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Irish Metal Band Sickened By Use Of Their Music In ‘Vile’ ‘Kill The Faggot’ Game: VIDEO

Kill the faggot

The lead singer with Irish folk metal band Cruachan has spoken about his horror on learning that his music was used in Skaldic Games’ “Kill The Faggots” (KTF), reports The Journal.

Keith Fay explained that he and his girlfriend Rachel Lally contributed their voices to Skaldic’s The Shelter: A Survival Story. They have since asked for their work to be removed after discovering that KTF was due to be included within the game.

Legal proceedings will b issued towards @SkaldicGames if they try release anything using @CruachanClan @AphroditeSent

— Cruachan (@CruachanClan) May 6, 2015

1016949_697236500341190_7163047000310582610_nFay said he agreed to feature both himself and Cruachan in the game because it “looked really interesting and it sounded awesome to have your band’s music in the video game”.

However, on Monday Fay began getting messages on the band’s Facebook page asking about their connection to KTF.

“My younger brother, who is also my best friend, is gay”, said Fay. “My girlfriend Rachel has been campaigning for a Yes vote in the same-sex marriage referendum. It’s just so vile, I can’t put it into words. I told them we’re out – they no longer have permission to use my voice, likeness, or [Cruachan] t-shirt...All that has to stop.”

It's just been brought to my attention that a game featuring my voice as well as my girlfriend Rachel Lally (also music...

Posted by Cruachan on Monday, 4 May 2015

Despite the game featuring such lines as “you want to chop my weiner?”, “I just dropped the soap”, “transgender kill”, “AIDS carrier eliminated” and “straight pride”, Skaldic has claimed that it is not homophobic:

“The reason behind this particular game is because of how tired I am of people being overly sensitive and how easily offended people are by every little thing, especially with LGBT issues…

“I didn’t make this game to attack LGBT people personally, and no I don’t hate gays and think they should be treated farily [sic], but I made this game just to piss off those people that are way too overly sensitive, which includes straight people...

“Of course we don’t endorse killing or murder of any kind. This game was not meant to be taken seriously.”

The company has refused to issue an apology.

Watch a NSFW video test of the game, AFTER THE JUMP...

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'Kill The Faggot' Video Game Appears For Sale On Steam: VIDEO


A new video game entitled Kill The Faggot recently appeared in the online gaming store Steam before it was taken down by the store hours later for violating its terms of service.

Killfag3The game was able to appear in the store in the first place due to the company's "Greenlight" initiative. Launched in 2012, the move was intended to open pathways for small developers. A perhaps unintended side effect, however, has been that there is no vetting process governing the content of the games being put out by micro-developers. Kill The Faggot may be the most extreme and unsettlingly bigoted game to hit the store since its inception.

Ars Technica reports that video game critic Jim Sterling was able to download and "test" the game before it was removed and found that that the entire objective of Kill The Faggot is exactly what it sounds like. The single shooter game has players aim a bullseye at individuals in brightly colored clothes who run across the screen like ducks dancing back and forth in a shooting alley while saying things such as "Can I put my weiner in your butt?" and "Whoops, I just dropped the soap." Players are rebuked if they accidentally kill a "straight" person yet gain more points if they kill transgender people. The game's announcer also gleefully declares, "AIDS carrier eliminated" after a "faggot" is killed.

In his video showing the game in all its heinous crudeness, Sterling notes, "Perhaps having absolutely zero vetting process on Steam isn't the best idea."

T6uv638XThe game was developed by "California [based] developer, skateboarder, and Christian shoe promoter" Randall Herman. Herman owns and operates Skaldic Games, the game shop moniker behind KTF. From Ars Technica:

After KTF was removed from Greenlight, a statement was posted at Skaldic Games' site with a link to a free version of the game and an explanation about its creation. The title had originally been made as a mini-game within a larger open-world adventure that Herman is still working on, he wrote, and he claimed that the game's lack of quality was due to being made "in only a few days."

"These people that think if you are even remotely homophobic, you are 'hateful' and a 'bigot,' and do everything they can to destroy you in every vicious way possible," Herman wrote. "So I decided to go down a path that most developers are afraid to go down: to piss these people off by making the most overly offensive game possible to these idiots to prove a point."

Herman claimed that he received e-mails "wishing physical harm on me" in response to the game, though he did not quote any of those e-mails to clarify what those threats were. He called the game development industry "overly sensitive and easily offended" and claimed to have been part of it "since 2007."

