1. Marco says

    The anti-Bea Arthur who thinks Matthew Shephard’s murder wasn’t about hate still speaks in public.

    Lady, go fuck yourself.

  2. Warren says

    North Carolina, gain some respect for yourselves and vote this nut out of office. She is creepy and out of touch at best.

  3. patrick nyc says

    FDR said ‘The only thing to fear, is fear itself’. Then again he never met this stupid excuse of human flesh.

  4. crispy says

    That woman hasn’t had sex since the 1960s. Her vagina is probably so dry, there’s a saguaro cactus growing in it.

  5. princely54 says

    I think there is a secret contest going on in the Republican (or ‘Licans’ as my friend now calls them as it reminds us of ‘lycans’ or werewolves) Party to see who can insert the word “fear” or “afraid” into as many topics/speeches as possible.

    Why is EVERYTHING they disagree with always boiled down to fear? They are so narrow and limited.

  6. Brian says

    Tw@t did she say?! Really? Healthcare for all is worse than 9/11…says someone with the finest healthcare money can buy.

  7. cd says

    as NeNe would say, thanks, wig, doesn’t she represent the district where they filmed the Andy Griffith show where they would go to Mt Pilot for fun? She’s no fun, for sure. Where do i contribute to her opponent, the human decency fund?

  8. crissy says

    I think it’s time this crazy old witch’s kids or grandkids took control and found Memaw a nice, quiet home someplace in North Carolina. Maybe somebody can tranquilize Michelle Bachmann and find an island somewhere in the Pacific out of sight of the shipping lanes so there will be little chance of her ever getting back to civilization, so we no longer have to listen to her insane rantings either.

  9. says

    @CD: To your question, “Where do I contribute to her opponent…”?

    We actually set up a fund where you can contribute to Virgina Fox’s opponent back in April when she first made her remarks about the Matthew Shepard murder being a hoax. The blog post appears here: The link to the fund is in the post.

    While you are on the site, please sign the petition to amend the civil rights act to include LGBT citizens. It is located right on the homepage and has been endorsed by Congressman Jerrold Nadler and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

  10. Donovan says

    It’s true: Al Qaida operatives are enrolling in secret medical schools in order to provide Americans with affordable healthcare alternatives. “Health to the infidels!” they’re chanting. You heard it here first – on Planet Foxx.

  11. George says

    Her and Michelle Bachman are trying to win the Ms. Bat shit crazy title of 2009, as of now its too close to call

  12. Esurnir says

    Considering the “danger” posed by terrorist threats today, she might not be wrong :P. A bad reform might be worse than any terrorist attact!

  13. Howard says

    I have never wanted someone out of office as bad as her. I wish I was living back in her district, working on her anti-election campaign.

    The problem is, except for the students & professors at Appalachian State, the district is overwhelmingly GOP. They got to kill her in the primaries. I even worked on her GOP opponents campaign, just to see her gone on the last election cycle.

  14. TikiHead says

    As a Congresswoman, she has access to the finest U.S. Government provided health care herself — health care that can, for example, afford her access to a trained medical professional, wielding a prescription iron skillet, to deliver a blow to the back of her thick skull to offset her strabismus. I wonder why she does not avail herself of it?