News: Beatles, MRSA, Vanessa Williams, Jamaica, Maria Shriver

road.jpg Mob of 20 attacks two gay men in Jamaica: “After days of harassment and threats, a Jamaican mob attacked two gay men, putting one in the hospital with serious injuries, while the other is missing…The group broke into the home of the men and attacked them, authorities told The Associated Press. One man had his left ear severed, his arm broken in two places and his spine possibly damaged; the other man, who was chased from their home, has not been found, according to the report.”

Beatlesroad.jpg Welcome to the just-opened Hard Day’s Night Hotel in Liverpool: “The four-star, 110 room Beatle themed hotel opens its doors to the public… and is only a stone’s throw away from the site of the famous Cavern Club.”

road.jpg Gay rights activist and psychotherapist Myra Riddell dies at 81.

road.jpg This is why the Spice Girls tour is ending.

road.jpg Anti-gay graffiti found in DC police station men’s restroom: “‘It’s extremely offensive, so we’re taking it very seriously,’ [Police Chief Cathy] Lanier said. Lanier sent an e-mail to police department personnel Thursday night that said, ‘All members of this department put their lives on the line every day, and I will not tolerate any member treating another police professional with disrespect.’ Lanier said she will ‘impose the most serious penalty’ if the perpetrator is found to be a member of the department. The graffiti was found in an area that is accessible to both officers and civilians, Lanier said, so it is not clear who may have left the message.”

road.jpg New Chicago Episcopal bishop Jeffrey Lee shows support for gay clergy: “‘That’s one of the tragedies afflicting the church right now,’ he said. ‘So many of us seem to think that salvation depends on our theological correctness.'”

road.jpg Gay Republicans flocking to McCain?

Shriverroad.jpg First lady of California Maria Shriver joins Kennedys in ‘surprise’ Obama endorsement.

road.jpg SF health officials apologize to gay community for MRSA scare: “We regret that our recent news report (1-14-08) about an important population-based study on MRSA USA300 with public health implications contained some information that could be interpreted as misleading. We deplore negative targeting of specific populations in association with MRSA infections or other public health concerns, and we will be working to ensure that accurate information about the research is disseminated to the health community and the general public.”

road.jpg San Francisco-based music journalist Adam Block dies.

road.jpg Police break up suspected ‘gay’ party in India: ” A team, led by deputy police commissioner Bhujangrao Shinde, raided the Agrawal bungalow at Yeoor and detained six persons, including the main organiser, Sahil Bhoricha (24). Liquor bottles and condoms were seized from the bungalow. Entry to Yeoor Hills was restricted during the operation. Ashok Row Kavi of Humsafar Trust, a gay rights group, condemned the action as unfair, given that all the men detained were adults and were not found violating any law. A magistrate denied the police custody of those arrested.”

Robbiewilliamsroad.jpg Robbie Williams becomes a bear.

road.jpg Britney Spears’ family finally takes control of the situation.

road.jpg Western Montana Gay and Lesbian Community Center hold “skate against hate” in Missoula to raise awareness about anti-gay violence there.

road.jpg Gerard Butler and Jonathan Rhys Meyers party it up in L.A.

road.jpg Ohio health officials to study smoking habits of gay teens: “Health officials are allocating $60,000 to identify the smoking habits of those teens and develop a tobacco-prevention campaign for them. Ohio Department of Health spokesman Kristopher Weiss says gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community has a smoking rate at about 40 to 60 percent. As part of the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender Community Youth and Young Adults Anti-Tobacco Social Marketing Project, officials will form focus groups among youths ages 12 through 20 at an LBGT center in Columbus.”

road.jpg Melbourne, Australia holds gay pride march

Vanessawilliamsroad.jpg Vanessa Williams to be honored as “Ally for Equality” by the Human Rights Campaign. More

road.jpg Second memorial service for Heath Ledger held in L.A.: “Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan, Ellen Degeneres and other celebrities gathered at the Sony Pictures lot on Saturday to remember Heath Ledger. This service comes a week after a smaller gathering that included ex-girlfriend Naomi Watts was held in Beverly Hills. Other mourners included Heath’s father Kim, representatives from CAA (the agency that represented Heath), director Todd Haynes, and actress Shannyn Sossamon who was Heath’s co-star in “A Knight’s Tale”. “I’m Not There” director Haynes spoke at the service.”

road.jpg Police raid gay bar in Philippines, arrest 10 for alleged prostitution: “The men were nabbed inside the Male Bucks Hosto Bar in Angeles City around 1:30 a.m. Sunday. Members of the raiding team used a female informer who posed as a customer. The informer told authorities that the “entertainers” were dancing on stage clad only in their underwear.”


