Posts from February 20, 2012

Tornados on the Sun: VIDEO


To mark the second anniversary of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, the agency released a recent video that would not have been possible without it: The sun tornado video shows swirling fountains of plasma creeping across the surface of the sun…

George Takei Has Eyes for Lou Ferrigno: VIDEO


On last night’s Celebrity Apprentice, Star Trek’s George Takei made his hots for Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno known. Said Takei: “I don’t know how old Lou is now, but what a treat.” Watch, AFTER THE JUMP… On another note, later in the board room, T…

A History of the Gay Circuit Party: VIDEO


Posted online last week is Got 2B There a full 1998 documentary by Jose M. Torrealba examining the controversies and the spirit of the circuit party, with footage from the White Party (Palm Springs), the GMHC Morning Party (Fire Island), and Black…