News: Criss Angel, Rufus Wainwright, Thierry Mugler, Mike Jones

road.jpg Ted Haggard escort Mike Jones talks to Deborah Solomon in the NYT magazine: “I’m really not this left-wing liberal like some people have tried to paint me. I think I’m very moderate. I’m a registered Democrat, but I’ve voted Republican. I voted for Bush in the last election.”

Crissangelroad.jpg Magician Criss Angel begins 24-hour Times Square cement box stunt: “About 100 fans gathered in the rain to watch the spectacle in a parking lot just off Times Square, the same spot where U.S. magician David Blaine spent two days in November shackled to a gyroscope hoisted in the air before escaping. Angel, 39, sat in a four-foot (1.2 meter) square clear box slowly being encased in cement that was suspended 12 feet above the ground as he spoke to reporters and fans. The box will be lifted to 40 feet later on Monday and Angel will try to escape on Tuesday morning before the box is sent plunging to the ground.”

road.jpg Bush nominates James Holsinger for Surgeon General. Holsinger founded Hope Springs Community Church which seeks to “cure” gays and lesbians.

Rufuswainwrightroad.jpg Rufus Wainwright: “I do feel like I live a fabulous life. And I know that’s why a lot of the critics get so mad at me sometimes, because they’re just really jealous.

road.jpg California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has begun allowing conjugal visits for gay and lesbian inmates registered as domestic partners: “The change will allow gay and lesbian inmates the same rights as other inmates, who are eligible to spend up to three days with family members in living areas — usually trailers — on prison grounds. Corrections officials say they are responding to legislation signed by former Gov. Gray Davis that awarded more rights to registered domestic partners and prohibited state agencies from discriminating against domestic partners…The changes were prompted by complaints from Vernon Foeller, 40, who was serving a 20-month sentence, convicted of attempted burglary, at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville. Foeller’s request to have his domestic partner visit him last summer was denied, leading him to contact the ACLU.”

road.jpg Rosie O’Donnell is in Celebrity Detox.

Robbie2road.jpg Robbie Williams, football hero?

road.jpg William Silver, the first openly gay man to apply for ordination in the Methodist Church, has died at 59 of complications from AIDS: “A grandson of Presbyterian missionaries in China, Mr. Silver hoped to follow them into the ministry when he entered the Union Theological Seminary in Manhattan in 1969. It was in his final year there, in 1973, that he came to terms with his homosexuality. Two years later, when applying to the Presbytery of New York for ordination as an assistant pastor at the Central Presbyterian Church on Park Avenue and 64th Street, he shocked committee members interviewing him by saying he was gay. ‘It was like electricity had been sent through members of the committee as they sat upright, and we really didn’t know what to do,’ Byron Shafer, one of the committee members, recalled in an oral history interview.”

road.jpg Death of American math genius Scott Johnson 20 years ago off Sydney Australia’s North Head being investigated as murder by anti-gay gangs: “In 2004 Coroner Jacqueline Milledge ruled that violent gangs preying on homosexuals probably hurled three of the group to their deaths at Marks Park, overlooking Bondi Beach. She also determined that gay bashings in the park were common and that similar attacks might have occurred at gay beats at Alexandria and Randwick. Spurred by the findings, Johnson’s brother Steve has hired US investigative journalist Daniel Glick and retired NSW detective John McNamara to determine if the same scenario occurred on Sydney’s northern beaches.”

road.jpg Fashion designer Thierry Mugler becomes “Manfred” in extreme makeover. WARNING: Not safe for work at all.


  1. Brian says

    Mugler is barely recognizable. Interesting how steroids seem to be such a psychologically addictive thing… we’ve all seen it before, but this is a particularly scary example.

    The schlong is kinda impressive though…

  2. Deschanel says

    Rufus is right: I’m jealous that a person with such a nasal, droning singing voice of limited range gets lauded as a musical star . Well not jealous, just bemused.

    I actually like the idea of Rufus, I think he’s ballsy (Judy!) and writes exquisite lyrics. But god, his singing is just dreadful, and he has to croon nasally over every single note, smothering the music.

  3. Frank L says

    What Deschanel said. Rufus’s appeal escapes me. Rufus is so in love with himself and his own fabulosity, though, that it’s surprising that he would even notice that critics are “mad” at him.

  4. Charles says

    It gets tiring though-you wonder if he is capable of anything else (re: Rufus). I loved his first album and not much else afterwards. And it seems that the discrepancy between his recognition at large and the tendency of the NY media to fall at his feet is getting wider and wider. It’s odd-I’ve noticed it with Sarah Silverman too-they get pages and pages of coverage, but their records never sell, their shows get cancelled, etc. It’s like all the freelance writers in NYC can only write about the same thing at the same time.

  5. Charles says

    And…if I were Mike Jones, I would be more embarrassed about voting for Bush in 2004 (2000 I might be able to see because some people didnt know the monster he would become) than being a prostitute. Even though, you would think, by *fifty years of age* he would have found another line of work. Or funneled his earnings into education.

  6. peterparker says

    No, Rufus…no one is mad at you…we’re just bored with you, your whining voice, your insipid lyrics and most of all, your fascination with yourself.

  7. anon ( says

    The most obvious thing Mike Jones could do would be to hook up with the ex-ex-gay crowd to do public speaking engagements, if they will have him. Sea World is too family oriented to hire an ex-“escort”. There are plenty of marine biologists who need boat crew assistance though.

  8. Cory says

    Rosie O’Donnell: I read the referenced blog/article on Rosie, and while I can understand why some people would take issue with her it bothers me that Rosie’s critics seem to resort to personal attacks. The blogger states: “In the book, O’Donnell says that it asks, ‘if celebrity and fame are truly a drug, can one go back to drinking and sip instead of taking a slug?’ Huh???”