  1. Kennedy's are evil! says

    Maria Schriver endorcing Obama is not surprising. She is a Kennedy and they are totally corrupt. The fact that she is a member of the most famous democratic political family this country has ever known and would then support her republican husband is almost funny. I hope Hillary wins now even more than ever, to finally shut the mouth of the drunken alcoholic Ted Kennedy!

  2. Michael Bedwell says

    Re Skeletor, er, Maria Shriver’s endorsement of Big O.2—you’d never know it from most mainstream media, aka the Obama Press Office, and most gay media, aka “Girls for Obama, that Robert Kennedy’s son, a highly respected and tireless pillar in the pro-environment movement, has endorsed Sen. Clinton and is doing commercials for her with the grandson of Latino civil rights icon Cesar Chavez.

    Why should any Democrat listen to the wife of a REPUBLICAN who makes JFK and RFK turn over in their graves or even Caroline Kennedy whose greatest experience in politics is using her name to get good restaurant seats? And who knows what behind-the-scenes bitch fight explains Ted Kennedy’s endorsement? After getting over his youthful homophobia, TK became on our strongest allies in Congress so his endorsement certainly doesn’t involve any objective examination of Obama’s positions on LGBT issues which are no better than Sen. Clinton’s and, if you take into account his duplicity on DOMA and his lie about passing gay rights in Illinois and his “the Donnie McClurkin Show goes on so go fuck your whiny selves” and his “take civil unions and be glad ya got em” and his mathematically challenged definition of “FULL equality” and…. well, you get my point.

  3. Mike says

    Show of hands: Who actually thinks Maria Shriver just “woke up” and decided to endorse Obama? LOL Talk about a fairy tale.

  4. Sebastian says

    Way to go Maria, diversity is a good thing, something the GOP and your husband seems to loathe along with quite a few posters here!

    Go Obama!

  5. tjc says

    Andy, could you post the Jamaica story on its own? I think it downplays the seriousness of the item when it’s alongside fluffier bits.

  6. jeff says

    Yeah, seriously, screw Jamaica. I know we can’t punish its economy by withholding tourist dollars etc etc. But maybe the government would start to wise up and engender some tolerance if the lame turistas would forego that island for countless other identical spots in the Caribbean.

    Going to Jamaica is for amateurs anyway.

  7. Illinois Voter says

    Yes, Obama, go — go back to your US Senate seat which you promised you’d stay in for at least your first full six-year term rather than run for President if we elected you! Or else why should we believe anything else you say now?

  8. says

    Thanks for posting the item about Adam Block. I used to read his “Block on Rock” column in The Advocate religiously, and the exposure he provided for music and zines beyond the confines of dance music for the gay community was life-changing.

  9. Jimmyboyo says

    Michael and others

    California republicans are like NY conservative dems

    Schwarzeniger is ranked in the top 10 political leaders world wide spearheading cleaner air.

    He took a hard turn left thanks to Maria especialy in his second term

    he has been elected 2 times and his wife is considered very popular in California. basicaly her plea to the public and her promise that he would go left won him his 2nd term.

    The importance of her endorsment means that California papers and news are front paging it and Obama dominates the california news cycle 24 hours pre super tuesday. Outside of california, not so much.

  10. James says

    Was there any doubt that Maria Shriver was going to endorse Obama? Wasn’t it just last week that she told the San Fran Chron that she won’t be endorsing any candidate in the primaries?

    Let’s examine why that changed, shall we? (1) Uncle Ted et. all endorsed him (2) Hubby Arnold already made his endorsement and wanted the Calif. press off her back (3) Best friend Oprah was in the state stumping for Obbie, so she couldn’t obviously pass up the chance to join in the party (and risk losing future invitations to Oprah’s shindigs and shows) … BLAH!

