Towleroad Guide to the Tube #716

EXTREME: GOP counters the accusations against them with new ad.

RYAN WHITE CARE ACT: Its 20th anniversary was marked on the steps of SF City Hall yesterday.

RANDY RAINBOW: Gets on the horn with Dr. Laura.

GAY PROTEST SIGNS: A collection.

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  1. Jeff Kurtti says

    That “Republican Extreme” spot continues the breathless fear-mongering that seems to be their only strategy (to hell with substance!)

    Unfortunately, it’s also overwrought, and for all it’s bluster is quite dull and overstates its own message. It will be delightful to those who already agree with this claptrap, and leave everyone else as unconvinced as ever that they have no solutions, only bitching.

  2. Alfonso says

    That spot isn’t trying to change anyone’s mind. It’s a rallying cry to their constituents. It done in a way to get them excited and get them to the voting booth. What is our side doing to get us excited?

  3. Gregory says

    Thank you for posting the Extreme Republican ad. I hadn’t seen it. Alfonso and Jeff are correct of course. The ad would be extremely exciting to the right wing. I wasn’t excited. I do, unfortunately live in (Michele) Bachmann land. (God help us all).

  4. Gregory says

    May I also extend Minnesota apologies to all the women of the US for the ad the MN Republican Party created regarding so called ‘Hot Women of the Republican Party” or whatever it was? Nancy Pelosi rocks! Sarah Palin is a rock (covered in oil in an obscure bay in an Alaskan sound).