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Bill Maher Rips Santorum, GOP Over the Gay Obsession: VIDEO


On last night's Tonight Show, Jay Leno asked Bill Maher how thrilled he is about Santorum's 'surge'. "He thinks life begins at erection," says Maher before launching into a rant about the GOP's obsession with gay marriage.


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Will Young Tries to Find Himself: VIDEO


The latest video from the UK's Will Young is directed by Henry Scholfield for his new track "Losing Myself". Young has never sounded better than his last couple of tracks imho.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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European Parliament Condemns LGBT Censorship in Russia: VIDEO


The European Parliament today adopted a resolution condemning a recent bill passed on its second reading in St. Petersburg and under consideration in Moscow and proposed federally in Russia that bans LGBT organizations, Gay Pride events and and so-called 'promotion' of homosexuality.

The Intergroup on LGBT Rights reports:

Presented by five political groups, the resolution recalls that Russia is subject to several international human rights agreements, including the European Convention on Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

With this text, the European Parliament “strongly condemns the adoption by the Legislative Assembly of St Petersburg of a law against propaganda on sexual orientation”, and “equally condemns similar laws adopted in the Ryazan, Arkhangelsk and Kostroma regions”.

The Parliament further “calls on all Russian authorities to stop restricting freedom of expression in relation to sexual orientation or gender identity”.

On Monday, MEP Michael Cashman ripped the bills in a floor speech.

Said Cashman, speaking on behalf of those against the legislation: "It's starting point is that homosexuality is wrong. What is wrong is the promotion of intolerance and discrimination, precisely what these repressive laws set out to achieve."

Watch Cashman blast the bill, AFTER THE JUMP...

Michael Cashman speaks out against LGBT censorship in Russia from LGBT Intergroup on Vimeo.


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How to Look Like Ryan Gosling: VIDEO


Joey shows you in a few easy steps. Also, it's helpful to look like Ryan Gosling.


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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: I'll 'Push' for Marriage Equality

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel promised to push for marriage equality in Illinois yesterday, the Sun-Times reports.

EmanuelSaid Emanuel:

“Before I was a mayor, I worked hard on the civil union legislation. I made phone calls. And when it passed, I was at Millennium Park, when we had the first [ceremony]. In fact, I presided over a series of ceremonies in my office...When you have two loving adults, that should be held up as a positive — whether it’s male-female, or, in this case, female-female or male-male. That’s proper. We shouldn’t as a state discriminate...Recognizing the love between two adults also has a series of rippling effects through a series of policies — public and private — that we all take as a given and is not true for gays and lesbian couples. So I’ll push for it because it’s consistent with the values base that I think is right as a city, as a state and as a country. ... I support both the civil union and ultimately gay marriage because I think discrimination that’s embedded deeper than just recognizing a marriage or recognizing a civil union is wrong."

Emanuel told CNN's Wolf blitzer last June that he hoped Illinois would move in the direction of marriage equality.

Illinois lawmakers introduced a marriage equality bill last week.

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Gay Bar Rejection Tutorial: VIDEO


Not new but forever useful.


(via ed kennedy at afterelton)

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