Lady Sovereign Arrested for Spitting in Doorman’s Face at Gay Club


British rapper Lady Sovereign was arrested and charged with assault in Australia after a spitting incident over the weekend, Gigwise reports:

"The singer, real name Louise Amanda Harman, spat in a doorman's face at Beat, in Brisbane, after being ejected from the club.

She pleaded guilty to assault and drunk and disorderly charges during an appearance at Brisbane Magistrates Court on Saturday.

According to Billboard, Magistrate Brendan Butler told Harman spitting had 'serious health implications' and fined the singer $400 Australian dollars. She was also ordered to pay $200 to the doorman."

Lady Sovereign posted to her Twitter shortly thereafter, saying: "Brisbane police need to go catch some REAL criminals…..what a waste…spitting in someones face is nasty,but how about a guy dressed up as a girl running at you in the toilets and punching you in the head?…YES THATS WHAT HAPPENED PRIOR TO THE SPITTING… SO EVERYONE PLEASE STOP CALLING ME NASTY, IF YOU WAS THERE YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND…THE TRANSVESTITE MUST OF BEEN A REGULAR BECAUSE I DIDNT SEE NO ONE DRAGGING HIS ASS OUT OF THE CLUB THAT NIGHT."



  1. says

    Lol. Typical internet queens. When you have nothing to say about someone you know nothing about, you can at least say something negative.

    In an industry dominated by black, American, homophobic, female bashers, she at least brings something original and different to the table.

    Sure she can be crass character, but she puts out some fun stuff. Plus, she was actually in a gay club, which is more than can be said for any rapper here in the US.

    I thought this was comical.

    If you’re taking time out of your day to call someone “ugly on the inside and out” oh a whim, you might want to check the mirror first, because something tells me you’re not so perfect either.

  2. phil says

    If her story is true (and why wouldn’t it be?), she’s got a point. What happened to the transvestite?

    I think this would’ve been hilarious to see. A five foot tall chav lesbian fighting what I only hope is a tall transvestite.

  3. bulldykes-a-go-go says

    who cares? who is lady soverin anyways? another teeny bopper marketing wanna-be skank? really now, people give these talentless kids way to much credit and make ’em think we give a crap about their every move…thats why their music sucks ass, they have no real talent. greedy bastards making money off their sweat as puppets.

  4. Rovex says

    Dusty, nice sentiment, shame her music sucks even more than most of the genre.
    She was in a gay club because she rumoured to be gay herself, that doesnt excuse her from being a stroppy talentless bitch or make her better than the straight male homophobes in her music genre.

  5. says

    Well for being a “talentless bitch” she put out a great album with Public Warning, and I’m not even a hip-hop fan.

    White females don’t find success in the hip-hop world. She’s also not exactly a knock-out or well behaved, so she’s not a pre-packaged marketing venture.

    Gee? What could we possibly attribute to her success?

    Whatever. If I don’t know who someone is, I look them up before I spew venom at them simply because I have no idea who they are and don’t like the way they look.

  6. coffee&chicory says

    She actually has a big career in England. I like her stuff. Do your research.

    besides, if I got punched in the head by a drag queen (or anyone), I’d be spitting in peoples’ faces too. I don’t blame her.

  7. says

    @DUSTY : “In an industry dominated by black, American, homophobic, female bashers, she at least brings something original and different to the table.”

    How did Black folks get dragged into what seems to be white on white violence? Btw, her whole act is just Eminem with a usable dick. IE rip off of “black, American, homophobic, female bashers,”.

    Put it away sweetie, you’re boring me.

  8. Rovex says

    Big Career? Um ok, if you say so. By the way i am British, i do know her music (unfortunately), and my venom is well founded. Spitting is always low class, whatever the reason behind it.

  9. Hawk says

    Interesting story…

    1 – If someone hit me in the head, I be walking right up to the doorman/security and reporting it for them to either be charged or thrown out the bar/club.

    2 – She pleaded guilty to “drunk and disorderly charges” as well, hmm, how many times 2 drunken people bump into each other?

    3 – 2 days then 19 hours… then use ALL CAPS… Please, if it is true that someone hit her, then I would be so pissed I would post all those comments together, not about a day or so apart.

    4 – I don’t care who you are, assaulting the doorman/security, is not kool at all. If you did something that bad, and they threw you out… not cause to assult them. Don’t blame them for your actions.

    So, until I see the report where she pressing charges on the drag queen, I will not believe her. Rapers, regardless of country, seem to have managers that tell them “do stupid junk”, “be edgy”, or silly things like that. Do I have to bring up the Mic grabber???

    If your pleading guilty to a judge, then your guilty. Take the hit, and move on. Don’t blame “someone else” for “starting it”… which seems to be, if the other guy says you started it, and you say they started it… then why the hell it happen???

    I think it was her being drunk, and a drag queen being partly or drunk as well, bumping into each other in the bathroom. Since she was being a jerk and gets thrown out, then it’s the “poor me”, “I’m the victim”… please shut the hell up, grow up, learn from your mistakes and move on.

  10. says

    “How did Black folks get dragged into what seems to be white on white violence?”

    Um… in your mind?

    I clearly wasn’t talking about her behavior or what happened. I was making the point that a short, unruly white girl cannot simply walk into the Black male-dominated world of hip-hop without bringing something unique to the table.

    Lady Sov is the only female, white rapper (and gay?) to make a successful name for herself, and she was the first female MC ever signed to DefJam. That answers the above question of who she is.

    If you don’t like her music, that’s fine, but she didn’t just coast in on her looks or on someone else’s marketing dollar.

    I’m not some big fan. Just trying to give the woman credit for what she’s accomplished regardless of her crazy antics.

  11. Matty says

    If she were an openly gay male I’m sure the majority of the posts on here would have a different tone. Spitting on someone may be low class, but so is punching someone and drunk drag queens can be as obnoxious and violent, if not more so, as anyone else.

    Maybe the drag queen works at the club or is a regular there and that’s why he/she felt they could get away with doing whatever and not get kicked out. Regardless, there’s obviously more to this story than is being reported here and unless you have all the facts, some of you should reserve your judgement.

    I’ve never heard this woman’s music, but I always abide by the rule of “different strokes for different folks.” Liking or disliking something doesn’t make it bad or good, it’s all a matter of personal taste. And not being the product of a U.S. publicity machine doesn’t make an artist a hack.

  12. Clifw says

    Having actually been to that bar before it got cleaned up ’round 2003… it used to be if a guy dressed as a girl didn’t punch you in the face at some point in the evening, it was a wasted night.

  13. Rovex says

    Underneath her suppose talent, whether you think it exists or not, is a low class, chavvy, violent bitch who would be in prison or dead from drugs without the ‘talent’.

    Equally nasty people see her getting awards and thinks its ok to behave the same way, they dont aspire to clean themselves up and follow a wholesome career in music. The well meaning award givers simply dont understand the mentality of these people. This genre of music is abut violence.

  14. anon says

    this girl happens to be one of my good friends and one of the nicest people i know. im not famous, im not a chav, nobodys ever heard of me. the reason that is, is because when sov isnt doing her music stuff she’s just like any other girl who chills out with her mates. and if you guys actually knew her your judgements may be a little different. i agree with dusty who said they dont judge because they dont know… celebrities always get judged by people when the public dont see half of it. its the friends who help em through shit that know them the best and people seem to forget celebrities have got friends. im sure none of you would like people bitching about your friends especially when they’ve never met them? so how about you give the girl a break yeah? and find something a little more exciting to entertain yourselves with than slagging off someone who, ultimately to you all, is a stranger.

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