Posts from 2011

Amazon Pulls Joe King’s Calendar


Now Amazon, too, has pulled cartoonist Joe King's 2012 calendar, I'm Not Gay, I'm Just a Sissy from its online store. Amazon is the second online retailer to do so, after Barnes & Noble pulled the item early this week in respons…

Is This Rick Perry’s Final Ad?


In the grim slog of Repubican primary campaigning, no candidate has so relentlessly pursued the lowest-common-denominator vote as Texas Gov. Rick Perry. In recent weeks he's shown as little regard for his dignity as for his syntax, leaping from o…

Parenting Rights Restored To Lesbian Mom


In Brevard County, FL, a mother's parenting rights have been restored in appeals court after a previous ruling decreed she had none, according to The Orlando Sentinel. The woman, a police officer, was in a committed same-sex relationship for more…