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84-Year-Old Bridge Imploded in Ohio: VIDEO


For the 12-year-old in all of us, the 3.5 second implosion of the the Fort Steuben Bridge spanning the Ohio River from Steubenville, Ohio to Weirton, West Virginia.

The destructo-porn of the day, courtesy of the Ohio Department of Transportation,

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Government Hits Married Lesbian Vermont Couple with Deportation Threat Over DOMA: VIDEO


Yet another married binational gay couple is being hit with a deportation threat over DOMA, WCAX reports:

Frances Herbert and Takako Ueda met in college and have known each other for 30 years.  They have shared countless dinners, laughs and tears.  "I knew that she was the one," Ueda said.

After college Ueda returned to Japan and started a life with a husband and new home.  But after a visit from Herbert in 1999, her life changed again. 

"When I die. When I put my one leg into a coffin, I don't want to regret," she said.

Ueda divorced and moved to the United States. The couple have been living together ever since and married last year. But in December -- another change. They received a letter from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which denied Ueda's request to stay in the county, a right granted to heterosexual spouses of different nationalities. Sadness quickly turned to anger. The letter states that because the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) defines a marriage as one man and one woman, Ueda had to go.

Watch their touching and infurating story, AFTER THE JUMP...

Video may take 10-15 seconds to load.

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Adele Flips the Bird After Getting Cut Off at Brit Awards: VIDEO


Adele won Album of the Year at this evening's Brit Awards, but producers made host James Corden cut her off moments into her speech. She responded by flipping them the bird.

Adele said her gesture was aimed at "the suits, not the fans".


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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1068

DOTTED LINES: A teacher's oddly hypnotic talent.

MARRIAGE NEWS WATCH: The latest from AFER's Matt Baume.

BIRD FEEDING DOG: Can't we just all get along?

SNAKING THE DRAIN: Liquid Plumr gets sexual.

For recent Guides to the Tube, click HERE.

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News: Whirlpool, Big Ang, Illinois, Joe Manganiello, Ranch Dressing

RoadAdam Lambert will sing as Queen's frontman.

RoadTrial of roommate Dharun Ravi begins today in Tyler Clementi suicide case.

Eddy RoadNASA satellite spots 90-mile wide whirlpool off South Africa. "Rather than wreaking havoc like terrestrial storms, though, these ocean whirlwinds draw nutrients up from the deep, nourishing blooms of microscopic marine life in the otherwise barren open ocean."

RoadVIDEO: Anderson Cooper feeds Courteney Cox's ranch dressing addiction.

RoadRihanna and Chris Brown release "Birthday Cake" collaboration.

RoadThe AIDS quilt, 25 years later.

RoadMarriage equality faces tough road in Illinois this year: "The conventional wisdom in Springfield is that lawmakers will first focus on winning March 20 primary contests as they run in new districts and then attempt to pass a budget and escape the spring session taking as few controversial votes as possible. 'It's going to be a tough year to pass any legislation that's outside of budget and pension issues,' said Sen. David Koehler, a Peoria Democrat who championed the civil union legislation. 'It's going to more of an election-year agenda in the state Legislature.'"

RoadVIDEO: Whitney Houston rocking out to Madonna's halftime show.

ManganielloRoadJoe Manganiello smolders for OUT. “I was a pretty gothic, dark kid, obsessed with monsters. I loved Halloween and skulls. I was just that kid. My first concert was Pantera, Sepultura, and Biohazard. I loved industrial like Ministry and Revolting Cocks. I was in love with the chick bassist in White Zombie with fluorescent green hair. It’s great that, for a living, I’m associated with full moons and wolves!”

RoadDavid Geffen and boyfriend Jeremy Lingvall split: "Sources tell us the pair have gone their separate ways after six years together, because “the relationship had simply run its course.” The source added, “There is nobody else involved.” Geffen, 68, confirmed the split last night but refused to comment further. He and Lingvall had long been inseparable despite a 40-year age difference between them."

RoadWilliamsburg, Brooklyn gay bar loses its liquor license: "A North Brooklyn civic group unanimously rejected a Lorimer Street gay bar’s request for a liquor license renewal last week over complaints that the boisterous Metropolitan bar keeps its neighbors awake late into the night."

RoadUK Jazz FM station aired 5 minutes of gay adult audio programming.

RoadZac Efron gets a bicep tattoo, shirtless.

BigangRoadMob Wives' Big Ang is Marilyn Monroe for NYC's Next magazine.

RoadTennessee school counselors upset about the "Don't Say Gay" bill: "We have a lot of students who are kind of coming to terms with who they are, whether it's sexual orientation-related or not," said Leigh Bagwell, coordinator of school counseling services for Metro Nashville Public Schools. "I think you'd be hard pressed to find a counselor that hasn't dealt with that at one time or another."

RoadJ Lo does Carnival in Rio.

RoadSunday is National Pray for Marriage Day.

RoadMatt Rettenmund meets James Franco and reviews his My Own Private River.

RoadSpectrum crunch: U.S. mobile phone industry running out of airwaves.

RoadLady Gaga beau Taylor Kinney to star in firefighter drama: "In the action-driven drama about the complex and heroic men and women of the Chicago Fire Department, Kinney will play adrenaline-junkie Squad Lieutenant Kelly Severide, the leader of the elite firefighters who respond to the most dangerous fires or rescue operations."

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Conservative Radio Host Michael Berry Rips TV Station's Gay Bar Hit-and-Run Story: AUDIO

Michael Berry blasted Houston TV station KPRC for doing a "hit piece" on him in its report that he had been seen on security cameras in a hit-and-run accident with another vehicle outside TC's Show Bar in Houston's Montrose District on January 31, All Access reports:

BerryBerry opened today's show by saying that he would go against the "very expensive" advice of his attorneys and would speak on the reports, and then, after saying "I don't care what people see on some TV station," he said that "the fourth-place TV station" had "run out of house fires to report on, so they decided to do a hit piece on me" using "unnamed sources."  Reading the story posted on KPRC-TV's website, he noted the repeated use of the term "gay bar" and ripped the station for running the story on TV three nights in a row.  He asserted that he has never "bashed gays" and called the TV station's report "a smear campaign" and threatened to respond with his own "unnamed sources on you S.O.B.s... you will not smear my name and me go down without a fight."

Last week, Berry claimed he was being framed by his enemies, as surveillance footage was broadcast which appeared to show him at the bar.

Added Berry on his show today: "I went into a bar. There were gay people inside. You know why I went in to a bar? Let me confess. Because there was cold beer waiting inside. Is that a crime? The fact that I'm not afraid of the fact that some of the people inside may be gay makes it a bad thing? Would it have been better if I was at a strip club, or a Hooters? Well if it would then maybe you should now know, I don't hate gays. I don't fear gays. I don't need to bash gays."

Berry goes on to say that he went in the gay bar because he didn't want to be bothered.

Listen to Berry's angry rant, AFTER THE JUMP...

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