1. Disgusted American says

    the reason they lost – NO black players…dahhh! No,but seriously – this from a country that basically Defined Gay men throughout history…ie: Roman Empire etc etc…..

  2. Francis says

    Hopefully the players union/league management come down against these actions. They do not want their league promoted in such a fashion. Unfortunately we all know homophobia is rife in sports, but the response to incidents like this can make it known that it won’t be tolerated.

  3. Rann says

    Okay two comments: this from a team with wroding on their asses? And also, I still hate the shorts they wear now. I loved basketball when the shorts were short!

  4. Been there says

    Greece remains one of Europe’s most institutionalized homophobic societies. They’re 20 years behind the rest of Europe and at least 30 years behind states like California and Massachusetts. Greek gay activists are loosely organized, have trouble networking, and have zero political power. Self-acknowledged Greek gays are a rarity, and many still live at home with their parents.