    I have yet to “endorse” a candidate and was leaning toward Obama, but after last Thursday’s CNN debate, I think Hillary is definitely the stronger person with a concrete plan and set of goals for at least the first term. Obbie’s become blindsided by his rockstar status. And all these dumb college kids are blindly following him without really questioning his position. So fuckin’ what if he voted against the war. At that point in time I bet 99% of the country trusted the information, which of course turned out to be false.

    He’s yet to face the wrath of the Republicans nutbags, and his whiny, pussyfied replies to being called out by Clinton in recent weeks just doesn’t sit right with me. I am not anti-Obama (not yet) but I just wish more of his earnest followers will draw him back down from clouds and get him to state some concrete plans, not generalities.

  11. Michael Bedwell says

    Jimmy, admirable environmental efforts notwithstanding, Arnold is only a “better” Republican by contrast with the typical Republican troglodyte. And his success and power adds to theirs by party affiliation.

    You left out that Arnold has twice vetoed marriage equality even tho it was passed by California’s ELECTED representatives.

    That he vetoed legislation to include LGBTs in California textbooks even though there are similar mandates for other minorities.

    That his reelection campaign hired one of the head cheeses at the “Traditional Values Coaltion”—one of the most dishonest and ruthless and virulently homohating groups in the world”—to “get out the evangelical vote.” Some reporter shined a light on it and in less than two weeks the cockroach was sent scurrying back under his rock but Arnold and Maria just kept smiling [really between the two of them they have like five sets of normal teeth].

    And who can forget his needlessly repeating his “girlie man” joke at the Republican convention? And how that fascist convention roared in approval? And the shit stains are still in his hair from shoving his huge head up Bush’s ass on national TV even to GW doesn’t know greenhouse gases from outhouse gases.

    Fortunately, when I read Maria’s orgasmic endorsement I still had some old airline sickness bags in my drawer. “Think about it. If Barack Obama were a state, he’d be California. Diverse. Open. Smart. Bucks tradition. Inspiring. Dreamer. Leader.” Except that the gays in California would likely still be at the back of the bus if Obama’s deist daddies wanted it that way. And if Bill Clinton had used the word “buck” in a sentence about Obama he would, again, have been accused of being a racist.

    No big deal, but you exaggerate how big a role her endorsement plays in the current news cycle. She’s really not the celebrity here that her husband is, no matter how many times she’s been on Oprah, well, not ON her, but you know what I mean.

    The larger point is that she’s just one more pop bead on the endless string the media is wetting themselves to wrap around Obama’s neck. I hope they don’t go to Arnold for a shampoo solution when they finally pull their heads out of O.2’s ass.

  12. Jimmyboyo says



    We will have to agree to disagree for now.

    But your witty turn of phrase did bring a smile to my face and a chuckle once or twice

    I can’t wait till this is all over and we can all be one united big liberal family again.

  13. Michael Bedwell says

    I, too, will certainly be glad when it’s just a theoretically more-or-less-joined Us against Them, though I’m a little concerned that O.2 might be right when he said [and one can debate his motivation] her supporters might have an easier time backing him than his her.

    One or two pundits on Chris Matthews yesterday [I watch for them NOT him—eeeeww!]predicted it might not be decided until Ohio; I shudder to even look up when that would be. Three of the five, counting Matthews, thought H & O could set aside their personal animosities enough to run together AND that it would be a great thing. Joe Klein said, “Just listen to the audience response during the LA debate when it was brought up.” But, disturbingly, it was the black woman pundit and the Latino male pundit who said that America was not ready to elect TWO “minority” candidates at once. They refused to explain which was the greater “problem,” but it’s obvious since the only common denominator between them was Hillary’s gender. Do I think America might be more sexist than racist in 2008. Yes, I do.

  14. Jimmyboyo says


    I just read something over at huffpo on the politics page that it isn’t going to end till the superdelegates all decide at the convention.

    The article stated that even the best case scenario for either Hillary or Obama, neither will have a wide enough margin of delegates to declare a winner.

    Brokered Convention and lots more fun for for all

    OY!!!!!!!!!! I am going to have a headache

  15. says

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