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Soledad O'Brien Eats Tim Pawlenty On National Television: VIDEO


Twice last week, CNN's Soledad O'Brien improbably caught fire on air. Her veins filled with a righteous journalistic hatred of campaign trail/party-line BS, and she did mightily smite two lesser surrogates of Gov. Mitt Romney.

The first was New Hampshire's Gov. John Sununu, who on Tuesday was so perturbed by being asked actual questions on national television that he concluded his interview by telling Ms. O'Brien to paste an Obama bumper-sticker to her forehead. The next day, Tim Pawlenty stumbled onto Soledad's show, and you can see what happened AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Nancy Pelosi on Chick-fil-A: 'I Prefer Kentucky Fried Chicken'


Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi made note in a tweet yesterday that she prefers her chicken without a helping of bigotry:

"For the record, I prefer Kentucky Fried Chicken. #ChickFilA"

In related news, one of Romney's top VP hopefuls showed his support for Chick-fil-A:

PawlentyTop Mitt Romney surrogate and potential vice presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty came to Chick-fil-A’s defense during a Romney campaign event in Cary, North Carolina on Saturday, bragging to a small group of supporters that he ate lunch at the fast-food franchise, which refuses to offer any employment protections to LGBT employees and has donated millions of dollars to ex-gay ministries.

And the University of Louisville President and Provost won't be eating there any time soon:

U of L spokesman Mark Hebert confirmed Friday a statement from the university to the university's Office for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Services that said "the president and the provost will not be eating at Chik-fil-A anytime soon."

Hebert said the university is not elaborating at this time on the statement.

The LGBT Services Web site published a statement Friday that said the university administration has commented on the presence of a Chik-fil-A restaurant in the Student Activities Center on campus and an online petition to have it removed.

Meanwhile, Change.org sent out notice yesterday that students from seven schools across the country have started petitions to get Chick-fil-A off their campuses:

The petitions target officials at the University of Illinois, University of Kansas, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Ball State University, College of Charleston, Wichita State University, and Minnesota State University.

Pawlenty Endorses 'Unmatched' Romney, Says He Will be 'Transformational' President: VIDEO


Former presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty endorsed Mitt Romney on FOX & Friends this morning, looking suspiciously like somebody who wants to be a running mate.


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Gay Man Confronts Tim Pawlenty 'You Are Discriminating Against Me And It Hurts': VIDEO


Today at the Iowa State Fair, presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty was challenged on his anti-gay positions by a gay Minnesota resident in the audience, Igor Volsky at Think Progress LGBT reports.


Said the man:

"I want to know know — when will you stand up for me…because you are discriminating against me and it hurts, it really does...I support that you have your moral values, but that is something that is hurting my future and how I get to live my life…why does government get involved in our marriages?"

Answered Pawlenty:

"From my perspective, I'm not at the point, nor will I ever be at the point, where I will say that every domestic relationship is the same as traditional marriage...The relationship between a man and a woman in a traditional marriage is important to our country, our society, our culture. I think it should remain elevated, not just in our words, but under our laws — that's why I've supported laws, in fact have authored laws, to maintain marriage as between a man and a woman."

The Hill also reports on the confrontation:

The questioner did not back down, and asked Pawlenty why government gets involved in gay marriage at all, and whether he would see a gay American as a "second-class citizen."

"We're just going to have a respectful disagreement, sir," Pawlenty replied.


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Iowa Paper Cries Foul Over Pawlenty's 'Pantsing' Edit

PawlentyBrow Tim Pawlenty has found himself in an awkward, though hilarious, feud with influential newspaper the Des Moines Register.

The paper last week published a profile on the Republican presidential candidate, a profile Pawlenty's campaign rapidly sent out to supporters.

Well, not that rapidly, because the former Minnesota governor's team took the time to first completely remove any negative tidbits from the original Register article, including an anecdote in which Pawlenty pulled down a colleague's pants during a softball game.

Offended by the Pawlenty campaign's blatant reedit, the Register late Friday published an editorial rebuke highlighting the Pawlenty camp's willful omissions.

The campaign left out the first two paragraphs of the article, which quoted a friend describing how Pawlenty, then a Minnesota state legislator, sneaked up and yanked down the fellow lawmaker’s pants as he stood at home plate during a baseball game a decade ago.

The campaign also deleted all references to how the former Minnesota governor raised the cigarette tax, allegedly ousted Republicans from the party for overriding one of his vetoes and used his executive powers in a way the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional.

The edited version removed all criticisms from fellow Republicans that raised questions about how he balanced the state’s budget and a classmate’s comment that his fantasy football teams were terrible.

Now, I can understand a candidate wanting to remove the pantsing story -- that makes him seem childish -- and exorcising the specter of unconstitutional governance certainly makes sense, but are fantasy football scores really a make or break election issue? Maybe for some...

Anyway, in the interest of free press, I've included the first two paragraphs of the Register story, the two paragraphs that address what the paper refers to as the "de-pantsing incident," AFTER THE JUMP...

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Tim Pawlenty:
Marriage Between A Man And A Woman Should Be Elevated


Oh boy.

Presidential Candidate Tim Pawlenty appeared today on CNN's State of The Union with Candy Crowley to explaon why he thinks same-sex couples are not deserving of equal rights.

"A man and a woman are joined together for obvious reasons," said the presidential candidate.

He continued, "I think when society devalues traditional marriage by saying all other domestic relationships are the same as traditional marriage you then dilute and devalue traditional marriage."

Watch Crowley's exchange with Pawlenty, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Marriage Between A Man And A Woman Should Be Elevated" »


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