1. WOW says

    Won’t someody please think of the children!? We must protect them from this truly unnatural display! I’m appalled that those parents would let their children watch this. They may be influenced by this unnatural behavior. I think we must pass a law, preferably an ammendment to the state constititution, that bans this sort of group activity which should really only be allowed between TWO manatees, and only a male and female of the species.


  2. TampaZeke says

    Beach goers, both visitors and locals, need to know that touching, feeding or otherwise “harassing” a manatee in the wild is illegal in the state of Florida.

  3. Bruce says

    Anyone else notice how little attention was paid to the lifeguards ordering everyone out of the water?

  4. WOW says

    Tim: How would you like it if 50 people crowded around your wife or sister or whatever while she was nursing and said “this is really cool”! I get that people are fascinated, but give them some space. If the lifeguard was telling people to get out of the water for a reason (see Tampazeke’s post), they should listen!

  5. Contrarian says

    Manatees watch out on that beach, because if Aunt Zaidee or Rose from the local condos gets injured—oy vey–their NY lawyer son will sue the lifeguard and Fort Lauderdale city. The guy in the swim briefs (“speedos”) had to be a European tourist. Oh but there was a time children, long ago, when young American swimmers were to be found on that beach in all their tiny nylon glory.