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BELUGA WHALE: Loves sketchbooks.



THE IMPOSSIBLE: The new film about the 2004 tsunami starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts.

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Watch: New Chilling Tsunami Footage


I can't imagine. Important to remember this tragedy continues to unfold and the challenges are as great one month later. This was shot in Iwaki Village. Ways you can help are here.

In related news, Japan's nuclear agency reclassified the emergency at Fukushima from 5 to 7, the highest level, now on a par with Chernobyl.


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News: Ben Cohen, UFOs, Montenegro, Malcolm X

 road Madonna's jacket announces that she is "The Queen."

Bc  road What a deal: Ben Cohen auctions the shirt off his back for $325.

 road Comedy Central celebrates 20 years: "'We have never wanted to be all comedy to all people,' said the channel’s president, Michele Ganeless. Doug Herzog, who oversees Comedy Central and two other channels owned by Viacom, said, 'Everybody’s doing some comedy, but nobody’s doing exactly what we’re doing.'"

 road More casting news for The Dark Knight Rises.

 road The FBI opens its vault on UFOs.

 road Looks like being voted off American Idol was the best thing that could have happened to Pia Toscano.

 road Video has emerged of a 48-foot tsunami striking Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

 road Iowa town is demolished by twister.

Mx  road New book makes new gay claims about Malcolm X: "Supported with evidence from an earlier autobiography, rumours of flirtations with gay sex confirm that Malcolm Little, as he was then, became involved with an older man and a hustler. As documented in the book, the hustler named Rudy was 'paid to undress them both, then pick up the old man like a baby, lay him on his bed, then stand over him and sprinkle him all over with talcum powder. Rudy said the old man would actually reach his climax from that.'"

 road The remake of Arthur takes the number 2 spot at the box office.

 road Montenegro prime minister supports gay pride parade: "Whether we personally accept them or not, whether we personally have one opinion or the other, let that remain our personal thought, but we must face the fact that there are differences in the society, that those issues are a part of the human rights corpus. Let the people take a walk and we will show that we are civilized."

Watch: Journalist Takes Riveting Trip Inside Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Evacuation Zone


Japanese journalist Tetsuo Jimbo drove inside the Fukushima nuclear reactor evacuation zone, an area of frightening desolation, to file a report:

The Japanese government has issued the evacuation order on March 12 for the residents living within the 20 kilometer radius of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

Since then, residents have left their homes, and the "no man land" has been out of touch with the rest of the world.

He says that, inside the evacuation zone, homes,building, roads and bridges, which were torn down by Tsunami, are left completely untouched, and the herd of cattle and pet dogs, left behind by the owners, wonders around the town while the radiation level remains far beyond legal limits.

Watch it all, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Tsunami Warning Issued in Japan After New, Powerful Quake


A 7.1 earthquake has struck near Miyagi prefecture, the same area struck by the  March 11 quake and tsunami. Tsunami warnings have been issued...

AP: "The Japan meteorological agency issued a tsunami warning for a wave of up to 6 feet. The warning was issued for a coastal area already torn apart by last month's tsunami, which is believed to have killed some 25,000 people and has sparked an ongoing crisis at a nuclear power plant. However, the Pacific Tsunami Center, operated by the United States, has not issued an oceanwide warning. The center said the Japanese coast could feel 'small effects, possibly destructive but in a small local area.'"

TEPCO, the agency monitoring the nuclear reactors, report no new damage so far, according to CNN.

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #863

IT GETS BETTER: Columbus Children's Choir and the Columbus Gay Men's Chorus from Ohio sing Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful".

HOOP DREAMS SHATTERED: The basketball grinch comes to town.

JAPANESE MAYOR PLEADS FOR HELP: Distressing video from mayor of Japanese city near the Fukushima nuke reactor. "The people are literally drying up as if they are under starvation tactics..."

CHICK-FIL-A: The anti-gay hate group American Family Association wants you to join their buy-cott.

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