News: Kamala Harris, Serbia, Jason Mraz, Prancer, Chicago

Road WaPo: Activists press Obama to push for marriage equality.

Harris RoadKamala Harris: The Democrats' anti-Palin.

RoadWatch: Holiday, erm, greetings from Ke$ha.

RoadSerbian far right leader charged in attacks on gays: "Prosecutors are charging a far right Serbian leader with orchestrating violence during a gay pride march in Belgrade in October at which more than 150 people were hurt. The Higher Court in Belgrade says Milan Obradovic, leader of extremist group Obraz, or Honor, is charged with 'committing violent acts at a public gathering.'"

RoadPrancer, the sassiest reindeer?

RoadChristmas miracle? Chicago gay health center gets cash to remain open.

RoadJason Mraz is engaged to a Prettyman.

RoadWaPo: Smithsonian chief should step down over censorship over gay exhibit. "Three weeks after the Smithsonian Institution ignited fury in the museum world by censoring one of its own exhibitions – removing a video that appeared in the National Portrait Gallery's groundbreaking exhibition of gay portraiture, 'Hide/Seek' – the best option for undoing the damage remains the resignation of the man who made the decision."

RoadRyan Reynolds makes it official.

RoadBBC recommissions lesbian drama Lip Service.

RoadGayle King says she was touched by Oprah's tears, says the lesbian rumors no longer bother her: "It used to bother me, and now I say, 'OK, if people believe it, there's nothing we can do to change their minds. Oprah has been so outspoken and I have about my dating life, my desire to have a significant other, that it's just silly that we would deny or hide that because it implies something is wrong. That's what bothers me more than anything. There's nothing wrong."


  1. Paul R says

    Yes, Oprah is the head of a media empire, but her show is the centerpiece, and she’s stepping down. She has more money than god and Ellen, Portia di Rossi, and Rosie O’Donnell have proven that lesbians can be accepted by straight women, their main audience (likely followed by gay men).

    It might affect her charity work in Africa, but that’s been a disaster anyway. I’ve never gotten a lesbian vibe from her, and someone in her position has trouble making friends and trusting people’s motives, so Gayle is a source of comfort. I could be totally wrong, but I really just don’t care. At least they’re not hateful hypocrites. And I’ve had very affectionate relationships with straight men who in turn have had them with other straight men. With women it’s even more common.

    The Smithsonian chief made a mistake, but the bigots who threatened to cut funding are far worse. It’s a peril every public museum faces, and he deserves credit for approving the show in he first place. Yes he should have put up more of a fight, but some of the nutjobs wanted to cut all Smithsonian funding (yeah right), and he needs to protect the institution. On the bright side, attendance at the show spiked because of the “controversy.”

  2. says

    I think Gayle said the one thing that makes the most sense. If she acts angry about the rumours it implies that there is something wrong with being Gay. It takes a person with a strong sense of self to understand that.

    I just came back from DC on Wednesday and had several Lesbian and Black activists say that while they decried the Smithsonians censorship, they too felt the exhibit was offensive and the controversy was “just a bunch of white Gay guys getting upset because someone didn’t think their usual in your face semi-porn was worth the Smithsonians good name being atteached to it.”

    I have not seen the exhibit nor do I have a personal opinion, but, I find that so many people said the above or some variation of it interesting.

  3. Joe says

    @Derek, watch the 4 minute smithsonian version of “A Fire in my belly” on youtube.

    Not only is it amazing, but it is pretty clear that the hoopla created over this is only because:

    1. Christians feel only they should be able to use the image of jesus and any offending of that image is wrong in this country because they control it

    2. Art made by gay people and about gay people shouldn’t be in the smithsonian representing America

    By getting rid of the exhibit and threatening to cut funding they are directly saying that Gays don’t have a place in the US, that they shouldn’t be part of the mainstream, and that we are offending christians (which we are never supposed to do apparently). I really don’t think this is just about white gay guys getting angry, espcially when you look at who is pushing this movement – bigots like Bill Donahue and republican congress

  4. mike says

    as far as Oprah being gay i never thought she was. she doesn’t trip my gaydar and neither does gayle. but i kind of get it though, cause when two hot guys are close friends i sometimes think wow that would be awesome if they were gay. so i guess its a perspective of female sexuality. although im not sure if she could tell the world and keep her career that high. but she doesnt trip my gaydar at all.

  5. von lmo says

    & Americans ridicule the Moslems when they claim that ridiculing Allah is “blasphemy”….Evangelical Xians vs Muslims..what’s the difference?

  6. ava parker says

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