    If this guy can’t even understand a comparison that O’Donnell makes on drugs and celebrity then I shouldn’t be surprised that he attacks her sexuality and weight. It seems most people dislike Rosie for stirring the cauldren as they would rather continue living in their little isolated bubbles. Rosie tells it like it is and most people don’t want to be woken from their zombie states of disillusionment; instead they attack Rosie and not the people who are truly to blame for our current state of affairs.

    As for “Manfred”, I was shocked. That really made me gag a little. What did he look like before?

    Lastly, Bush’s appointee James Holsinger is sickening. What qualifies someone who homosexuality a “personality disorder” that may be cured through faith as Surgeon General? Homosexuality was taken out of the Psychiatric DSM-IV diagnostic book in the 1970’s when the psychiatric world agreed it was not a mental disorder. Aside from my own religious beliefs, when is this country going to wake up to the fact that Bush’s administration has not separated Church and State and has pushed Christianity and “God” on everyone? Does Bush have a “God Complex”? I’m tired of it, and I’m even more sickened by the anger from both sides of the political fence that has polarized this nation. People have forgotten what they are fighting for and are fighting just for the sake of fighting. It’s sad.

  9. peterparker says

    Woodroad34…Mugler appears to have been using a penis pump (vacuum pump) to increase the size of his cock and scrotum.

    And Cory, I agree that Bush’s appointment of Holsinger is sickening. What is really interesting, however, is the plethora of comments on Rufus Wainright, Thierry Mugler’s cock and Mike Jones versus the lack of comments on Bush’s appointment of a blatant homophobe as surgeon general. A clue, perhaps, to how Bush Co. has been able to trample our rights (and those of other Americans) for the past 6 years?

  10. Danny says

    Mugler would make a perfect husband for Jocelyn Wildenstein. And the cock looks totally fake — either through Photoshop (it kinda looks like it has been stretched down) or surgery (eeeeeeugh).

    PS It takes two (or more) to tango. I don’t even want to speculate about what the guys who fuck that freak look like… Is this gayness taken to the extreme? Or is he just a nutcase?

  11. Sean H says

    Whats depressing? Is that, if not for this site, many gay men and women would not know about Bush’s appointment of Holsinger. What’s worse? The apparent lack of care.

    It never ceases to amaze me with the amount of gay republicans and those of us who don’t even vote in this country. Truly, truly pathetic.

    What will it finally take before all of us realize that nothing will change unless they get involved and interested?

  12. ss says

    Love his music (Poses is a masterpiece) but what a shame Rufus can’t get that arrogance under check. Pity the publicists & pr people who have to spin his mess. Is there a Vegas betting pool on when RW will self-destruct?

  13. A.J. says

    manfred mugler has sadly disordered to the au courant manorexia (thru pumping dick, roids, and iron) that seemingly overcompensates a paranoia of appearing HIV.

  14. John in SF says

    Well one good thing about Bush, he shook my stupid Republican ass out of its lethargy and ignorance and I re-registered as a Democrat. Up until Papa Bush, who fucked over our real estate economy in CA in the early 90’s with his know-nothing interest rate hike, I had only voted for one Democrat in my whole life, and that was Jimmy Carter, whom I loved and still do. For some reason I was so out of it I saw my gay self as part of a main-stream citizenry that never saw me that way at all. Witness W and his effort to alter the US Constitution to take away our citizenship but good, and I woke up. At the same time, my esteemed friend Mike Jones, a life-long Democrat, was heading in the OPPOSITE direction. There’s a lesson in here somewhere to us all but I’m damned if I know what it is. Anyway, y’all have a good afternoon and evening.

  15. pacificoceanboy says

    Peter parker and Cory. I agree 100%.

    Though I made a promise to myself to not post on towleroad for a while because I need to tone the crazy down. The Surgeon general appointee thing is just toooooo much.

    He thinks gayness needs to be and is curable. SICKENIG.

    Ok, this crazy is now going back to not posting on towleroad for quite a while. :-)

  16. anon ( says

    Apparently he won’t have an easy time in his confirmation hearings, but why do we need confirmation hearings for a do-nothing job anyway? The position should be eliminated.

  17. Cory says

    Pacificoceanboy, I know what you mean about the comments being a bit much lately, but we’ll miss you :'(.

    Anon(, I agree, but with this administration anything is possible. Let’s just hope the Surgeon General doesn’t gain newfound powers by the Bush administration lol ;). Ugh.

  18. Cory says

    Oh, and Sean H, great comment about the lack of Dem/gay voters. I remember back in the ’92 and ’96 elections that MTV and other groups got the 18-24 age segment rallied up with Rock the Vote, back when MTV News anchors Tabitha Soren and others actually got politically active. What ever happened to MTV and VH1 being more political instead of pandering to brainless A&F wannabe brats in shows like “The Real World” and “The Hills”? Although I don’t have any stat’s to prove it, something tells me a lot of the Democratic votes that put Clinton into office were the result of networks such as MTV rallying young voters to the polls…

  19. woodroad34 says

    I do most of my political posting on Americablog. I do my smarmy bitching on this blog. I do agree about the surgeon general picking. But Shrub has never been one for the people — he lies about his commonality and constantly stomps his little booted feet until everyone understands that he is the deciderer, or commander guy, or whatever. To me he’s the stupid guy.

  20. eddie says

    Okay… I know I’m in the minority here, but I think Manfred is hot. I’d kill to look just like that. I’ve never done steroids (I’m too scared of the things I’ve heard about liver/kidney damage, etc.) but that is totally the body type I wish I could achieve.

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