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Tyler Oakley Gets in Bed with Joan Rivers, Asks if She Knows About Twinks, Bears, and Otters: VIDEO


Joan welcomed gay vlogger Tyler Oakley to her 'In Bed with Joan' web series. She begins by asking Oakley if he prefers being called a YouTuber, a blogger, or a power bottom; what it was like coming out of the closet at 14, how he did it, and how he had the nerve. Oakley says his parents wanted to send him to therapy. Joan asks if he has a significant other (he doesn't) and what kind of relationships he has had; how many followers he has, and what it was like to interview President Obama. Also discussed, when Oakley lost his virginity.

She continues the questioning by asking what kind of negative comments he gets, the wildest vlogs he has posted, which member of One Direction he would choose to sleep with, and other celebrities he has met.

Oakley then quizzes Joan about gay slang - what are twinks, bears, and otters?

Joan then allows Oakley to apologize to someone, and tell someone else to "sit on it and rotate".

Melissa Rivers then hops in bed for a game.


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Nash Grier, Vine's Most-Followed User, Slammed for Homophobic Slur: VIDEO


Vlogger Tyler Oakley has joined the chorus of individuals outraged by a video posted by Vine's most followed user, Nash Grier. In a Vine that went out to the sixteen-year old's 8.7 million followers, Grier shows a clip of a commercial for OraQuick, an at home oral HIV test, in which two men say, "Testing for HIV, it's not a gay thing" to which Grier then responds, "Yes it is! FAG!" Oakley was quick to call Grier out on Twitter for his incendiary and defamatory remarks: "Call me and people like me, 'fag' all you want, but spreading false information about deadly diseases is next level."

Grier quickly deleted his video but it was captured by a Vine user and spread online thereafter. Grier has a history of making homophobic remarks on social media (and then deleting them), disparaging gay rights and gay marriage as Mashable points out

A petition was circulating on Change.org seeking an apology from Grier which Grier has since issued on Twitter, saying he was "young, ignorant, stupid and in a bad place" when he posted the video:


Dr. Gary Blick, co-founder of HIV Equal said of Grier's remarks:

HIV is not just a gay thing. It’s a woman thing, it’s an African-American thing, it’s a Latino thing - it’s something that affects everyone in every community,” said Dr. Blick. “It’s time that our youth here in the U.S. wake up and realize that HIV doesn’t discriminate - and neither should they! Even though MSM (men who have sex with men) are the greatest at risk for contracting HIV, so are youth aged 13-23."

Watch Grier's repulsive Vine, AFTER THE JUMP...

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One Direction's Liam Payne Tweets Support for 'Duck Dynasty' Family Values


One Direction's Liam Payne caused an uproar on Twitter late this afternoon after he tweeted support to Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson.

DynastySaid Payne: "huge love to you/your family huge respect for your business prosperities and the family values you still all behold. big fan"

Payne later tweeted: "Being a fan of someones show and the way they still hold a family together doesnt mean i am ok with all they say."

Reaction to Payne's tweets include one from gay vlogger and major One Direction fanboy Tyler Oakley, who interviewed the band last September.

Tweeted Oakley to Payne: "Wow. Very confused and disappointed by this @Real_Liam_Payne tweet. This literally changes everything..."


25 Ways to Know You're Gay? — VIDEO


Vloggers Tyler Oakley and Davey Wavey offer up a guide of '25 Ways to Know You're Gay'. While I can't say I can identify with every single one of them, I do cop to #15.


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Tyler Oakley Interviews One Direction: VIDEO


A 'fangirl' has his day, AFTER THE JUMP...

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RuPaul Takes Tyler Oakley for a Drive: VIDEO


As part of a new web series in which RuPaul drives around town talking to personalities, Ru picks up uber-vlogger Tyler Oakley for a chat about pop culture, karaoke, and fame.

Watch Oakley get picked up, AFTER THE JUMP...

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