Further investigation on the part of Ars Tehcnica found that Herman had misrepresented his bona fides in the gaming industry and possibly lied about the extent of his involvement in a Christian based skater-shoe line that sought to "promote the words and teachings of Jesus Christ through quality footwear." That shoe company, Devotor, tried and failed to raise money on Kickstarter to get off the ground, so to speak. Herman's exact involvement with Devotor is unclear and he has "declined to respond to any questions about the ideological conflict between those two decidedly different projects [KTF and Devotor]."

Watch a video test of the game, AFTER THE JUMP...(warning: work unfriendly)

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Transgender Game Developer Commits Suicide After Enduring Persistent Cyberbullying

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 10.08.48 AM

A transgender game developer committed suicide by jumping from the George Washington Bridge last Thursday after enduring abuse from online trolls, reports

Developer Rachel Bryk, who suffered chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, published a comment on a 4chan forum saying that she chose to withdraw from various sites after suffering persistent transphobic comments from fellow users. 

Just days before her death, Bryk wrote several suicide comments with other users mockingly responding to her with comments such as "jumping off a bridge isn’t rocket science," and, "good riddance." Bryk's work on Wii emulators earned her a supportive following online; her followers created memorial posts online in her honor with tributes to her work and prompting discussions of transphobia in online communities after Bryk's death. Bryk’s suicide follows the suicide of Fallbrook, Calif. trans teen Taylor Alesena on April 2 who posted a video to YouTube addressing the transphobia she faced at school.

(Photo via Facebook)

Mortal Kombat Series Debuts First Gay Fighting Character: VIDEO

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 5.01.46 AM

The Mortal Kombat series, known for its gory fatalities and ultraviolet combat, has introduced its first gay fighting character reports Kotaku. Former thief turned Shaolin monk Kung Jin, cousin of series staple Kung Lao, hinted at his sexuality during a discussion in the game with fellow series staple Raiden about joining the White Lotus Society like his cousin Kung Lao. Despite Raiden’s urgings about joining the secret society, Jin says that he, "Can't…They won’t accept…" with the thunder god comforting the thief saying, "They care about only what is in your heart; not whom your heart desires."

NetherRealm Studios Cinematic Director Dominic Cianciolo confirmed Jin’s orientation in a tweet saying "I see people are picking up on the subtle exposition contained in Kung Jin’s flashback. Glad we have observant fans!" The latest iteration in the Mortal Kombat series, Mortal Kombat X, released on Tuesday.

You can watch the scene in question, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gaming Website 'The Escapist' Hires Transphobic New Writer


The Escapist, for the unfamiliar, is an online magazine dedicated to pop culture with a very strong focus on video games. Earlier this week Alexander "Archon" Macris, GM & SVP of Alloy Digital, the parent company of The Escapist, had an announcement to make: two new writers have been hired on to the staff!

Great news, given the site's diminishing roster as of late. There's just one problem though. That first name, Brandon Morse? Yeah...he's kind of transphobic.

Morse lives in Waco, is a contributor for - a right-leaning site that holds Herman Cain as one of their all-star voices - and thinks that transfolk are faking it:

Right...because dealing with the emotional distress and social fallout, which includes astronomically high rates for being victims of violence and discrimination, is something people want to deal with. This is not a new attitude for Morse as past tweets show his contempt with full-blown mockery:

The wingnuts at Michelle Malkin's Twitchy are ecstatic over the news, mostly over the fact that it's causing "butt-hurt", but when a site that mocks the execution of homosexuals is in your corner perhaps it's time to revise one's perspectives on, well, everything.

Morse, however, is unlikely to revise anything as even his current posts show that he's more content to double-down and even make the so-absurd-it's-laughable comparison of trans discrimination to gamer discrimination:  

Congratulations, The Escapist. That's quite the winner you've got there.

The Importance of Having Gay Video Game Characters: VIDEO

Screenshot 2015-02-05 11.47.45

In a video for PBS Digital’s Game/Show, Jamin Warren discusses the power of having explicitly gay characters in video games. Gaming franchises like Fable and the Sims have long-offered players the ability to create unique characters with customizable sexualities. But, as Warren explains, there's something to be said for queer characters whose sexualities are set in stone. In particular Warren singles out BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition and Dorian, its resident gay magic user, for crafting a story in which Dorian’s sexuality is integral to the character’s personality, but not burdensome to the game’s plot.

PbsIn the same way that gay gamers have come to be able to identify with straight characters with vastly different perspectives from their own, it stands to reason that straight gamers could benefit from the same experience by playing as queer characters.

Check out Jamin Warren’s explanation of why explicitly-gay video game characters are important AFTER THE JUMP...

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