Bob Allen Resignation To Cost Taxpayers $400,000

Last Friday, Florida Rep. Bob Allen, who was sentenced to six months supervised probation and ordered to pay a $250 fine related to a misdemeanor conviction of solicitation of prostitution, resigned from his seat in the Florida House.

Allen_bobAccording to the Orlando Sentinel, “Allen’s letter to House Speaker Mario Rubio said he would resign on Feb. 15, 2008, or earlier if a replacement election can be held. In his letter, Allen citied ‘the requirements of my family and my private life, and in order to seek justice in the upcoming appeal process’ as reasons for his decision.”

The chairman of the Florida GOP expressed pleasure at Allen’s resignation, however, the taxpayers will ultimately foot the bill. Today the Sentinel reported that it will cost Brevard and Orange Counties at least $200,000 each to hold special elections.

That’s one expensive blowjob.

Bob Allen resigns in wake of conviction [orlando sentinel]
Firing Rep. Allen’s seat could cost Orange, Brevard $200,000 each [orlando sentinel]


  1. gregus says

    Would have been an expensive blowjob…but in all this mess sadly no one did actually get blown!

    This said, check out the cop behind Allen in that picture! Allen must be holding himself back from offering…again…and maybe this time for free.

  2. Paul says

    I’m surprised he resigned. They must have put more pressure on him than they did on Larry Craig. Now he should really spare his family, drop the appeal, and move on.

  3. Mark says

    Actually, I think I am a bit pissed. If that cop would have just said ok, took the $20, got himself a blowjob, the taxpayers wouldn’t be footin the bill.

    I hereby recommend that every cop be trained in how to accept payment for, and receive a public restroom blowjob to save the county money! :)

    Any body object? :)