYT reports:

Like Mr. Obama, who chronicled his multicultural upbringing in a best-selling autobiography, "Dreams From My Father," Mr. Blanco has been on a quest for personal identity through the written word. He said his affinity for Mr. Obama springs from his own feeling of straddling different worlds; he is Latino and gay (and worked as a civil engineer while pursuing poetry). His poems are laden with longing for the sights and smells of the land his parents left behind.

Now Mr. Obama is about to pluck Mr. Blanco out of the relatively obscure and quiet world of poetry and put him on display before the entire world. On Wednesday the president's inaugural planners will announce that Mr. Blanco is to be the 2013 inaugural poet, joining the ranks of notables like Robert Frost and Maya Angelou.

Blanco lives in Maine with his partner. He told the paper:

"Since the beginning of the campaign, I totally related to his life story and the way he speaks of his family, and of course his multicultural background. There has always been a spiritual connection in that sense. I feel in some ways that when I’m writing about my family, I’m writing about him."

Said Obama of Blanco, in a press release from the White House:

"I’m honored that Richard Blanco will join me and Vice President Biden at our second Inaugural," President Obama said today. His contributions to the fields of poetry and the arts have already paved a path forward for future generations of writers. Richard’s writing will be wonderfully fitting for an Inaugural that will celebrate the strength of the American people and our nation’s great diversity.”

More info from the White House:

Born in Spain to Cuban exiles, Blanco’s parents emigrated to New York City days after his birth and eventually settled in Miami. Blanco began his career as a consultant engineer. Writing about abstract concepts and preparing arguments on behalf of his clients helped Blanco think about the "engineering” of language, and he left his job in 1999 for the creative writing faculty at Central Connecticut State University until 2001. Thereafter he served as instructor at various universities throughout the country, including American and Georgetown universities, all the while maintaining his career in consulting engineer.
Blanco's career as an English-language Latino poet gained momentum when his first collection, City of a Hundred Fires, won the Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize from the University of Pittsburgh. Blanco's second book of poetry, Directions to The Beach of the Dead, won the PEN American Center Beyond Margins Award.  His third collection, Looking for The Gulf Motel, was published in 2012.

Added Blanco: "I’m beside myself, bestowed with this great honor, brimming over with excitement, awe, and gratitude. In many ways, this is the very 'stuff' of the American Dream, which underlies so much of my work and my life’s story—America’s story, really.  I am thrilled by the thought of coming together during this great occasion to celebrate our country and its people through the power of poetry."

Watch Blanco give a reading in 2012 at NYC's Bryant Park, AFTER THE JUMP...

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