Watch An Oligarch Pummel Another Oligarch on Russian TV

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During a panel on the economic crisis, billionaire Alexander Lebedev punched out ex-billionaire Sergei Polonsky - who once said that all non-billionaires are losers - "sending the property developer flying across the studio." All while a giant graphic of a U.S. hundred-dollar bill burned in the background. 

The fight developed like a scene on Maury: 

Polonsky, himself a one-time billionaire who lost part of his fortune during the economic crisis, goaded Lebedev on the pre-recorded show, announcing that he would rather punch someone than discuss financial issues with oligarchs.

"Do you want to try it out?" Polonsky said.

Within seconds Lebedev, who owns British newspapers including The Evening Standard and The Independent, jumped up and punched Polonsky three times in the face, throwing Polonsky off his metal stool and sliding alongside the stage.



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  1. billionaire oligarchs of russia, hard at work creating jobs for the underlings, something to look forward to in this country.

    Posted by: William | Sep 18, 2011 3:02:39 PM

  2. Gurrl with the cropped suit jacket can't throw a punch very well, but kudos for workin it on TV!

    Posted by: Geoff M | Sep 18, 2011 3:37:10 PM

  3. Isnt the term "coldcock"?

    Posted by: Ben | Sep 18, 2011 3:38:18 PM

  4. Don't mess with the Jewish mafia, they are brutal.

    Posted by: Really? | Sep 18, 2011 3:40:02 PM

  5. No thanks, I'll skip the video.

    Posted by: spaypaintedgold | Sep 18, 2011 3:45:42 PM

  6. Ben, you're right, it's coldcock. Don't know where I came up with cold-clock, though it's in the Urban Dicitonary so maybe I saw it somewhere. Anyway, I changed the headline to "pummel." Thanks for the watchful eye.

    Edit: ah, I saw "cold-clock" in this Village Voice story

    Posted by: Penn | Sep 18, 2011 3:46:39 PM

  7. Ah yes! We have here another excellent example of American-economic-and-entertainment-emperialism-in-one.

    The only difference between this show and Maury Povich's is that this Russian show's advertisers can't afford to hire the security personnel.

    Posted by: DALI | Sep 18, 2011 3:54:38 PM

  8. The best part about this clip is that the tv show moderator is hot.

    Posted by: James C | Sep 18, 2011 4:43:17 PM

  9. I believe coldcock and coldclock are both acceptable.

    Posted by: Another | Sep 18, 2011 5:22:59 PM

  10. I wouldn't find a coldcock acceptable, but I'm being really juvenile.

    Posted by: Paul R | Sep 18, 2011 5:56:36 PM

  11. Am I the only one who's wondering how this is gay-interest news? And what on earth is that funny little bunny jacket he's wearing?

    Posted by: Leroy Laflamme | Sep 18, 2011 7:09:56 PM

  12. russian billionaires... classy as ever.

    Posted by: jr | Sep 18, 2011 7:43:34 PM

  13. It may not be gay news, but Andy and staff can post whatever they want. Its "homosexual tendencies", not "ALL GAY ALL THE TIME!"

    Posted by: Robert | Sep 18, 2011 9:27:13 PM

  14. I miss living in Russia. Always exciting...

    Posted by: Rin | Sep 18, 2011 11:48:37 PM

  15. I wish someone would do that to Hannity

    Posted by: Chris | Sep 19, 2011 12:05:03 AM

  16. Did he beat up Pat Benatar and steal that jacket?

    Posted by: Caliban | Sep 19, 2011 10:59:02 AM

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