Marc Jacobs: Naked in Paris with a Poltergeist Tattoo


In the next installment of the naked fashion designer series, Marc Jacobs disrobes in his Paris apartment for W‘s “art issue” which features an interview with the designer and a collection of photos:

“As he sits in his Paris apartment on a midsummer afternoon, Jacobs is surrounded by eight John Currins, six Richard Princes and six Ruschas, plus an assortment of Elizabeth Peytons, Damien Hirsts, John Baldessaris, David Hockneys and Lisa Yuskavages, not to mention a small but growing collection of Fifties Scandinavian handblown glass birds. ‘Typical addict behavior,’ says Jacobs with a half smile. ‘I just got this bug. I started going to galleries, and I kind of went mad.’ Jacobs, whose struggles with drug and alcohol dependency are well known, sees his new passion for contemporary art as a (relatively) healthy habit, one he intends to indulge for the foreseeable future.”

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The interview also makes note of Jacobs’ second collection:

“As Jacobs fills his walls with art, he is also using his own body as a canvas: His growing tattoo collection, which started with a little heart on his left shoulder, is itself almost exhibition-worthy. The newest additions are the French words OUI and LUI in bold graphics on each forearm, and, in the middle of his back, Carol Anne from Poltergeist, mesmerized by a glowing TV screen. (“Stay away from the light,” Jacobs intones with mock solemnity.)”

Now that’s a tattoo I’d like to see. Unfortunately, it’s not among the photos.


Marc Jacobs [w]


  1. says

    For me, a nude in a photograph should have some kind of purpose in being there. Yeah, it could be the nude is just in his/her natural habitat, etc, but in this case it just seems to be used to sell the product, be it the designer or the magazine. Here the designer wanting to show off his new tattoos seems rather lame. Millions of people get new tattoos and work out on their bodies so what’s the big deal? He’s comparing it to his expensive fine art collection? I just don’t get it. It’s rather presumptuous to consider his own recent work on his body as fine art, when he probably should just be posting photos of his new body on the web like everyone else. Now, if his message is that you can BUY whatever you want (nice home, fine art, expensive tattoos and a new body)as long as you have the money, then I guess that message comes through.

  2. pathetic says

    why does marc have to now take his shirt off like he’s a tweaked out chelsea queen in every pic – pathetic!

  3. Richie says

    I’m with Dan… Is there a point in all the negative comments. Just leave it if you’re not interested. Really!

  4. shane says

    Richie, you can suck the ass of the bum on the corner of B’way/Reade.
    The point is that I am free to express my opinion. Making negative comments about other people’s comments [to Andy, I might add] just makes you (and dear old Dan) seem like the asshole you probably are in person.

  5. says

    “is there a point in all the negative comments.”

    Richie, depends on the comment. While Shane seems to only want to provoke comments from others, Patrick’s comment seems to be critiquing the work itself. There’s nothing wrong with constructive criticism or even expressing a view that you’re sick of hearing about a certain top. Your suggestion to “just leave it if you’re not interested” doesn’t apply to all situations.
    You could actually “just leave it” in regards to the negative comments and choose not to respond as well, right? Instead of feeding such reactions like Shane’s, just ignore a negative comment and give your own opinion of the actual subject at hand, or “just leave it” as you suggested.

  6. says

    isn’t it whacky that these clothing designers continue to promote not wearing any clothes… must have something to do with selling cologne.
    and not to be negative but…
    the apartment’s not that nice considering his purse, not to mention it must reek from cigarettes… and the art collection, despite owning a few Princes, Hockneys, and Ruschas, is quite unremarkable, and hung badly.
    unfortunately, Jacobs has also exposed a lack of taste.

  7. shane says

    Bryce, I am sorry it came off that way [that I just wanted to provoke comments], but I was really just defending myself from some bitchy queens.
    My original comment was to Andy – not to Dan or Richie or anyone else who feels the need to comment on it.

  8. Gregg says

    Oh look. Marc Jacobs. Naked. Again. Ho hum.

    Did he have an unfulfilled dream of doing porn or something? I understand being excited about having a healthy new body. But, seeing as he’s a fashion designer, he should realize that clothing can show off that bod – sometimes even better than nudity itself.

  9. Davey says

    Marc Jacobs is one of the best American designers working today. He is getting a lot of bad press lately with another new store opening in the village and his feud with Suzy Menkes but he is very talented I think. I just hope he doesn’t go too crazy with the tattoos…I wish JP were in some of the pics too…

  10. Jordan says

    This just shows the glaring difference between those designers that have true taste, talent, and style, and those that don’t have a clue. Marc is obviously in the same boat as Tom Ford.

    You wouldn’t see this sort of thing from Lagerfeld (god forbid), who could buy and sell them both many times over, and who has more talent in just one of his many collections than both of them combined, and whose many gorgeous, well-documented homes make this look like a dog pound.

    On the American front, you would never see this behavior from anyone else other than someone desperately needing attention (Ford). Even Calvin Klein, who uses sex to sell his wares, never uses himself in such a way.

    It’s so cheap and disgusting, and really sad. It totally reeks of people with far too much money and vanity not enough psychological help in their life.

  11. mcQuaidLA says

    MJ was hot before he buffed up and now, he’s even better. I love watching a smart, talented, funny, neurotic man get in touch with his inner sex bomb. His work is idiosyncratic, inspired and it sells. He has his good seasons and his bad seasons, but what designer doesn’t? Eminently do-able…

    And BTW, twenty years ago, Calvin Klein was all over his fragrance ads…

  12. says

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