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Mika Brzezinski Loses It On Air After Learning What A 'Furry Convention' Is: VIDEO

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MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski struggled to get through her on-air coverage on the Chlorine gas leak that hospitalized 19 "furries" who attended the annual Midwest FurFest Convention, after learning what furries are from her co-hosts. The host was left quite speechless after seeing one of the participants dressed in a tiger suit and wearing what appears to be a wedding dress outside of the building that was evacuated. The furry subculture involves interests in furry, anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics; some of its members include people from the LGBT community as well. Watch Brzezinski's incredulous reaction to the subculture and their "fursuits," AFTER THE JUMP...

In more serious news, Rosemont Police said the release of the chemical was intentional. Most of the 19 that were hospitalized complained of dizziness, nausea and breathing problems, but it's believed no serious injuries occurred. Eighteen of those hospitalized have already been released from care. Rosemont Police have yet to find a suspect involved with the chemical leak.

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FDA Committee Inches Closer Toward Repealing Gay Blood Donor Ban

Picture 7The FDA Committee is meeting today to discuss proposals of removing the ban that prohibits gay men from donating blood reports The New Civil Rights Movement. Talks of repealing the ban appeared last month when The Health and Human Services Advisory Committee on Blood & Tissue Safety & Availability voted to drop the ban for any man who has not had sex with another man in at least a year. A Williams Institute study finds that repealing the ban would save over 1.8 million lives.

However, the one-year abstinence stipulation is still considered discriminatory, and the few gay men that are eligible to donate would yield little increase in the amount of blood donated. Ryan James Yezak, found of the National Gay Blood Drive, finds the new stipulation discriminatory and absurd.

Said Yezak:

"The policies that are in place, the lifetime ban, perpetuates negative stereotypes and stigma. It assumes that all gay and bisexual men are likely to have HIV and therefore must be blanket banned and that's just not necessary in this day and age when they have the testing and other countries have moved to deferral time period."

Although Yezak is disappointed with the methods of the new stipulation, he agrees that it's at least a step in the right direction toward repealing the ban completely. Of course, the anti-gay right wing disagrees. Anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera, the head of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, staunchly affirmed his position on keeping the ban.

Said LaBarbera:

"First of all, HIV rates and sexually transmitted diseases are rising among homosexual-practicing men. So why would we be talking about softening the blood ban at a time when [STDs] are on the rise among men who have sex with men?"

The ACLU disagrees, saying criteria for becoming a blood donor should be based on science, not misinformed assumptions and discriminatory stereotypes. LaBarbera and his fellow constituents choose to ignore the fact that HIV is as much an issue for heterosexual people as it is the LGBT community. Fortunately, President Obama reaffirmed his support of those living with, and affected by, HIV and AIDS in a speech the day before the observance of World AIDS Day this year. 

Towleroad Heads to Texas for the Dallas 'Black Tie Dinner': PHOTOS

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Last week, Towleroad paid a visit to Texas to check out the Black Tie Dinner in Dallas.

Celebrating its 33rd year, Dallas' Black Tie Dinner is the longest running and largest LGBT fundraiser in the United States. Formed to educate the public and embolden the South's growing LGBT population; Black Tie Dinner is one of the keystone events promoting equality in the world.

This year BTD honored celebrated straight ally and Dallas news anchor, Dale Hansen, who famously spoke to the world via a viral YouTube video when Michael Sam came out of the closet.

2014-11-15 18.33.22

Speakers included NY Nets player Jason Collins, HRC President Chad Griffin, and Equality Award honoree and Prop 8 attorney Ted Olson. Glee's Alex Newell and Steve Grand entertained the crowd throughout the evening; both were a resounding hit with the Dallas crowd. The event was hosted by lesbian comedian Dana Goldberg.

Check out some of our favorite photos from the event, AFTER THE JUMP...

2014-11-15 20.22.32

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Jimmy Kimmel Takes #CutestSelfieEver With One Direction: VIDEO


The boys of One Direction stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night to help Kimmel take the "Cutest Selfie Ever." Kimmel enlisted the help of the teenage heartthrobs, but the host felt the boys alone weren't cute enough; cue the reinforcements of puppies, teacup kittens, tiny ballerinas, stuffed animals, a unicorn and even Guillermo himself to capture the most sickeningly sweet selfie ever. 

Even Louis Tomlinson appeared in good spirits on the show considering he angrily tweeted a UK reporter last week for insinuating the singer is gay in a tweet the reporter posted. However, it was Niall Horan who decided to go diva this week, donning a tiara from Kimmel's prop box;

Watch the boys mug for the camera AFTER THE JUMP...

[photo via Twitter]

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It's Almost Time for Towleroad's Pop-Up Gay Summer Camp in Provincetown: Are You Signed Up Yet?


It's almost time for the kick-off of Towleroad's first Pop-Up Gay Summer Camp in Provincetown. Those of you planning a trip to this paradise at the tip of Cape Cod from July 1 through Labor Day, please sign up with us at RSVPtown.

LogoThose who SIGN UP at RSVPtown can stop by Pop-Up Gay Summer Camp HQ at the Crown and Anchor Inn as soon as you hit town to say hi, find out about events all over town, and pick up your RSVPtown welcome bags with our guide, handbook, exclusive offers from Ptown businesses, discounts, invites, and gifts including free Kiehl's products (they just opened a new store in town!). You'll also be automatically entered in a contest for ticket giveaways every week of the summer (SEE BELOW FOR 4TH OF JULY WEEK).

So please SIGN UP if you don't want to be left out!

Today we are proud to announce that the Provincetown Tourism Office is joining us as a co-sponsor and will be helping us help you get the most out of your time in Ptown.

Said Provincetown Tourism Director Anthony Fuccillo:

“Provincetown, America’s first gay destination, is excited and looking forward to the Towleroad Pop-Up Gay Summer Camp. Everyone is invited to take part in the many fun attractions, eco-tourism, great food and arts community while visiting PTown. Of course we know you will enjoy the entertainment and legendary nightlife.  The Pop-Up Gay Summer Camp is proudly sponsored in part by the Provincetown Tourism Fund.”

IndependenceWe told you earlier this month that we would be giving away tickets to parties and entertainment at the Crown and Anchor to people who have signed up at RSVPtown for Pop-Up Gay Summer Camp and for those of you coming for the week of Independence Day (June 30- July 5) we're going to be giving away the following to a few lucky winners:

2 Platinum Passes to INDEPENDENCE - the deluxe package including 8 club nights and Beach Party, Central House Restaurant gift certificate, free chaise lounge rental and towel service Poolside at the Crown, an Absolut Vodka beach bag, and more, worth over $200. More info HERE.

2 Tickets to the all-new Beach Party with DJ Abel on July 2 from 12-7 pm.

2 tickets to see Leslie Jordan for his shows on June 30 and July 1.

2 tickets to see Dina Martina on July 2.

2 tickets to Miss Richfield 1981 on July 3.

2 tickets to Audition with Kevin Aviance and Marti Gould Cummings on July 3.

You can ONLY be eligible to win these tickets if you are signed up at RSVPtown, so do it!

Winners will be drawn for the Platinum Passes on June 23 and the show tickets on June 27.

You are only eligible for tickets for the weeks you indicated you would be in Provincetown on your RSVPtown sign up. All drawings and giveaways will be drawn at random from those eligible.

More news to come soon!

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