1. Jack says

    LOL, what a joke. It’s just porn for fringe right conservatives. I don’t think any idependents are going to see this and be convinced because of this conspiracy theory ridden film with a doom and gloom soundtrack. I mean, people can’t be that stupid.

  2. Liz says

    The real joke is Obama and if you vote for him.
    This film accurately portrays him, even narrating from his own so called book “Dreams from my Father”
    Obama is a liar and a failure. Look at the deficit. Look at the state of the economy
    He is destroying America with his policies
    I suggest you go see the film with an open mind and be educated and become informed.
    Democrats are moronic, lying, corrupt and spend money they don’t have!!
    It’s time for some responsibility!!!

  3. Liz says

    Speaking of responsibility, I’m all out of Plan-B and I was taking multiple penises last night at a family gathering. I tried to make sure everyone finished inside my butt instead, but I can’t be sure there wasn’t some leak-over into my vajeene. And since I, as a Republican, don’t support abortions even in cases of incest, I need to find an alternative. Anyone know any non-abortion alternatives to keep me from getting preggers? I got pretty loaded yesterday. While watching this documentary, of course. It really turned me on.

  4. NaughtyLola says

    Nikki Finke? Seriously?

    “#1 all-time biggest-grossing conservative political documentary”

    What a statistic! Last night I cooked the #1 all-time best-tasting chili-lime-butter roasted chicken that’s ever been cooked in my kitchen!

    @Liz, so far by my reckoning Obama’s biggest failures were pandering to 1) commercial insurance companies by taking out the public option from the ACA and 2) pandering to Wall Street with TARP. The deficit is not Obama’s doing, it was his predecessor — you can’t undo 8 years of financial catastrophe in less than 4. What he has done is inject money into the economy to keep businesses afloat, make sure that people don’t lose everything in case they develop a catastrophic injury or illness, and lay the groundwork for economic recovery. Had he not been blocked at every turn by an intransigent Congress who are more interested in gaining power than governing, we’d be even further down the road to stability.

    As for the insurance companies and Wall Street, they should have been thrown into prison. Better still: bring back the guillotine.

  5. terry says

    As with book releases the numbers are often fixed by presales to conservative groups who then give away copies. It would be interesting to know how much of this films opening was actually paid for by superpacs for the publicity as opposed to individuals who laid out $10 for the propaganda.

  6. Stefan says

    @NaughtyLola and @Terry: Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Nice to know there are other people out there willing to post well informed correctives to the usual gibberish and sound bites :)

  7. Blake says

    @Liz President Obama had to stop the hemorrhaging caused by bush, with a hostile congress to contend with.
    Give him a supportive congress and his second term will improve a lot for the USA and probably the world.

    Romney / Ryan or any other money loving conservative is not the answer to any situation

  8. andy says

    As an independent, I can’t believe people follow so blindly their party line. Separate yourself from emotion. Get the facts. Our deficit is very dangerous, if the US economy topples, as it will with current trends, the global economy collapses. The world WILL be a different place. I am voting not on emotion, party line, or someone who makes me feel good in his speeches but for those willing to acknowledge this and change their ways.

  9. says

    Wait…. I thought the dream of downsizing America was a Republican dream.

    And Dinesh D’Souza? Why do they pay attention to what he says? He was born in Mumbai! He can’t be President, unlike Obama.

  10. Alex says

    Andy and Liz,
    With regard to spending money you don’t have, Republicans are talking about cutting taxes without any major cuts (without cutting Medicare, Social Security, or Defense, it is impossible to balance the budget) and relying on the myth that tax cuts are free or even revenue-generating at these marginal tax rates. Democrats may be tax and spend but that makes more than than spend but don’t tax.

  11. i could go on, but I won't says

    When Bush/Cheney were re-elected I said it would take ten years to recover. The problems today are the remnant of the financial collapse the Republicans brought us when they had control of the White House and Congress.

    Obama’s financial people have stopped the collapse and started the recovery. The last thing we need now is to go back to the ridiculous self-serving strategies of the I-hate-taxes-Republicans.

    And, as to 2016, that could well be Hillary’s time.

  12. Blake says

    Democrats may not be perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but the republicans in their current form will never improve anything ever, other than for the top 0.01%.

  13. Bosie says

    wow reading ome of the comments i realized what a bunch of morons…as for the “documentary” what a BS…everything about it is misleading because they know is trash.

  14. Mikemike says

    In its debut week, and after selling pre-sold tickets to the FOX news set, it’s number 8 on Rotten Tomatoes. I think Chick Fil-A sold more sandwiches on its “appreciation day”.

