1. Michael R says

    Santorum is such a d-bag I can’t even stand to listen to him anymore. His chances of ever becoming POTUS are zero and I question his constant soap box liturgy on gays. His fixation on the gay lifestyle makes me wonder …

  2. Chadd says

    By saying “I don’t think they’re a hater or a bigot because they disagree with me” he is in a way saying that we are just that, but he is the bigger man for not thinking it to be true. I have heard this before that gays are “haters and intolerant” simply because we are fighting for EQUAL rights under the law. He and his ilk are beyond belief…

    If Sir Frothy wins the nom, I don’t think Obama will even need to campaign. Not just because of his anti gay views, but more because when he says stuff like “babies born of rape should be considered a gift from God.” He will never win.

  3. Continuum says

    Glitter bomb == stupid.

    But, heckling is an American tradition. It’s been going on since the time of George Washington.

    And, tasering a handcuffed, man already on the ground is just the police doing a wang swinging contest.

  4. Gregv says

    Putting aside the fact that ai think the glitter bombing is dumb, Santorum is far worse.
    He “respects” other viewpoints? Is that so? And yet you want to deny people with that viewpoint rights and change the Constitution to prevent any legislature, court or voting majority in the country from being able to make legal the “viewpoint” of equal rights for everyone?
    And you don’t think people are bigots or haters if they agree with all the social science on the subject and want you to have the same rights that they have? Well, isn’t that kind of obvious?

    It’s as if the Klan is arguing that blacks are inferior and undeserving of rights, and then say, “Well, we didn’t call the integrationists racists, so why should we be called that?”

    You’re the example of bigotry, Santorum, from the dictionary definition.

  5. says

    I continue to be stunned by this man’s progress, But I shouldn’t be. It’s indicative of a GOP that’s been taken over by the Religious Right. All they care about is establishing a theocracy in this country and Santorum is their guiding light. I think we need to be very careful here. Complacency means people stay home instead of voting, because they believe the outcome to be certain when nothing is further from the truth. It’s time to drag out Gore Vidal:’It’s not enough to succeed; others must fail’. Now, more than ever before, winning isn’t enough. These people need to be shattered, buried, pounded into dust, because if that doesn’t happen they’ll just keep coming back.

  6. bobbyjoe says

    Blah, blah, blah, Frothy. Big talk from a man who will be forever remembered by history– as a tiny asterix, if he’s remembered at all– as being synonymous with dripping sh*t.

  7. JP says

    This is really scary to me guys. I mean…there is a possibility this guy can become president. If that happens I guarantee you they won’t just stop at marriage equality. They will go after other “privileges” to dehumanize us as much as possible. It’s really scary to me. It reminds me of that Sgt. Stryker guy from the Xmen series.

  8. Bart says

    Rick Santorum is a man who puts his own craving for relevance and power ahead of the nine children he fathered. Any parent knows raising one child is hard much less nine, it takes time, energy and your focus has to be on them. He’s no better than some crackhead who leaves his family to score a hit, his drug is simply different.

    And the Ninth Circuit Court did not say that anyone who disagrees with their decision is irrational. But if the shoe fits, as it does, Santorum, he should wear it.

  9. Jonathan says

    Santorum is listed as having been one of the most corrupt senators . He couldn’t even get re-elected in PA. He used an empty house for his residency requirement for his district and then billed the school district in PA for the cost of sending his kids to school in VA – except he home-schooled them.


  10. anon says

    At least this Republican nomination process has been more interesting than most. 2008 was over by Florida when everyone dropped out, 2000 was a calk walk for W after Pat Buchanan self destructed, 1996 was a shoe-in for Dole by seniority and before that you have to go back to 1976 for anything resembling a true contest. 2012 is however, infected with the Tea Party inspired craziness that we saw in 2010 (“I am not a witch!”). Not exactly edifying.

  11. Gregoire says

    The good news — Santorum is being hoisted by the GOP because they know they basically have NO shot at winning back the presidency. Frothy has never been considered a ‘serious’ candidate. The GOP wants somebody who will at least consolidate the conservative base for local and statewide races.

    The bad news — Even getting him within striking distance is frightening, too frightening to even consider.

  12. Redebbm says

    I don’t care about the glitter bombing, Santorum is scary (ew). The man disgustingly implied all unemployed are lazy, the new slogan of the Republican party. They have NO interest in helping the unemployed who are desperately trying to find a well paying, hell, paying the bills job. All Republicans want to do is solidify heir power so they can continue their assault on middle class Americans by creating scapegoats as to why their economic policies do not work. Such as blaming unions. It is quite a disgusting display. Its scary, this man wraps himself in the flag and feels his draconian views and superiority over the poor and different are popular and relevant. We need to show him through the vote they are not as well as the rest of the Republican party.

  13. says

    One of the Videos on this report by Towle is by us at GAY USA THE MOVIE Melanie Nathan and kristina Lapinski were at the event. Most reports have failed to tell the real story of how this all went down. Even worse is the failure to report that it was the chanting GAY MARRIAGE IS OKAY that resulted in the mayhem! When the Santorum supporters heard we were lesbians they came after us ….

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