1. Mike says

    Eh. Never mind that he’s as simple as a stump,…he does absolutely nothing for me when it comes to being physically attractive.

  2. bandanajack says

    there just HAS to be a gay jock inside there trying to break free, srsly,lol.

  3. Michael says

    You guys do realize he’s gay, right? Tebow could change the world of sports if he came out. Wonder if he realizes some things are more important than money.

    And, no, this isn’t some wishful thinking. I thought this since the rumors of his UF days, starting when he tried blaming morality in why ye didn’t date women. If you guys don’t believe, go to YouTube and type in “Tebow gay” and watch the clip. Big time Nelly which makes him 100 times sexier.

  4. endo says

    LOL at “this isn’t wishful thinking” followed by “I thought this.”

    Anyways, no pectoral definition, kinda doughy around the mid-section… I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

  5. Bob R says

    I have never really understood the interest in Tebow from the beginning. I realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I find absolutely nothing remotely attractive about him. He does not have a handsome face. His body (for an athlete) is mediocre. His voice and speech are annoying. His talent as a QB is nothing to write home about. Is it his religious fervor? If not for his fundamentalist fanaticism, I don’t think Tebow would make a blip on most folks radar screens. I live near a major US university and everyday I see young men that make Tebow look like a troll. But, as the cliche goes, different strokes for different folks. To me he’s, yuck.

  6. Ron says

    Dear NYC,
    Welcome to the circus. Hope you “enjoy” it as much as we did.

  7. TerryA says

    He’s a right-wing fundamentalist creep. I don’t give a damn what he looks like shirtless.

  8. Mac says

    I think he’s starting to act out as he is fighting to come to terms with his sexuality. Expect more of this. The whole “look at me” aspect is a scream for attention. Why? He’s already overexposed! My guess is he is inviting the tabloids to start going after him. Plus, he isn’t helping his team with these antics. Twitter may explode, but I think it’s just a cry for help. He is self-sabotaging because he can’t handle how to reconcile his public piety with desires he has kept under wraps for far too long.

  9. Caliban says

    I actually think he’s pretty hot but that whole being a Bible-thumping moron thing kinda ruins it.

    But he was raised in a strict Evangelical home and constantly told that if it weren’t for Jesus he’d have been aborted so religiosity is no surprise. Talk about a guilt trip!

  10. Wolf Sawyer says

    I agree with Caliban, before I learned who he was, I thought he pretty damn hot in a dumb-jock way, but the brainwashed bible peddling public-prayer-spectacle-ating is a monumental turnoff.

  11. AJ says

    @MICHAEL: I watched the clip you mentioned. He’s the gayest man from gay town. That clip damn near made ME more gay. Wow!!

  12. beef and fur says

    Gotta love the queens who think he is “chunky” or “flabby.” I guess they are getting better quality on Grindr or something.

  13. Aesthete says

    He’s going to be so fat when he retires. Absolutely no sense of proportionality to his body, just brute thickness. Very unappealing

  14. Tebutt's Manpiece says

    Perhaps just wishful thinking on my part, but the media seems to be referring more and more to Tebutt as ‘evangelical quarterback’, as if setting him up for the big outing to come– ‘gay evangelical quarterback’.

    This could be great for Mark Sanchez–take some of the media spotlight (and a lot of the media pressure) off of him, making Tebutt a lightning ‘rod’ of sorts.

    For some reason, I imagine Tebutt’s manpiece morphing into a vagina when he gets aroused—he veritably screams ‘power bottom’. Not that there’s one thing wrong with it.

  15. Tracy says

    Let’s all be honest here. If we didn’t know who he was and he come running after us looking like that in a rain storm, every single one of us would SLOW DOWN so he could catch up to us and we could see the view from the rear. Now that we know who he is, it takes a little bit of the shine off the rose. It’s just like at Christmas. You get the package that is wrapped nice, pretty paper, handmade bow, and it’s an 8-track tape from k-tel.

  16. says

    First Santorum, then Palin, and now Brendan Fraser’s shortbus-riding cousin…it looks like the usual Evangelical Attention Whores are back in force.

    I’m sure they’ll be a CFA commercial starring Timmy very soon.

  17. michaelofthegreen says

    I actually love his nose. Very unusual. And he’s just a kid, people! Give him a chance to get his head straight. Let’s just hope that his being so co-opted by the right won’t make it too difficult for him to establish some more reasonable positions, and to come out.

  18. Brad says

    Why are we giving dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks, bible-thumping, self-important, bigots all this attention? WTF cares?

  19. BobN says

    Normally I wouldn’t give this sort of advice to a “celebrity”, but he really needs to inflate his head.

    I realize it’s the whole “football neck” thing going on, but the pic looks photo-shopped.

  20. jaragon says

    Come on nobody is going to confuse the much sexier Mark with Saint Timmy-( and yes he does look good in the photos)

  21. Tom Cardellino says

    C’mon guys, there’s no sincere denying that Tim Tebow is one of the most physically attractive young athletes in America. It is his inner mental turmoil that is so very hurtful and ugly. The two can coexist. Think about how this athlete was raised: It was either you or the abortionist’s trashcan, darling son! That has got to warp any child’s upbringing. I think his “Mom” is guilty of Christian-based child abuse to have ever told her son that it was only Jesus who made me not terminate you in an abortion. Either medical waste or the handsome athletically talented person you turned out to be: what a “Christianly Maternal” methodology for raising a well-adjusted son. Dr. Spock, the real person and not the Star Trek fictive character, would probably have had a lot to say about Tebow’s crazy Christian “Mother” who thought more of her “faith” than the child with zero birth defects with whom she was blessed. I feel more sorry for this young ill-informed man for being a lifelong experiment in some perverted form of enforced indoctrination of “Christian love” than I feel offense at his robotically lifelong programmed “opinions” about the wider world about which he has been denied knowing anything objectively factual.

  22. says

    Makes me want to re-watch Boys In The Band just so I can hear Harold say,”Well, I suppose he has an interesting face and body, but it turns me right off because he can’t talk intelligently about art.”

  23. jason says

    Just because a man runs around shirtless, it doesn’t mean he’s gay. You guys don’t own the male body, you know. Go elsewhere with your fetishes. You’re very similar to the straight guys who see a lesbian in every woman. Pathetic….

  24. Dagoril says

    He’s no Magic Mike, that’s for sure hehe. Mark Sanchez is way hotter!

    I dunno, maybe it’s like with Tom Cruise, the crazy religion thing is just such a turn off.

  25. andrew says

    @Robert: Boys In The Band was the most homophobic movie ever made. Sometimes reading the bitchy comments made on this site, I think that there may have been some truth in it.

  26. Foots says

    Rex Ryan didn’t lose 105 lbs. in the off-season. He just stuck it onto Tebow’s gut.

    Tebow is about as attractive as a beef carcass hanging in a meat locker. I know there are people who’re probably into that, but gosh…..there can’t be that many.