1. Francis says

    The BP store needs to be investigated and then sued for their actions.

    You really have to wonder, why, in 2011, do people still do things like this? Williamsburg, NY is a city known for being preppy and hipster, although supposedly, the people who attacked him were, you guessed it, thugs out late at night looking to cause problems. The physical pain may go away but the mental pain often times remains forever. The last two days we now have 3 reports of hate crimes that have happened, 2 in NY, 1 in Detroit, by THUGS committing hate crimes for absolutely no reason. We as a community NEED to start recognizing who are biggest enemies and where the biggest problems are and address them, because if you can’t walk to the store without fear of being beaten, then you know we have a problem on our hands. It’s largely the same profile of people committing the same attacks, over and over, and something needs to be done immediately.

  2. Francis says

    What always pisses me off are that these thugs, who are almost always 30 and under, always have their families backing them up saying how they are great kids, they would never do such a thing, how they aren’t homophobic. EVERY single time it’s somehow impossible they have committed a crime like this. Just goes to show how disconnected so many people are with their own family members. No wonder these savages grow up the way they do, so often there is no guidance in their lives. Or there is guidance, but it’s of the homophobic variety. Always the same people, the same scenarios, and the same attacks, with the same responses. It’s a vicious cycle.

  3. ratbastard says

    Alright, the Detroit incident is pretty straight-forward, but I have questions about the Williamsburg assault, and it has nothing to do with the victim, but his attackers. Information is being left out about his attackers. I don’t doubt this for one second. And the reasons behind the assault probably were racial in addition to homophobic. How do I know this? Educated guess. And no, I’m not deliberately trying to stir up sh*t. But reading about incidents like this in our media and even many ‘Alternative’ online sites like this, can be very aggravating due to PC reporting and writing. It shouldn’t be necessary to have to read between the lines in a supposedly ‘Free’ country.

  4. ratbastard says

    Just watched the vid clip. Justin Alesna is a strong man, many others couldn’t deal with what he has had to deal with.

    My advice:

    SUE BP

    Get the F out of that hell hole Detroit

    Nuke Detroit

  5. Francis says

    Ratbastard, the only description I read about Barie’s attackers were that they were “thugs.” So, take that for what it is. With that said, not all thugs are non-white so that shouldn’t be inferred. The Stonewall hate crime, the main perpetrator was a lower class white kid with a criminal record who has since been arrested again and is rumored to be on the DL. Also, as we have seen hundreds of times, any witnesses usually say and do nothing out of fear or lack of caring, and the victims usually don’t remember all of the details of what happened when they were attacked. Ultimately, this isn’t a skin color issue, it’s a hyper-masculinity issue where these young punks, usually with the parents unaware, out of control or uncaring of their kids, who find it cool and thinks it makes them look like “men” in front of their crew to pick on others who they view of weak and vulnerable. It’s a mentality/cultural problem that has to be addressed.

  6. SFshawn says

    Those shithole convience stores usually have a camera for anti-theft measures.
    Sue the f**k out of them.
    Just fighting the lawsuit will probably put them out of business and the laughing clerk on the unemployment line where he obviously belongs. Just like the 18 year old ‘straight’ kid that was stomped to death by 5 teens YESTERDAY this gay killing isn’t going away anytime soon,especially as we move towards REAL EQUALITY and not second class citizenship here in the good ole USA.

  7. ratbastard says


    MOST ‘Thugs’ [I’ll use the PC term] don’t have what most middle class people would consider normal families. The vast majority come from single parent [mom] home, usually growing on in the projects, on benefits, etc., And yes, they have issues with their masculinity and are universally misogynistic and nihilistic [socio-pathic]. And they’re predators.

    People feel free to read what I wrote above and do the math, i.e. read between the lines.

  8. Francis says

    I agree with you about the family structures of these kids. The streets and prison many times are basically their de-facto families. However, at least in America, it’s a nationwide problem. The divorce rate in America is near 60% and the marriage rate is dwindling. Most kids these days don’t have a solid family structure. Which is one of the main reasons so many kids are out of control, or do things like this, a lot of it is attention seeking, and the constant need to prove themselves and need for validation. But with all of this said, it’s not always “Oh, they’re black.” A large portion of the hate crimes in NY I’ve read about have actually been committed by Latinos and occasionally white men. Again, it’s a mentality problem, and these people are going into our neighborhoods and attacking our community and that’s what the focus should be on, to prevent this from continuing.

  9. ratbastard says

    The rate of single parent [mostly female of course; and courts discriminate against males, which only makes matters worse] is around 30% for whites. Hispanics is higher, but not nearly as high as African Americans, where it’s above 2/3 rds, in some areas above 75%. There are certainly, OBVIOUSLY, stable two parent black families in America, but they are very much in the [pardon the expression] minority. This single issue is IMO the main cause for such a high rate of poverty, poor academic performance and high rate of violence among black males [and females] in America compared proportionately to other so-called races. And 50 years of a very dysfunctional social services and welfare system and court system is a big part of the cause and problem. No other specific demographic group has been so exposed to social engineering as black Americans, since the 60’s. Look at the results.

  10. Rowan says

    Of course no other group has been exposed to as much social engineering.

    Why oh why so many black politicians or activists are still OBSSESED with government handouts is beyond me. Absolutely beyond me.

    There is needing help and there is being kept DOWN to sustain an underbelly so the rich can get richer.

    I can’t speak for the US but the welfare system here has so many holes and trust me when I say the whole process is geared towards keeping the underprivileged whether mentally or racially, in the system, so you don’t get out.

    From cheap food in poor areas, to cheaper alcohol in poor areas-I can count up to ten the amount of off licenses I go past when I’m in a poor area in London, trust-to never questioning why someone needs benefits when they look dirt poor…

    Urgh. I am a lefty but I don’t think government has all the answers or they have a noble intention.

    These groups need to look to becoming more entrepreneurial, starting their own businesses to become more autonomous and gain self respect.

    Not easy….

  11. ratbastard says

    Another issue in Williamsburg is gentrification. Many so-called locals consider guys like Barie ‘Rich’ white punks. No question this attitude played a role in his assault.

  12. Keith says

    So again, I’ll ask, “Has the Federal Hate Crimes” law yet been used for any of these hate crimes? There has been a perceptible increase in violence against the LGBT community across every state of the union, and yet local police do little, if anything, to investigate and bring the perpetrators to justice. I thought that the Federal Hate Crimes law was supposed to help fix this injustice, but it appears to just be a straw law with no actual enforcement or political will to use it in cases such as these mentioned above.

  13. Francis says

    Keith you are right, the federal hate crimes law is supposed to be there to make sure that justice is served in these cases. What are the qualifications necessary for federal investigations of hate crimes? If lawmakers and the police force don’t take hate crimes seriously, no wonder average citizens don’t. Have they used it and it’s just not been done publicly? That’s an important question needing answers.

    The overall numbers of hate crimes have gone down in America, including anti-gay hate crimes, but the violent nature of these crimes have increased, and we are officially by far the most targeted group on average. We are under attack as we have made progress, and gained visibility and live our lives openly, and many insecure people do not like this and seek to take it out on us by force. We have to be strong during these times.

  14. ratbastard says

    Have you guys not heard, read or seen the recent DOJ scandal surrounding prosecution of federal hate crimes? Eric Holder concentrates solely on prosecuting anti-black hate crimes, and any other ‘Hate’ crime prosecutions are strongly discouraged or ignored.

  15. Ben says

    That Justin kid is boss. I chuckled when he threw the attitude/snaps at the 5 minute mark. I don’t know if I’d have the guts to fight back some crazy maniac with a gun.

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