  15. Caliban says

    Yes, Liz, let’s ignore completely that the stock market crash and this recession are DIRECT result of George W Bush’s and the GOP’s fiscal policies and deregulation of the banking industry. Let’s blame the guy who ended up holding the $#!T sandwich instead of the people who MADE it to begin with, and pretend that electing Willard Romney isn’t just begging for more of the same! What? Obama didn’t fix in FOUR years the mess that took EIGHT years or longer to engineer? What a surprise.

    One thing that no one seems to be addressing is the Computer Revolution, which is having an effect that FAR outstrips the Industrial Revolution in its far-reaching effects. Many things that used to be OBJECTS that had to be manufactured, distributed, and sold in stores are now files transmitted instantly. Those jobs are gone and they’re not coming back. People do much of their shopping online instead of in brick and mortar stores so those stores are closing, creating more unemployment and there’s no “stimulus” that’s going to fix that. That isn’t the Democrat’s OR the Republican’s fault, it’s just the new reality to which we haven’t adapted.

  16. Tre says

    @Andy & @Liz – Wall Street / Corporate America currently enjoying record profits not seen in over 60 years. So much for Obama “ruining the economy”. Oh, that fact not doing much for the average Joe? Proof then that “trickle down” DOES NOT WORK!
    If you knew anything about capitalism, you’d know that a) like communism, capitalism is an ideal – it doesn’t and can’t exist in its pure form and b) altruism is a major part of the capitalist model – but thanks to the extreme greed of today’s GOP party, that crucial element has been tossed out the window.

  17. woodroad34 says

    So where did this film open; in the “choir’s” own back yard? I don’t think it would do that well in correct and sensible thinking areas of the country.

  18. i could go on, but I won't says

    Good point about the computer revolution and its enormous effects on the economy. A second important change is the status of the USA with regard to standard of living. It used to be that the USA was number one or certainly in the top three by almost any standard you could come up with. Now we aren’t even in the top twenty anymore!

    Whether it is medical care, longevity, infant mortality, educational level, math ability, even literacy we are being left behind. The usual Republican rant about fortifying the wealthy does not stand up to reason. We live in a mass consumer society and the Repubs have emptied the pockets of the middle class. That’s why our economy is so weak. It’s not taxes, it’s the transfer of money to the elite that has wrecked us.

  19. NorthoftheBorder says

    did anybody watch the Newsroom season finale? dont matter what y’all think about the show (personally I love it).. but they had a really good take on the Tea Party candidates and the BS they’re spouting out of their fountain mouths. Looking across the border from here.. where everything is working well and we all get along.. to what y’all are having to deal with in America.. its pretty scary that the “American Taliban” might be taking control of your government if Obama isn’t re-elected.

  20. anon says

    I guess we can thank Michael Moore for these attempts at conservative agitprop theater. Actually, the market for any conservative film, whether its a bible movie, family drama, “documentary” or etc. has been very weak. When people want a message they’ll go to Western Union.

  21. Iban4yesu says

    Speaking of Michael Moore, Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)’s all box office-smashing hit (w/o said movie ticket hoardings) didn’t prevent Dubiah from getting reelected… So, whatever!

  22. Richard Bottoms says

    OMFG, lunatic conspiracy “documentary” hauls in nearly %4 of the gross $222,000,000 of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11.

    Producer Dinesh D’Souza anticipates obliterating the box office record of $34m set by Adventures in Baby Sitting, in a month or so.

  23. andrew says

    I am afraid that this “documentary” is nothing compared to the anti-Obama blitz that Shelden Adelson, the Koch brothers, the Donald and others of their ilk will spend hundreds of millions of Ad $$$ on between Sept and November.

  24. Peter Hargmier says


    I hope Romney does get in. He and his rich friends will destroy the American working and middle classes, and make off with the ill-gotten gains and squirrel the money away in various off-shore accounts in 2016, reducing the global influence of this already moribund country where at least 2 thirds of the population are willfully ignorant, blustering, gung-ho loudmouths who insist upon dragging the rest of us into pointless wars and destroying the WORLD economy by selling rotten debt and lending to people who will never pay the loan back.

    Obama is just trying to do the right thing. Come 2016, a very regretful America will see that. But by then, it will be too late.

  25. Thomas says

    Personally, I have not seen the hope and change I was anticipating, but that’s not my issue here… Anyone else slightly skeptical of the fact Jerry Molen is the Producer behind this film? The same Jerry Molen that was not allowed to speak to a local high school because administrators felt he was a right wing nut job. The same Jerry Molen who is a large doner and holds a high level leads hip position in the Church of Ladder Day Saints.

    I have no problem with Mormons, just showing that conspiracy theroies can be alleged to the other-side just as easily.

  26. Richard Bottoms says

    > The same Jerry Molen who is a large doner >and holds a high level leads hip position in >the Church of Ladder Day Saints.

    There’s a new invention, it’s called a dictionary.

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