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Kazakhstan Senate Votes To Ban 'Gay Propaganda': VIDEO

Kazakh police torture gay men

Kazakhstan has passed a Russian-style bill banning gay “propaganda,” reports Pink News.

The upper house of the Central Asian country voted in favor of the bill banning “propaganda of a non-traditional sexual orientation” in order to protect children "from information harmful to their health and development.”

Kazakhstan mapThe bill’s sponsor Aldan Smayil, a member of the lower chamber of the Kazakh parliament, said:

“[The law] provides a ban on information products depicting cruelty and violence, provoking children to life-threatening acts, including suicide, containing scenes of pornographic, sexual and erotic nature, promoting non-traditional sexual orientation.”

In a statement, Susan Corke, director of Eurasia programs at Freedom House, said that despite the government’s claims, the law “is simply a disguise for discrimination and intolerance that will allow government censors to punish speech they don’t like.”

At a press conference last year calling for the implementation of gay "propaganda" laws, Kazakh politician Dauren Babamuratov said that gay people can be easily identified by blood testing for “degeneracy." Akim Imangali Tasmagambetov, mayor of capital city Astana, accused global media brainwashing children with gay propaganda.

Watch a Human Rights Watch report on the extortion and torture of gay men by Kazakh police, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Mike Bowers, Man Who Defended Sodomy Bans, Says He Is A Changed Man on LGBT Rights: VIDEO


Mike Bowers, the former Georgia Attorney General who defended the state’s sodomy ban, has spoken to Buzzfeed about how his opinions on gay rights have evolved over the last 30 years.

Bowers, who in 1986 successfully petitioned the Supreme Court to allow state bans on “homosexual sodomy,” earlier this week announced his opposition to “deeply troubling” pending religious liberty legislation in the state.

According to Bowers, the timing of the proposed legislation is suspect as it comes in the wake of the many recent marriage equality decisions. Moreover, the state proposals provide for broader exemptions than federal protections, so that “any time a person wished to refuse to act in response to a government requirement, he or she could assert the protection of the proposed [Religious Freedom Restoration Act on which the proposals are based].”

Bowers was asked by LGBT group Georgia Equality to assess the bill.  Once he’d read it, he decided it needed to be killed because it would allow people “to use religion as an excuse for his or her interpretation of the law and to get out from under this, that, or the other law.”

On the issue of same-sex marriage, he said:

“I want people to be left alone.

“I genuinely believe that everybody, all people, need someone to love and be loved by. I truly believe that.”

Watch a 2012 interview with Bowers reflecting on his time in Georgia politics, AFTER THE JUMP..

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New Hampshire Republicans Appoint Married Gay Man Dan Innis To Party Leadership: VIDEO

Dan Innis_new_hampshire

Dan Innis, a married gay man who ran unsuccessfully for Congress in New Hampshire, has been confirmed as a member of the state Republican Party’s leadership.

BuzzFeed reports that state Republican Party Chair Jennifer Horn appointed Innis to the finance chair position on Monday.

The appointment was supported by Sen. Kelly Ayotte and Rep. Frank Guinta, the two Republican members of the state’s congressional delegation.

In a statement, Horn said:

“I am pleased that Dan has agreed to dedicate his time and considerable talents to helping Republicans raise the resources that we need to compete with the Democrats.

“I am proud to have Dan on my team and look forward to his contributions to the New Hampshire Republican State Committee.”

Innis is a professor at the University of New Hampshire and owner of the Hotel Portsmouth with his husband, Doug Palardy.

Watch Innis announce his run for Congress in 2013, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Finland Enacts Citizen-Supported Same-Sex Marriage Law: VIDEO

President Sauli Niinistö

Finland has become the last Nordic country to provide for same-sex marriage after President Sauli Niinistö (above) signed a bill into law last Friday, reports The Advocate.

The Finnish parliament passed the legislation last November.

The signing is the first piece of legislation brought to Finland’s Parliament as a citizens' initiative.

6a00d8341c730253ef01bb07ba1bf1970d-300wiAija Salo of Finnish LGBT group National Seta, said:

"This was a very large and unique campaign, it was the first citizen's movement. The public spoke. It is very important to a lot of people personally and also symbolically, and people are very happy."

The law will allow for same-sex marriages by March 2017.

Last December, almost 7,800 Finnish citizens resigned from the Lutheran church after Archbishop Kari Mäkinen (right) supported the vote in favor of gay marriage.

Watch a Finnish comedy sketch (with English subtitles) which suggests anti-marriage equality arguments are stupid all over the world, AFTER THE JUMP...

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'Conservative Southern Baptist' Mom Talks About Her Family's Campaign For Trans Acceptance: VIDEO


Debi Jackson, a self-described “conservative southern Baptist” from Alabama and mother of a transgender child, has spoken to GLAAD about her campaign to encourage others to accept trans children.

Last year, Jackson spoke publicly about her daughter as well as the parental intolerance and ignorant questions raised by others who blame Debi for her daughter’s transition.

Jackson and her husband became activists when their desire to support their child evolved into a wider goal to spread understanding and awareness of trans issues throughout society, regardless of religious or political affiliation.

Watch the interview with GLAAD - published as part of the #GotYourBack campaign - AFTER THE JUMP...

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Horrific Video Portrays Legal Nightmare For Transgender People In Europe: WATCH


Transgender Europe has launched a new video showing the nightmare that transgender people still face in Europe today.

34 European countries force transgender people to undergo sterilization, divorce or diagnosis of mental illness before they can change their name or gender.

Available with subtitles in 24 languages, watch the disturbing video AFTER THE JUMP...

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