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Sam Smith: 'Fat' Insults 'Affect Me Way More Than Someone Calling Me Faggot' - VIDEO


Sam Smith is currently touring in New Zealand and Australia and appeared Sunday on the latter's 60 Minutes program for a wide-ranging interview about his career and childhood.

Smith says he was an out and proud 10-year-old and was always confident about his sexual orientation. Smith says his insecurities have always centered around his weight and recently lost 15 pounds in an attempt to take control of an emotional relationship with food.

Says Smith:

"If someone called me fat that affects me way more than someone calling me faggot. I think just because I've accepted that. If someone calls me a faggot, it's like, I am gay and I'm proud to be gay so there are no issues. If someone calls you fat it's like, that's something I want to change. That's something I can change so that affects me more....From a young age food has controlled me....when I felt lonely I would eat."



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This Sam Smith 'Lay Me Down' Flume Remix is Just What Friday Afternoon Ordered: LISTEN


Australian DJ/Producer Flume (below) has put his signature sound on Sam Smith's "Lay Me Down". Flume is also one half of the duo What So Not from the Skrillex record label OWSLA and a sometime collaborator with Ghostface Killah - you may recall his mix of Lorde's "Tennis Court" which got a lot of attention last year.

Listen to the trippy mix, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Sam Smith Opens Up About Being Bullied After Coming Out At Age 11


Crooner Sam Smith is opening up about his experiences with bullying and homophobia after he came out at age 11. MTV News reports that the "Stay With Me" singer told British paper The Sun about the taunting he received not long after coming out: 

“A bunch of boys from a rival school would shout insults at me as I walked from my home to the train station,” he told The Sun. “I remember walking to the station getting ‘f—-t’ shouted at me all the time. It was the most mortifying thing. Not so much for me. I knew these people were stupid, uneducated twats.”

Smith also recalled a more violent homophobic attack that took place when he was older and living in London:

“When I moved to London I got punched in the neck walking back from work. It was definitely homophobic,” he said. “I was on the phone speaking quite loudly and had pink headphones on, so it was pretty clear I was gay.”

Smith, who once stirred controversy over remarks that he didn't want to be a spokesperson for the gay community, remarks he later retracted, went on to comment on the homophobia and bullying he sees also existing within the gay community itself:

“When I was 17 I decided to go gay clubbing in Soho in London. I remember walking in and this gay guy turned to his mate and said something really nasty about me,” Sam said. “My whole world just crashed and I had a really lonely feeling. I knew then it was going to take a lot longer to be accepted. There’s a lot of homophobia and bullying in the gay community. There’s also a lot of body dysmorphia in the gay community, which means if you’re not toned and skinny it can be awful.”

Smith has discussed bullying before, most recently in his recent Rolling Stone cover story. Sadly, the limelight has not shielded him from such negative attention. Shock jock Howard Stern recently called Smith a "chubby and gay" one-hit wonder and an "ugly motherf---er" on his radio talk show. 

John Legend and Sam Smith Team Up for Charity in Stirring 'Lay Me Down' Duet: VIDEO

Lay me down

To mark the upcoming Red Nose Day, a British charity event taking place this Friday where residents wear clown noses to help raise awareness and money for charity, Sam Smith and John Legend have teamed up to record a duet cover of the British crooner's hit song "Lay Me Down."

Rolling Stone reports:

Red noseSmith and Legend will perform their duet live for the first and only time on March 13th at the live Comic Relief – Face the Funny special at London's Palladium. The pair also filmed a video for their collaboration, which juxtaposes Smith and Legend recording the track at a Los Angeles studio with images from one of the many African communities that the Comic Relief program benefits. Smith and Legend will forego all royalties from the track, with Universal donating all profits to Comic Relief.

"'Lay Me Down' holds a very special place in my heart. Not only did I perform it at the Brits, I'm now going to perform it live on the Red Nose Day show with the extremely talented John Legend, which is so exciting," Smith said in a statement. "I recently visited a Comic Relief funded project in my hometown, which supports the young LGBT community in London. I'm extremely proud that my single will help raise money for projects like this and many others in the U.K. and across Africa."

Watch the music video AFTER THE JUMP...and to find out how you can donate to the cause visit

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Sam Smith Talks About His 4 Grammys, His Sudden Fame, and His Ex-Boyfriends with Ellen: VIDEO


The first stop on Sam Smith's Grammy victory lap was with Ellen DeGeneres, and he brought along his four very heavy trophies, talked about what the night meant to him, and how his life has transformed in the past year.

"I genuinely didn’t think this was going to happen. I keep spontaneously crying!"

Smith also received a special onesie from Ellen and talked about his recent break-up:

"I couldn't bring out In The Lonely Hour and go to the Grammys with someone. I had to be lonely for the Grammys."



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Sam Smith Tells Press Room What Could Top His Grammy Win: 'A Boyfriend Would Be Nice' — VIDEO


Sam Smith met the press last night coddling his four "f--king heavy" Grammy Awards, explaining that he's been drinking a lot of green juices to get ready for this night so he's ready to go to In-N-Out Burger.

Smith was also asked about the ex he thanked in his acceptance speech who provided the heartbreak which inspired "Stay With Me":

"We're still friends. I chat to him all the time. I'm pretty sure' he's happy."

When asked what could possibly top his Grammy win, Smith said "A boyfriend would be nice."

He took it a bit further when asked what he's looking for:

"Patience. Someone who could clean these every day for me....I don't know what I'm looking for. I think the minute I start looking it's not going to come my way. I think I'm just looking for some crazy love story."

Smith was also asked what it's like for him to suddenly be among the famous:

"As a huge fan of pop culture, as a 22-year-old boy I've grew up watching E! News and being obsessed with celebrity culture. And when you start to meet everyone you start to realize they're just humans, you know? They're just very talented humans. And it's an honor to be sitting with people like that. And I loved sitting next to Rihanna's dress tonight. It was like sitting next to a jellyfish. It was great."

Smith added that he's already working on his next album and that he starts each album with a concept and works from there, explaining that he had the title In The Lonely Hour before any of the songs.

As for why people relate to "Stay With Me"? 

"Everybody's had a lot of one night stands, basically. That's what I'd like to think."


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